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In the Middle

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Shiloh Love

ISBN :978-1-4874-4054-1

Page :105

Word Count :31645

Publication Date :2023-12-15

Series : Feather Blue#8

Heat Level :

Available Formats : In the Middle (epub) , In the Middle (mobi) , In the Middle (pdf) , In the Middle (prc)

Category : Romantic Suspense and Mystery , Romance

  • Product Code: 978-1-4874-4054-1

Rush’s overconfidence might be the weak link Malika’s hoping for. She’s got Shook in her crosshairs and Shade in her bed. No man is safe from Malika Rain.

Cameo’s twin sister Camille receives a good dose of much overdue karma. What she does with it is even more destructive than her previous betrayal. The woman is a maneater with no conscience.

Cameo takes off in her car after Rush tries to play the dominance card. While she’s away, a call from the past reveals unbelievable news! Her life is about to change directions in a big way, and only one man might have the compass she needs to move forward.

Rebar and Cameo share a tender moment, indicating that a reconciliation may be in their distant future. That is, if another man doesn’t get in the way again.

“I tried,” Malika said while gazing at her reflection in the mirror and unraveling the braid in her long black hair. “I didn’t expect to encounter such fierce opposition from Shook.”

“We can’t give up,” Shade said. “Ricochet will be punished.”

“I know that. You know that. But convincing Cameo is another story. She’s always been an independent thinker. Joan and Missy would’ve never been able to blackmail her. We can’t move forward until Cameo is onboard with us.” Malika turned to face him, clad in a sheer black negligée slit up both sides to her hip, with a V-neck that plunged to her perfect navel. “How do you like this one? Am I not the most alluring woman you’ve ever seen?”

He reached out and grabbed her slender waist, pulling her toward him as he sat on the edge of the bed. “Indeed you are.” His lips skimmed the bare skin of her midriff. “And I’ve waited long enough.”

She straddled his bare lap. “It’s been a long week. Put out this fire that’s consuming me, then we can talk more.”

“Wicked wench,” he growled against her skin. “Using your daughters to further your agenda.”

“If I can get Cameo and Camille in the same corner, Ricochet won’t stand a chance.” She gasped as he thrust into her. “I almost had her…” She threw her head back as pleasure ripped through her. “She’s still on the fence…” Malika let out a long moan.

“Shut up, woman, and enjoy the ride.” He rolled her onto his huge bed and stared down at her. “Does your brain ever stop?”

“No…” she replied on an airy breath, then cried out as he took her hard.

No man could match his prowess in bed. He pleased her, satisfied her every kinky urge and crazy needs. She closed her eyes as he bit her neck. Her nails raked the rippling muscles of his back, then dug in, silently demanding he increase his pace. She wound her long legs around his lower back, panting next to his ear as his sweat-beaded body moved against hers.

They made wild, frenzied love for at least an hour, she guessed, peaking several times at the time, before collapsing on the bed. He lay panting beside her for a while before speaking.

“No woman has ever done me like you do, Malika. Don’t even think of breaking things off with me, no matter what happens with your girls.”

“Ah, Shade,” she mused with an airy laugh. “You worry too much. You know I’d never give up a stud like you. After all, I did promise Tassos I’d give his sons the best.”

A deep laugh rumbled in his chest. “You think Tassos would care? You know the truth now. I’m not Greek. I’m just one hundred percent stud.”

“That you are.” She turned her head to look at him. “You now know the truth about me as well, yet you still want me in your bed.”

“I’m willing to overlook your lunatic, narcissistic, malicious, personalities if they benefit me. I know a good thing when I see it.” He shifted onto his side. His seductive dark eyes pierced her soul. “Maybe you even did me a favor. The General was old and getting overbearing. I no longer have to do his bidding, thanks to you,” he murmured near her ear, then bit the lobe causing her to squeal.

“You’re not even a little angry that I killed your father and stepsister?” Malika let her hand glide over his huge bicep.

He dropped a kiss on her lips. “Nah. The General was a sick bastard. You put him out of everyone’s misery, just as you did Jared. You’re an unpredictable dangerous vixen, but I love you anyway.”

“Mm. And I love you too, darling. Strong, virile, gorgeous, and practical like me. Looks like you’re running the show now. You’re the new kingpin, Shade Damocles.”

“Correction,” he stated. “Trenton Shade. Damocles was a perfect cover while I needed one. I fear the cat’s outta the bag now since you told Cameo.”

“Perhaps just a little. But Cameo is not a chatterbox. I sensed conflict in her during that last dance at the old Indian’s cabin. She wants to believe her mother is not what everyone says. There’s a little glitch, though.”

“What’s that?”

“Her feelings for Rebar. She’s not over him so we can’t send Camille after Rebar again to find his device. That was a bad idea. It caused more dissension between the girls. I need them to join forces before we dismantle Ricochet. I want them on our side and Camille is the key.”

“Too bad. I came up with the perfect plan. I surely thought Rebar and Camille would hook up, and Cameo would move on. Then we wouldn’t have to sneak around this way.” He sighed in open frustration. “Actually, Cameo did move on. It was that jerkoff Rebar who didn’t move on. Had he just done the right thing and stuck with Camille, I’d have let him off the hook for his betrayal of us. But now he must pay.”

“All of Ricochet has to pay. We also underestimated Shook. He knew how to use the dance against me. He combined his Lakota Medicine with Cameo’s Lakota blood and severed the connection I had established. I’ve lost my edge.” She growled. “He’s FBI, you know.”

“Then I guess you should stay out of his way.”

Malika narrowed her eyes. “I fear no man. Shook just put himself in my crosshairs. He betrayed me. Tricked me. I never suspected he was a Fed. He’ll be sorry he ever messed with me.”

“We’ll take Ricochet down together, my love.” He nipped at her fingertips as they traced his lips. “I’m more determined than ever to destroy Rebar. Can’t believe he got the drop on me. Camille sure blew that mission to hell.”

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Tags: Romance, Mystery, Suspense