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Autumn Smoke

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Evelyn Starr

ISBN :00247

Page :35

Word Count :8750

Publication Date :2010-08-19

Series : #

Heat Level :

Available Formats : Autumn Smoke (epub) , Autumn Smoke (mobi) , Autumn Smoke (pdf) , Autumn Smoke (prc)

Category : Contemporary Romance , Erotic Romance

  • Product Code: 00247

As a gesture of thanks for a job well done, does it go a bit too far? Maybe. Probably. But who cares when the consequences are so electrifying?

Jocelyn owed him a gift of gratitude? But roses? For a man? What was she thinking, and what will he think? As it turns out, it's something completely unexpected. And completely incendiary.

"My God," he murmured shakily, breathless, when at last his mouth pulled free of hers and away from hers.

Somehow Jocelyn's coat slipped from her shoulders.

Somehow it, in all its white-wool fragility that stood in constant danger of soiling and ruination, swept away into the same sweltering, forgetful fog as the roses.

Somehow his fingers found their way around the neckline of her peasant blouse and somehow found their way into the soft elastic at its top. And somehow…oh, how delightfully somehow!… pulled it down.


Stretching, accommodating, the neckline gave way before his tugging.

Accommodating, eager, it bared her to him. Bared hard-peaked breasts that had been hard-peaked since the first instant she'd spotted him leaping from his big red pickup to rush to her aid as she stood crying, upset, on the sidewalk beneath the branches of the infernal apple tree that had trapped a tiny kitten. Bared her breasts completely so he could…could…

"Oh, my God." Her voice was stranger than his. More hoarse, and more indistinguishable. Her voice was thick with a tightness that would surely be permanent, because it was the tightness of someone different…someone changed by the way Nathan's seeking, searching mouth found the rough-swollen nipple that ached and burned at the tip of one breast. And closed over it. Just as his mouth had with hers in the seconds before, closed around it and sucked hard upon it so that Jocelyn felt some vital, viable part of her own life, her own reason for existing in the first place, being drawn up and up and up. Toward the surface of her newly quivering, outrageously aroused and ravenous flesh. Through the surface of that flesh, so that before she knew it or had a chance to think about it, it was all the way out into the open.

Grasping his shoulders, needing desperately to grasp, and forced to use every last bit of her strength if she hoped to retain any of her dwindling, fading sanity, Jocelyn allowed her head to loll back. She allowed it, was powerless to stop it when it dropped all but lifeless back and back, upon her shoulders. In the process thrusting her captured and captivated breast out. Up. Out and ever, insanely farther into the warm-wet swelter of Nathan's mouth as it worked diligently over the nipple. Upon the nipple. Sucking and sweeping with long, luscious strokes across every aching bit of flesh his tongue encountered.

Dear God.

Groaning aloud, groaning in exactly the kind of agony she felt but found herself helpless to express, Nathan abandoned her. Far too soon, far too agonizingly, his arms left her. Swept away from her, leaving her vulnerable and aching inside, for a million and one different reasons. But only for an instant…maybe two. Only so he could find both of her breasts with both of his hands. And in finding them, so he could hold them. Caress them. And knead them in ways that were all but guaranteed to draw even more of her never before acknowledged need and want for pure, raw, knock-down-drag-out sex all the way into the open.

In less than the instant it took him to fasten his teeth lightly, teasingly, upon the very most taut-swollen, tightest bud of her nipple, her need was there. It was admitted, it was real, it had a real presence. One that sweltered and swirled feverishly in the space between them.

It was a hot presence. A heavy one. The heaviest. One that breathed from every pore of her body.



"I want to fuck you." Instantly Jocelyn's cheeks burned.

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Tags: Adult, Contemporary, Erotic Romance, Short Story