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Capturing Their Wild Hearts

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Kat Barrett

ISBN :978-1-4874-0560-1

Page :292

Word Count :95491

Publication Date :2016-01-01

Series : #

Heat Level :

Available Formats : Capturing Their Wild Hearts (pdf) , Capturing Their Wild Hearts (prc) , Capturing Their Wild Hearts (epub) , Capturing Their Wild Hearts (mobi)

Category : Erotic Romance , Fantasy Romance

  • Product Code: 978-1-4874-0560-1

When two stunning twin aliens lay claim to her, can Elinah possibly challenge death to win the beautiful future that is so briefly dangled before her eyes?

Elinah is middle aged, divorced, and facing her death in secret as terminal cancer consumes her. She is still working, but each day it’s becoming more difficult to function normally. Elinah fears the final days of her life as her body fails and she will no longer be able to care for herself. When a man she spoke with briefly at the deli counter a week before shows up at her work, she is stunned and intrigued.

Torray tells her a completely unbelievable story that he is from another planet and looking for a mate. He says he can give her a new body and a new life without the ravages of cancer.

Thalon is Torray’s twin brother, a man who prefers to live outside in the barren life of a loner.

Elinah is caught between them, two alien men who have the ability to grow fur at will. They are enticing with their wild blond hair and fabulously muscular bodies, and she craves them both. When life throws a tragic twist into her desires, her happily ever after is shattered. Can she possibly go against the odds to win the beautiful future that was so briefly dangled before her eyes?

Elin stood behind the wide marble counter waiting on customers. The sight of Tory as he walked into the lobby made her heart beat faster. They had met at the grocery store a few nights before, and had chatted while they waited for their number to be called at the deli counter.

The man was absolutely stunning, with his vibrant blond hair and amazing body.

She had accepted his phone number, but there was little point in calling him. It was too late to get involved in a relationship with anyone. Her future was already set in steel.

Janice took her place at the counter next to Elin and yelled out her usual, “Next.”

Elin turned to glare at her. The woman was completely rude to the customers.

She turned back to the lobby, and found herself facing Tory.

He grabbed the front of her uniform, drawing her across the counter and into a passionate kiss. Leaning back, with a sexy wiggle of his brow, he stuck a box in her hand. “Meet me out back!”

Elin stood in a state of dazed silence as she watched him stroll through the outer lobby. His ass was gorgeous, and he had the sculptured look of an athlete. The kiss had set her on fire in a way that she had no longer thought possible.

Janice was completely ignoring the woman before her as she glared at Elin. “Did he just kiss you?”

The simple, shocked question made her laugh. “As a matter of fact, he did. I’m going to take a quick break. I need to go to the ladies room.” What she needed was to find out what the hell Tory was doing. She had no idea how he had discovered where she worked—she certainly hadn’t told him.

If he was a stalker, then he was an extremely proficient one. Maybe he would do her a favor and put her out of her misery.

Grabbing her gift, Elin walked past the ladies room and outside. She lifted the cover and stared at the contents. Two red roses were set on either side of a box of her favorite chocolates. A folded note had been placed on top of the candy, and she opened it.

You are one of a rare breed of women. I knew it the moment I met you.

You are bright, and honest, and your attitude says yes I can do.

You’re not vain in your beauty or verbal about your pain.

I have the power to bring you sunshine above the rain.

I have spent three days searching for you. My time is about to end.

Come to me please, your light is at hand, for a lover and a friend.


Elin had no idea what to make of the incredibly odd poem. It had meaning to her in so many ways, but it was impossible that he knew about her secrets. She hadn’t even told them to her co-workers, but they would be finding out soon enough. His name was also spelled oddly. She had thought it was Tory, but it wasn’t written that way.

Lifting the top from the inner box, she removed a truffle and bit into it. It was filled with luscious coconut filling. How the hell did he know what kind of chocolate she liked? Had he taken a lucky guess? She nibbled a chunk of the macadamia bark and then chewed it with relish.

Tory appeared in front of her, a puff of smoke forming into a person. Elin was startled and took a step back, reaching for the door handle.

In a flash he moved around her, taking her shoulders and physically moving her away from the door. His gaze had a softly pleading quality as he spoke, “Elin, you have to listen to me. I can’t possibly explain everything to you in a few minutes, but that is all you have to make your decision. You’re dying, and all your affairs are in order. I’m offering you a new life. Come with me.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. How do you know that I’m dying? I didn’t tell anyone. My doctor is the only one who knows.”

“I know.” He grimaced as if unsure of how to continue. “Remember in the store we discussed other worlds, other places outside the realm of science or technology?”

They had discussed that, but what of it? She replied with a leery nod. She had come out here almost hoping he was a nut who would end her life. Her good time was running out, and with each day, she had more noticeable symptoms of the rare cancer that was consuming her body. On a day that was arriving far too quickly, she would be unable to care for herself any longer. It was her worst nightmare to be bedridden with no hope for recovery.

“I remember.”

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