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Voices on the Wind

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Shiloh Love

ISBN :978-1-4874-4064-0

Page :75

Word Count :21832

Publication Date :2024-03-01

Series : Feather Blue#13

Heat Level :

Available Formats : Voices on the Wind (epub) , Voices on the Wind (mobi) , Voices on the Wind (pdf) , Voices on the Wind (prc)

Category : Romantic Suspense and Mystery , Romance , What's New

  • Product Code: 978-1-4874-4064-0

When you love something set it free so it can come back to haunt you!

Rebar is off to a rough start but fortunately support from unexpected people is on the way. Cameo and Shook struggle with new developments within their social circle, while Camille is up to no good again!

Malika continues to work her magic with the living tattoo. However, she may have extended herself too far this time. The spirit world unleashes a legend as a counterattack. Rush has a change of heart after two surprise guests pay him a visit.

All the players are lined up for the next big event. Shook's mother catches a glimpse of the future during a terrifying encounter.

Morning – Denver

“Did you call Cameo on the way over?” Rebar asked Shook as they sat in the office of his private physician.

Shook had fast-tracked the DNA samples through his contacts within the Bureau and instructed them to send the results to Rebar’s PCP in Denver. He and Rebar were anxious for the results. Shook had followed Rebar to the office after they had breakfast with the guys.

“Not yet,” Shook replied. “I’d rather be absolutely certain before telling her.”

“I wonder how she’ll react.” Rebar wrinkled his brow in worry. “I feel for her. She thought Rush and I were brothers, and thought she was getting a fresh start with you. How will she feel about being with yet another brother? She wants to move on, forget the pain I caused her…forget me. If this test confirms what your mother told us, I’ll be a part of her life forever.”

“We’ll work it out,” Shook told him. “Cameo has a good heart, and she cares about you. She was emotionally wrecked after watching Shade shoot you.”

“That was messed up.” Rebar sighed.

“You won’t have to worry about him anymore.”

“Thanks. And thanks for taking them down. I didn’t want more war.”

“I know.” Shook stared him in the eyes. “Everyone in Ricochet likes you.”

“Even you?” Rebar asked unexpectedly.

Shook didn’t reply instantly. He studied Rebar’s face, saw the mixed emotions, the conflict. Then he sighed and smiled reassuringly. “Even me.”

A door opened and the doctor summoned them to his office. They strolled through a short hall into bright room and sat in cushioned chairs that faced a large mahogany desk. The doctor took a seat opposite them, placed glasses on his nose and peered over the rims at a paper in his hand.

“Are either of you hoping for a specific result?” he asked.

Shook shrugged. “Just the truth. We’re not strangers.”

“The test was run three times to rule out any glitches or false results. All three results were the same. You are twins…fraternal twins. Which explains why you don’t look identical. But I can tell that you’re brothers.”

Nobody said a word for a few minutes as the truth settled over them. Shook felt Rebar tense at his side. The man had been through a lot during the past four months. Camille and Malika running roughshod over him, getting rolled by a twister, shot by Shade, dragged to Amarillo and feeling obligated to take Camille back. Shook could understand why Rebar might feel shaky right now.

They just found out they were born twins and separated, which wasn’t terribly uncommon. However, in Rebar’s case, he now had to accept that the parents he thought were his, never were. The mother he’d adored had lived a lie, and the father he thought was his, seemed to be involved in illegal adoptions. If that wasn’t enough, Rebar just found out his real father was a full-blooded Lakota Medicine Man.

Shook, on the other hand, only needed to accept that he had a twin brother. His parental situation hadn’t changed.

“Are you certain?” Rebar asked his doctor. “Our mother said we were identical.”

“Yes. I’m sure. Your mother may have received misleading information. A lot of time has passed since she gave birth.”

He glanced at Shook. “How do you feel about being an uncle?”

Shook cleared his throat and mustered a weak smile. “Great.” Suddenly he realized that Rebar wasn’t the only one with a few family adjustments to accept. Camille, of all people, might very well end up in the family, too. He cringed at the thought.

“Here’s a copy of the test results for each of you.” The doctor slid them across the desk. “I’ve got patients waiting, fellows. Congratulations and best of luck. Take all the time you need in here.” He said goodbye and closed the door behind him.

“Wow…” Rebar said in quiet disbelief. “It feels different now than when your…when our mother first told us. Seeing the reality on paper is mind-blowing.”

“Yeah,” Shook agreed, reading the results. “Well, one thing’s for sure, no brother of mine is going to be called probie again.” That was the best response he could think of at the moment and figured it sounded cheesy.

Rebar laughed a little. “Good to know. I guess it’ll be a bit awkward for both of us for a while. We’ve both kept our circle of friends rather small all our lives.”

“Maybe we’re more alike than we know.”

“I’m still trying to wrap my mind around this. Tassos wasn’t the man I thought he was. My mother lied to protect their secret. Makes me wonder if Tassos is actually Rush’s father as Cameo said. Maybe his mom lied, too. Do you think the man was running an illegal adoption ring?”

“Wouldn’t surprise me. After all, he was involved with Malika,” Shook replied, impressed with Rebar’s clarity of thought. “Doesn’t matter now, he’s gone.”

“At least I’m not related to Shade or Rush. That, I’m finally sure of.” He stopped as if having another realization. “My real parents are still alive. Both of them.”

“Yep. And we both got to meet our mother at the same time. Let me know when you’re up to meeting our eccentric father.” Shook stared at his younger brother by minutes as if seeing him for the first time. Warm feelings came over him. He’d always liked Rebar. They were brothers—twins. He felt surprisingly happy at this revelation. “Welcome to the tribe, misukala ki.”

“Mee-suen-kah-lah kee?” Rebar stared back curiously.

“My younger brother,” Shook replied and gave him a slight grin. “You’re half Lakota.”

Rebar raked a hand through his hair and leaned back. “I’m stunned. I gotta admit, if I had to choose a brother from all the guys I know, it’d be you, Stoke, or Rider.”

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Tags: Romance, Mystery, Suspense