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Storyteller Bundle 1

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Paula Calloway , G.W. Calloway

ISBN :978-1-4874-2914-0

Page :490

Word Count :139519

Publication Date :2020-08-07

Series : Storyteller#0

Heat Level :

Available Formats : Storyteller Bundle 1 (epub) , Storyteller Bundle 1 (prc) , Storyteller Bundle 1 (mobi) , Storyteller Bundle 1 (pdf)

Category : Fantasy Romance , Paranormal Romance , Romance , Bundles

  • Product Code: 978-1-4874-2914-0

Storyteller Bundle 1

Time is never on your side...

Man’s thirst for knowledge has always been unquenchable. The more he learns, the more he wishes to know, often forging ahead without caution or forethought. Just as a house without a solid foundation cannot stand, so it is with technology. Too much too fast leads mankind to construct a virtual Tower of Babel, which must inevitably fall. A greedy government unleashes a powerful drug, one which creates a false reality in the mind of its user… and so the downward spiral begins.

The new world created from the ruins of the old does not belong to humans alone. And science is not the only knowledge to be had. The people of Earth—all of them—must take control and pull themselves together if they are to have a future. Any future.

Comes now the storyteller, these are his words… heed them or suffer the consequences. The fate of the world depends on it.

Bundle Contains:
Storyteller Cursed Book 1
Storyteller Hit Book 2
Storyteller Blessed Book

Storyteller Cursed
Storyteller 1

Some conspiracy theories are really true…
Imagine a drug that creates a false reality in the mind of its user... then imagine that the drug’s creator is the government itself. Scientists and politicians combine to unleash untold devastation upon the world. A lone computer programmer learns the truth and fights feverishly to supply survivors—if any—with the information they need to combat Earth’s desperate plight. His legacy—the powerful AI computer known as 001—may be Earth’s greatest hope for survival.

Prejudice continues to exist, even in the year 3500. Jasarah is half-elf, which condemns her to a life without a proper education, her only prospect the certainty of becoming an outcast from her village in her ninetieth year. Luckily for the young girl, her parents have defied convention to teach her the best technical skills they can.

Dumped into the strange world of Denver, Jasarah quickly finds herself working at a bar filled with unusual types, outcasts such as herself. Among these is another half-elf by the name of Ghost—a devil-may-care sexy hitman with dangerous eyes and skills. He’ll kill anyone at any time, and he isn’t picky about the reason why.

When idealism meets skepticism, will the shit hit the fan? Who is the teacher, and who is the pupil? Together, will they become an unstoppable force?

Storyteller Hit
Storyteller 2

Sometimes a blessing begins with a curse…
Since Jasarah arrived in Denver, her life has taken her to places she never imagined were within her reach. Now she lives under the alias Shadow with her true love, Ghost. He brings out the best in her, including abilities she was unaware she possessed.

The other members of Ghost’s group have accepted Shadow as one of their own, although one of them, Fixer, makes no bones about how much he desires her for himself. Ghost fears he can only tolerate such insolence for so long before he cracks under the pressure and his desire to teach the man a lesson. Shadow tries not to let Fixer’s fixation tear them apart or make their group unable to function as a team. But there is a limit to how much even she can do.

Shadow has much to learn, and Ghost has much to tell her. Will his revelations of his past bring them closer together or tear them asunder? Is 001 the answer they seek for the future they hardly dare to imagine?

Shadow and Ghost face a life-changing event which threatens the existing social order. It may redefine the races for all time. Can they handle the challenge, or will it defeat them?

Storyteller Blessed
Storyteller 3

A friend can become an enemy in a heartbeat…
Shadow finds herself a single mother, although not by choice, due to Ghost’s absence. Walking the thin line between love and hate, Shadow vows that if—or when—Ghost returns, she will make him pay for disappearing in the first place.

Shadow fears for the future. The world’s climate is unexpectedly changing. Raz is educating her in the ways of magic. The more she knows, the greater her healing abilities will become—she hopes.

On top of all of that, Shadow’s misplaced trust in a man she considers a friend may just shatter her. Will she be able to pick up the pieces, handle being a single mother, and heal the world?

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Tags: Romance, Futuristic, Fantasy, Fantasy Epic, Paranormal, Gaia