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You Know You Make Me Blue

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Evelyn Starr

ISBN :978-1-55410-190-0

Page :62

Word Count :15500

Publication Date :2010-08-25

Series : #

Heat Level :

Available Formats : You Know You Make Me Blue (pdf) , You Know You Make Me Blue (prc) , You Know You Make Me Blue (epub) , You Know You Make Me Blue (mobi)

Category : Contemporary Romance , Erotic Romance , Romance

  • Product Code: 978-1-55410-190-0

The door to the suite was open, and Lucie slipped inside for just a moment. Just to see how "the other half" lived. But sometimes curiosity captivates the cat. And for a little while it looks like Lucie's exactly the kind of sex kitten, handsome, mysterious Carl Henderson is out to captivate!

"This is nuts." Lucie McIntyre's best friend Emmy flashed a nervous look in one direction along the corridor into which night gloom had already begun to settle, then turned and directed an even more worried look in the opposite direction. "We're going to get into trouble, I tell you. Big, big trouble."

"Bosh." With one hand on the suite's not-quite-closed door, Lucie wasn't about to turn back.

She wasn't about to miss a heaven sent chance to see how the other half really lived.

"This is wrong, Luce." This time Emmy's glance, dark and forbidding in a way Lucie had never known it to be before, was directed straight at Lucie.

"Bosh," Lucie said again.

The door squealed plaintively as she shoved it all the way open, standing close to it like the most accomplished of sneak thieves with the flat of her hand pressed against the painted surface. The room...correction, the Lakeside Hotel's prestigious Lake Breeze Suite...stood wide open now.

"What if the people come back?" Emmy hissed, following only as far as the foyer inside the door.

"It's after check out time." Lucie forged ahead into the deliciously green and white and wicker sitting room from which the very last of the day's sunlight was finally fading. "Housekeeping accidentally left the door open. That's all."

"Listen, Luce. I didn't get all dressed up in these glad rags to spend the evening breaking into hotel rooms." Emmy ran her hands...her very visibly nervous hands down the front of her sea-green empire gown.

"It's not breaking in if the door was already open. And we'll only be a minute." Reminded of her own completely inappropriate attire for a venture like this, Lucie corralled the skirt of her satin party evening gown, really...and didn't look back.

"I don't like it, Luce. I really think..."

"Just long enough to have a look around. Then we'll..."

"We're going to get into trouble," Emmy predicted, still rooted to her spot. "And I want no part of it."

"Fine." Lucie barely glanced at her friend. "You go on then. I'll meet you at the Beach Club in ten minutes."

"You promise?" Emmy was in the hallway already, looking like she wanted to run for her life. "You're not going to go wandering off on one of your wild goose chases and leave me alone again, are you?"

"I promise." But Lucie had already forgotten Emmy. She'd forgotten Cavern Lake Park and the heavily advertised promise of Sweethearts' Weekend that had brought the two of them here searching for the perfect man. She'd forgotten everything in fact, except the wonders spread out before her...the leafy-fern print of upholstery and drapes, the fresh flowers atop a table behind a window-facing sofa, the twilit-blue and still glittering vista of lake and pale sails beyond windows that were so much wider than the ones in her own room overlooking the parking lot.

Everything here was so much brighter than in the small room she shared with Emmy. Everything was so much newer. So much nicer.

Her gaze drifted back to the flowers. A little statue stood next to them, looking as out of place in all this grandeur as Lucie suddenly felt. It was a small, too-brightly-colored ceramic miniature of the Lake Breeze Hotel, and it was ugly. It didn't belong here.

Scowling much the way Emmy had when Lucie had first spotted the open door and suggested they have a quick peek just for the fun of it, Lucie reached for the thing and picked it up.

The flower arrangement, the whole set-up of clean white table, of sparkling upholstery and pale yellow roses looked so much better without the garish ornament. Staring at it for a moment, Lucie could only wonder what the decorator had been thinking when...

A noise in the hallway, maybe real but most probably only imagined, stiffened Lucie's spine. Whirling, her heart caught high and tight in her throat, she immediately saw two things. The first was the empty hallway beyond the open door that indicated Emmy had gone. Just like she'd threatened.

And the second thing Lucie saw...

Her heart threatened to strangle her for sure and her feet were already moving all on their own, probably faster than was wise or advisable, toward the door.

The second thing she'd spotted was the man's suit and shirts...five fashionably bright ones, complete with matching ties...hanging in a neat row in the closet right next to the door.

Name of heaven, Emmy was right!

The Lake Breeze Suite was occupied. And that meant Lucie was...


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Tags: Contemporary, romance, Evelyn Starr, You Know you make me Blue