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Half Her Heart

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Kat Barrett

ISBN :978-1-4874-0361-4

Page :418

Word Count :136710

Publication Date :2015-05-25

Series : Lurid Power#1

Heat Level :

Available Formats : Half Her Heart (pdf) , Half Her Heart (prc) , Half Her Heart (epub) , Half Her Heart (mobi)

Category : Erotic Romance , Fantasy Romance

  • Product Code: 978-1-4874-0361-4

Aria Bastion is living in a fantasy, but when the truth of her life is revealed, will it destroy the half of her heart that now belongs to Jace?

Aria Bastion is beginning her life over with the fear of her abusive husband’s pending release from jail in the back of her mind. On her first day in her new apartment she goes for a walk and meets Jace Cline. Jace and his twin brother Jude are the owners of a fantasy studio on New Earth. Jace is the dungeon master, supplying his clients with their fantasies of sexual arousal.

Aria soon becomes an integral part of Jace’s private and business life.

Keir Bastion is a man in a lonely, downtrodden life. His wife has been killed and his children blame him for her death. When he meets Leelona and her young daughter Misty, he hopes he can rebuild a new life for himself with a happier future.

When Keir and Aria are suddenly cast back into the reality of their lives, everything falls apart. Can Keir win back Aria’s love without losing the half of her heart that belongs to Jace?

She was about to get up and get a better look when a man strolled into the kitchen. He glanced at her and then turned to make himself a cup of coffee. “Do you want one?” he asked in a seductively deep voice.

“Yes, please, with just milk.” He had the same light blond hair and piercing blue eyes as Jude, but he looked rumpled and sleepy. Aria tried to keep herself from staring at him, but found it difficult to do so. The man was only dressed in light black silk boxers. He had a beautifully toned body, the muscles looking almost sculptured. She took a quick glance at his legs and fought the smile that threatened to break onto her lips. His thighs and ass were amazingly toned, thick, but not overly so to make him appear square.

He walked over, appraising her with his stunning eyes before dropping onto the recliner across from her. “Jude tells me you are looking for a job. You had better be serious. I was sleeping.”

His voice was filled with irritation and Aria glared at him. “I didn’t know you were sleeping. I certainly didn’t tell him to disturb you. Yes, I need a job, but if you are going to be my boss, then forget it. I don’t need work bad enough to put up with a nasty attitude. Thank you for your time. I’m sorry to have pulled you from sleep,” she said, rising to go to the door.

He was on her in an instant, blocking her path. He had a cocky, but absolutely amazing smile on his face. “I like you. I’m sorry if I was gruff. Please sit back down and drink your coffee. We pay a lot for good brew and I hate to waste it. I’m Jace, and yes, I will be your boss. I won’t be nasty. Promise.”

Aria sucked her lips into her mouth, wanting badly to smile. In fact, she wanted to kiss him, and the thought made her nervous. Jace motioned to the sofa with his head and she returned to sit down. “What happened to your chin?” Jace asked.

“My ex-husband kicked me. It required fifteen stitches to repair. He is in confinement now.”

“Did you kick him back?”

The smile broke onto her face as she nodded. “Quite a few times, among other things. Unfortunately, he would have gotten more time in containment if I hadn’t fought back, but…It is past.”

“You have a beautiful smile—you should stop resisting the urge to do so.”

“Am I that transparent?”

“Not to the ordinary person. Part of my living is reading body language. You suck your lips into your mouth when you don’t want to smile. Like now.”

She was doing exactly that. “Okay. Um, so what does the job entail?”

“Jude said he gave you the basics. If you would like, I can take you over there later and show you what we do. It is easier to let you see than to try to describe it. Do you have a searching viewer?”

“I haven’t unpacked it yet, why?”

“We have a website you could check out. WSV.Adultfantasies.dungeon.swr.”

“Search web restricted?”


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