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Midnight at Bob'n Bea's

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Evelyn Starr

ISBN :00251

Page :40

Word Count :10000

Publication Date :2010-08-24

Series : #

Heat Level :

Available Formats : Midnight at Bob'n Bea's (pdf) , Midnight at Bob'n Bea's (prc) , Midnight at Bob'n Bea's (epub) , Midnight at Bob'n Bea's (mobi)

Category : Contemporary Romance , Erotic Romance

  • Product Code: 00251

They needed a miracle. Could a single blue rose grant them one?

Toby worked hard to give his wife everything and Verbena loved him with all her heart. Life was good. Until someone shattered it. Enter a con artist. Now they've lost everything--home, car, boat, bank accounts, all of it. Running from town to town in one stolen vehicle after another, they can't stop. Not with him hot on their trail. He'll kill them if he catches them so Tony and Verbena keep running. Sleep and food beckon at a small sign up ahead. They have to stop. Just for a bit. Just for a bite with what little they have left. Drenched in the pouring rain, they dash inside, but what they face isn't what they expected.

"Would you like me to make love to you?" His voice was soft. Murmuring not directly into her ear, but not away from it either.

A shiver shimmered through her. More like a current of runaway electricity or of the wildfire that had lit up the storm-racked skies ever since they'd crossed the border into South Dakota in their last--she hoped--stolen vehicle, that shiver crackled through her. Illuminating all the fear-darkened places inside her. Letting her see clearly for the first time since their helter-skelter launch six days before what she should have seen all along. That Chas was a man. Not a demon. That he might be frightening, might be armed, might be set on revenge…that he was all of those things. But he had no supernatural powers. No demon-spawned radar that had kept him on their tail thus far.

Chas Murdock was entirely a man, and an extremely lucky one. But luck had to run out…would run out. And together she and Toby would prevail. Because together they were strong. Together they could defeat anything. Even a man as headstrong, duplicitous, evil as…

Love. Make love.


Toby needed no more than the smallest of cuddles, no more than her face pressed tight, tight, tight, against the hollow of his shoulder, to know the answer to his question.

"Everything will be all right," he murmured, turning her over with hands as gentle as his voice. Hands incredibly gentle as he parted her knees and made her ready.

"This bed is heaven," she murmured in a thready, choked voice full of need, full of anguish and eager willingness to have both sated and eased in the very next instant.

"This bed is lumpy." Laughing softly, laughing the way Verbena's staggering, wearied heart was never able to resist, Toby pressed his mouth to her breast. He pressed his lips, first closed and then opened, against the swollen-hard tip of her breast.

It wasn't. Lumpy. The bed. After five or six nights spent cramped in the back of one vehicle or another, five or six nights with no blankets and no comforts, five or six spent amongst all sorts of boxes and tools and bits and pieces of someone else's possessions, five or six spent worrying that the next noise outside, the next slight rocking of their stolen bedroom on wheels might find them under attack…

"This bed is heaven," she insisted. But her whisper faded as she spoke. Her voice subsided into no more than a hint of a shaken gasp as Toby came to her. As Toby pressed all of himself against her much as he'd previously pressed only mouth to bosom. And then as he pressed tighter against her…so tight that before long he pressed into her. Sliding without preamble the long and delectable, hardened length of himself as deep into her as nature and practicality decreed he could ever slide into her.

He was smooth. Slick. A sculpted column of ivory, and flesh, and throbbing promise. And he struck bottom very quickly. On a mutual, barely-controlled gasp in recognition of everything they did share. Everything they still possessed simply because they were together. Because they had each other to cling to no matter what might happen in the next hours or days or weeks.

Toby found the very farthest core of her, and he soothed it. Filled it and brightened it. Brought it instantly to fervent and fulminating life by chasing away the last dreg of cold fear from it and from her. And made the world exactly as he'd said it would be. Exactly as he'd promised it would be.

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Tags: Adult, Contemporary, Erotic Romance, Short Story, Thriller