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On the Prowl

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Shiloh Love

ISBN :978-1-4874-4044-2

Page :81

Word Count :23891

Publication Date :2023-10-06

Series : Feather Blue#3

Heat Level :

Available Formats : On the Prowl (prc) , On the Prowl (pdf) , On the Prowl (mobi) , On the Prowl (epub)

Category : Romantic Suspense and Mystery , Romance

  • Product Code: 978-1-4874-4044-2

When mystery becomes reality, anything is possible!

Cameo sets out alone to find her mother after Camille refuses to reconcile. Her relationship with Rebar continues to grow and their passion grows more intense. She needs to make sure her mother is safe before moving forward with the new love in her life.

Rebar has fallen hard for Cameo. For the first time, he feels he may have found the ideal woman. But she’s as cool as she is hot and continues to surprise him with skills and secrets. Piece by piece, the woman he loves begins to reveal herself to him.

However, Rebar’s group of friends known as ‘the troop’ do not approve that he’s taken up with Malika’s other daughter. Tensions heat up and the new lovers are forced into pursuing a dangerous mission on their own.

Cameo guided her car into a paved driveway and cut the engine. She looked up at the huge mansion several feet away. A neatly manicured lawn embellished with trees and flowering shrubs bordered the sidewalk and both sides of the curved driveway. From it, a tiled path led to the front porch of a magnificent estate. She searched her memory, but the house was wiped from her mind—it had not been a happy place for her.

New Mexico. She let out a heavy sigh. I never thought I’d ever be back here again. She felt guilty about leaving Denver without telling Rebar of her plan and where she was headed. For a moment she felt guilty for not letting on to him that she knew how to find the General. No, she hadn’t lied…it was a lie by omission, that the truth was that she knew the exact address of the General and where to find him. He’d had to fill out his address on the registration papers when he’d sent her to boarding school, and each time he’d moved her after that. It hadn’t been difficult to track down. And GPS had been kind in helping her get there…

The last thing she wanted was to drag Rebar into a possibly bad situation. He had already exhibited so much patience and acceptance toward her. She wouldn’t risk their budding relationship by involving him in her search for Malika. Her mother’s actions had a history of turning lives upside down.

Cameo had no idea why Malika had suddenly disappeared. That, along with the General’s silence with his troop, had her really worried.  Her foremost concern was that the General had found another way to control her mom. She found it odd that his troop of eight men didn’t have a clue on how to contact the old coot or where he was and waited patiently for the man to contact them when he was ready. He had those soldiers brainwashed, bamboozled, and they didn’t even realize it. Neither could she believe that they had never tried to unearth the man’s location, not with all the means they had at hand. And especially now…they hadn’t heard from him for quite a while, yet not one of them was curious enough to try and locate him…

The General’s band of yes-men seemed as loyal to her newly found twin as they were to him. Except Rebar. He seemed to be the only independent thinker of the group and Camille didn’t like that one bit. Camille…it was so obvious that she had the hots for Rebar. Cameo couldn’t believe that the others failed to see Camille’s feelings toward Rebar. It was so blatantly clear. But maybe I see it because of my own feelings for him…

But though Camille had the troop wrapped around her pretty little finger, she hadn’t been able to stop Rebar from pursuing Cameo.

She thought about that night in Rebar’s strong arms. The man oozed masculinity and sexuality at its finest, resulting in that she spent more nights at his lodge than she did in her own place.

He hadn’t fussed about her early departure that morning. She hadn’t told him where she was going, and he hadn’t questioned her or even made an attempt to invade her privacy. He simply gave her a kiss she’d never forget, told her to be careful and not make him wait too long for her return. An insecure man would’ve pried for details of her day.

She was relieved that Rebar was easygoing and not a jealous possessive maniac. Cameo had dealt with her share of those type of men, which was why she was still single at the age of thirty-nine. However, lately, she began to see herself in a lasting relationship for the first time in her life.

Her new Greek boyfriend with his long black hair, smoldering dark eyes, and smoking hot body, had captured her attention and her heart. His tender, yet wildly passionate lovemaking, left her utterly satisfied and yearning for more, to really get to know the deeper side of him.

But first, she needed to find her mother and make sure everything was as it should be. The last time they’d spoken was over dinner a few weeks ago when Malika had opened up to her daughter about her heartbreaking past. Though Camille had taken a callous stand where their mom was concerned, Cameo feared Malika may have waded into treacherous waters by taking on the General—a ruthless bastard of a man—the man who was supposedly Cameo’s father.

She still questioned their paternity because she found it impossible to believe that identical twins could have different sires. She was determined to flesh out the truth one way or another after making sure Malika was unharmed. Not hearing from her for some weeks after that first contact was disturbing and alarming, added to the fact that Shade and Rebar and the guys hadn’t heard from the General.

Now here she sat, in her beautiful new car, staring at the tyrant’s house. Her nerves were on edge. She dreaded seeing him again. Fear tugged at her heart just as if she were still that five-year-old girl succumbing to his iron fist.

Stuffing her anxiety down, she stepped from the car, tucked the keys in her purse and made her way up the path. A high-noon sun blazed overhead. She had hit the road before dawn and cruised due south from Denver to Santa Fe in just under six hours. The ride down would’ve been exhilarating in her newly acquired Gran Sport if not for the dreaded destination point.

All these years, the troop of eight had been only a half day’s drive from a man they had never met. She failed to grasp how eight intelligent Marines would not delve deeper into their boss’s identity or location, to just trust and follow the man blindly.

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Tags: Romance, Mystery, Suspense