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Zendara Betrayed

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : G.W. Calloway

ISBN :978-1-4874-0490-1

Page :181

Word Count :51611

Publication Date :2016-06-01

Series : Zendara#3

Heat Level :

Available Formats : Zendara Betrayed (epub) , Zendara Betrayed (mobi) , Zendara Betrayed (prc) , Zendara Betrayed (pdf)

Category : Fantasy Romance , Paranormal Romance , Romance

  • Product Code: 978-1-4874-0490-1

Love looks not with the eye, but with the mind…

Jess’ self-doubts have blinded her to the reality of her own beauty. She feels herself unworthy of Gedeaddon’s heart, little suspecting she has had it for many years. Jess still holds onto her guilt over the death of little Em from so long ago. How can Gedeaddon love someone who let his sister die?

Gedeaddon believes himself to be a monster, even before he became a wolf lord. He has loved and wanted Jess for years, but he’s convinced a better man will come along to claim the beautiful tigress. What will he do should that happen?

Once inside the magical realm of Zendara, all bets are off, as Jess and Gedeaddon are swept up into a new relationship, a new way of life. But unseen forces are hard at work... whether for good or for evil remains to be seen.

Gedeaddon strode into camp and handed the rabbits to Arravis. He never looked up as he sat with his back to the tree his sprite was hiding in. “If you jump out of that tree onto me, you’ll wish you hadn’t.”

Jess sighed, Why?

He looked at Arravis. “Was that you?”

He glanced up from the spit. “What?”

Jess growled softly, Silly wolf, you talked to me, why wouldn’t I talk back?

Gedeaddon glanced up. His sprite lay on the branch, her eyes all but glowing in the dark. He furrowed his brow. “Are you really using your telepathy?”

Her smile was very cat-like, I’ll get you one of these days. She gracefully dropped out of the tree, selected a chunk of cooked meat, and walked into the forest.

His gaze never left her. “Where do you think you’re going?”

 “Come with me.”

Gedeaddon quickly followed. “What?”

Jess offered him the meat as her steps took her deeper. As he took the morsel, his fingers grazed her hand. She pulled back and licked her fingers. “How do you see me?”

He swallowed the meat and wiped off his fingers. “What do you mean?”

Jess met his gaze. “Exactly what I said.”

Gedeaddon felt captivated by the moonlight reflecting off her eyes. “A real close friend.”

 “Just a friend?”

He rubbed his face to break the gaze. “A close friend. Why?”

She turned away, her voice saddened, “I just wondered.”

He gently touched her shoulder. “Why do you wonder?”

 “Because I hear from you that I’m pretty—”


 “Fine.” She spun toward him. “Beautiful. I see other men turn their heads as I walk past, I hear comments from those same men. I hear from Arravis, even Turq the jerk, that I’m attractive.” She threw her hands in the air. “You have let me use you for a bed, and you have lain in beds and bedrolls with me, and yet you have never touched me—”

 “Out of respect,” Gedeaddon interjected softly. His heart longed to comfort her, his arms ached to embrace her, yet he remained motionless.

 “Fine.” Jess clenched her fists and moved away. “Out of respect for me. I had a dream from...” She shook her head, “From I don’t know where.”

His voice was husky. “Of what?”

Jess turned toward him. “Of something I can’t tell you, but I will tell you this. Never once have you ever told me I meant a thing to you other than as a friend. Maybe I want to be more than just a friend—” She froze.

Gedeaddon stepped closer. “What do you want to be?”

Her mouth opened and quickly closed.

He eyed her expectantly. “I need to know.”

 “I don’t know.”

He stood directly in front of her. “What do you want of me?”

 “I don’t know. I can’t think right now.” She turned toward camp. “Maybe I just miss the way Serigo talked to me or treated me. Or maybe this is all because you’ve never seen me as anything but a child.”

 “Let me show you something.” Swiftly slipping an arm around her waist and turning her, he pulled her against him and looked down. “Do you really know what I see you as?”

Fear filled her eyes as she braced her hands against his chest. “No.”

He refused to relinquish his hold. “Do you want to?” Everything about her screamed both yes and no.

Jess slowly shook her head.

Gedeaddon seized a handful of her hair and slowly forced her head back. “I’m going to show you anyway.” He locked his lips over hers and silenced any potential objections as his mouth pressed hard against hers. Her body tensed in his firm grip as he held her tightly against him and slowly licked her lips until she yielded to his advances. Her lips parted and he drank in the taste of her as his tongue, gently sliding into her mouth, tenderly caressed her, his coaxing actions inviting her to partake of his offered pleasure. When she returned the gesture, he broke the kiss and growled possessively. “Don’t ever tempt me to show you that again.”

 “The trouble with resisting temptation is that it may never come again,” she whispered persuasively.

He dropped his hands and stepped back. “You don’t want to play with that sort of temptation.”

 “Maybe that’s exactly what I want to do.” She stormed back to camp.

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