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Heart of Dreams

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Shiloh Love

ISBN :978-1-4874-3782-4

Page :156

Word Count :45876

Publication Date :2023-02-17

Series : #

Heat Level :

Available Formats : Heart of Dreams (epub) , Heart of Dreams (prc) , Heart of Dreams (pdf) , Heart of Dreams (mobi)

Category : Contemporary Romance

  • Product Code: 978-1-4874-3782-4

Kindness is free…if you’re lucky enough to find it.

A chance encounter on a country road brings a young couple closer than face to face on a sweltering summer day.

Jett’s motorcycle runs out of gas while he’s scouting new land. Along come Willow and her beautiful Arabian mare to the rescue. She puts the smoking-hot biker through a few paces before giving him a ride to the nearest service station. July sun isn’t the only thing heating their bodies while pressed together traveling horseback. A spontaneous sizzling kiss leaves an unforgettable impression as they go separate ways.

Two weeks later, Willow’s aunt delivers upsetting news that crushes her hope of competing in National Championship shows with a colt she’s been training. Even worse, the man whose kiss left her burning for more shows up again, but not in a way that makes her happy to see him.

Despite their opposite ambitions, Willow and Jett fall into a wildly passionate romance, much to her aunt’s disapproval.

When dreams clash, can Jett find a way to make things right? Or will the only girl he’s ever fallen for tell him to eat dirt?

“Whoa, girl.” I gently pulled Nakita to a halt to investigate the stranger pushing his motorcycle alongside the berm of the road. My mare’s ears flicked attentively as we approached. She was steady, not skittish, but had never seen a motorcycle. We lived in a very rural area just outside of a small town. Bikers rarely braved our roads because the gravel and dirt posed greater risk for skidding. I stroked her neck, the dapple-gray coat glistening with light sweat in July heat. “Taking your bike for a walk?” I asked him.

He looked up with a scowl. “Ha-ha, funny. No, darlin’, I ran out of gas in this wilderness.”

“Wouldn’t have that problem if you were on a horse. Plenty of horsepower here.”

His brows dipped at my taunt. “Cute. Come up with that all on your own?”

“Yup.” I smirked. Horse people didn’t care much for bikers riding in our territory. The bikes were loud and fast and usually showed no respect when passing a horse. Not all horses were as stable as my beautiful mare. A spooked horse was a dangerous one. “You’re also lost.” I slanted a sarcastic look.

“No…I’m exploring,” he refuted while squatting to examine his engine. Was he trying to squeeze more gas out of it somehow?

“Oh? Where’s the nearest gas station then?”

He stood, straightened his back with a stretch and gawked around the open fields and country roads. “Fifty miles that way.” He pointed east.

“Maybe.” I laughed. “But if you weren’t lost, you’d know there’s a market with a single pump about five miles that way.” I nodded toward the west.

“Did you stop just to annoy me, or is there another reason why we’re having this little exchange?”

I nudged Nakita closer with a squeeze of my legs to her sides. “If you admit you’re lost, I’ll take you to get fuel.”

He angled one hand over his brow, peering up at me against the blazing sun. “Take me how?”

A few ideas popped to mind at his open question. He was exceptionally good looking—not just handsome, but strikingly gorgeous in a rockstar sort of way. Sunlight picked up the honey-colored highlights in shiny brown hair held off his face by a red bandana. He was tall and slender, wearing a sleeveless black t-shirt and tight jeans. Nicely toned arms bore a rich tan, and blue denim clung to long lean legs. Though his arms weren’t overbulked like body builders, they sure were sexy with muscled biceps, strong enough to handle such a large motorcycle.

I squinted and focused on the gas tank. “Harley guy, huh?”

“Born and raised.” Engaging green eyes shimmered with pride.

“Do you want that ride, or would you rather sit out here and bake like roadkill?”

“You’re a sassy one,” he replied, a grin hinting on his full lips. He looked me over, then my horse. “I don’t see a passenger seat on that thing.”

“She’s steady. You can swing up on the back with me. The owner of the market knows me. I’m sure he’ll lend us a gas can.”

“You want me to get on that thing?” His eyes widened.

“Sshh. Don’t be so rude. You’ll make her self-conscious. She’s not a thing. She’s a purebred Arabian mare from champion lines.”

“Oh. Kinda like my Harley, huh?” He chuckled.

“Perhaps. But mine never runs out of gas.” I couldn’t resist the dig. “I was on my way home, but I’ll give you a ride if ya want and bring you back to your bike. Just promise not to steal the gas can.”

“I’m not a thief.” He scowled. “Do you have something against bikers?”

I shrugged. “Not many come through our area. You’ll see more tractors and hay wagons than cars out here. This is horse country.”

“I should fit right in, then.” He flashed a disarming smile. “I’m riding a steel horse.”

I rolled my eyes. “Cute. You come up with that on your own?”

“Touché.” He chuckled. His gaze moved over me and Nakita once more. “How do I get on that…your horse.”

“Well first, you need to make nice with her. She’s very temperamental. Stroke her nose and sweettalk her, pay her a compliment.”

His brows shot up. “You’re kidding.”

“I never kid about respect.” I gestured for him to approach her head. “She won’t bite. How long do you want to leave your bike sitting alongside the road?”

He slanted a frustrated look but inched toward Nakita’s face. “Hi,” he said flatly.

“What kind of greeting is that? Tell her how pretty she is, Give her some love.”

“You’re doing this on purpose, aren’t you?” He cocked one brow.

“We’re waiting…” I laid a finger alongside my cheek and looked upward.

With a sigh, he reached out and touched her muzzle.

She curled her upper lip at his touch then bobbed her head up and down.

He leapt backward. “What’s she doing?”

I giggled. He was adorable. “She’s saying hello. Now talk to her…nicely. Introduce yourself so you’re not a stranger on her back. Common courtesy, ya know?”

“Hello, horse. My name’s Jett.”

“Her name is Nakita.”

After another hot glance, he readdressed my mare. “Hello, Nakita. You’re a beautiful lady. Very nice to meet you. I’m Jett, and I’d be incredibly grateful if you’d give me a ride to the gas station.” He looked up at me. “Better?”

“Much. Nice to meet you, Jett. I’m Willow. Now you’re not a stranger. Come around to the left side and hop on.”

“Hop on, huh? That’s a high hop.”

“Nah. She’s only fifteen hands.” I offered him my hand. “Take hold, put your other arm around my waist and just swing yourself on up here. You look fit enough.”

He cast me a wary look, then did as instructed. But instead of sliding into place, he overshot the landing and went straight over her hindquarters. He landed in the dirt with a thump.

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Tags: Romance, Contemporary, Horse, Mototcycle