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Faire's Destiny

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Kat Barrett

ISBN :978-1-4874-0266-2

Page :152

Word Count :48111

Publication Date :2015-02-12

Series : #

Heat Level :

Available Formats : Faire's Destiny (pdf) , Faire's Destiny (prc) , Faire's Destiny (epub) , Faire's Destiny (mobi)

Category : Erotic Romance

  • Product Code: 978-1-4874-0266-2

In a moment of desperation, Jeygo has turned Faire into a shifter, but can she accept his overwhelming love, and the admiring advances of his twin brothers to fulfill her ultimate destiny?

Four days after her husband’s funeral, Faire Caris is a woman tortured by grief, and the decisions she must make for the future of herself and her two twenty year old children. Depressed and considering suicide, she is stunned when a lover from her past appears at her door.

Jeygo offers her an escape from her life, and in her desperation, Faire unwittingly agrees.

Jeygo is an alter-breed of human known as Neoasta. He is strong hunter whose life was forever altered by the sudden death of his first mate and their unborn child. In his impatience to claim Faire as his mate, after waiting twenty years, he bites her and turns her into one of his kind.

This decision has consequences that even he didn’t consider, and it throws Faire further into turmoil.

Now in an altered body, can Faire come to terms with her new life in a community of shifters? Can Faire accept Jeygo’s overwhelming love, and the admiring advances of his twin brothers, despite all the emotions of guilt in her heart, to fulfill her destiny?

Faire pushed herself from the chair, dreading the discussion that was about to happen between herself and her two children. Her husband of twenty years had left written, adamant instructions that trust funds should be set up for any upcoming grandchildren, but nothing was to be given to their parents. Of course, everything was already in her name, so that left the final say up to her. She still struggled with a decision to go against Richard’s final wishes and pay off some of the massive debt that the children had acquired. Faire was constantly getting phone calls from credit card companies because Mark and Georgia always used her phone number. Then of course was the fact that they had borrowed money from anyone stupid enough to loan it to them.

Faire sighed deeply from the sheer exhaustion of remaining awake and alive. In the final moments as she walked to the door, she still had yet to decide what she was going to say.

She hesitated with her hand on the knob, then pulled it open, turning and walking back into the house without even looking to see if it was her son and daughter.

A moment later Faire was pushed softly against the wall, her hands held to the painted surface. She opened her mouth to scream, but the sound was caught in her throat.

“Faire,” he whispered, his voice so darkly distinctive. “I need you. I want you. Let me take you.”

She could almost see him in her mind’s eye. He was dangerous. He was stunning. His voice was a distant memory in her mind. She had once wanted him to take her, and it had almost caused her to cancel her wedding, but then he had been gone. How had he suddenly returned to her life? How did he know where she lived? Did he know that her husband was now dead and she was so lost that she was suicidal? How would he take her? Would he take away her pain and relieve her of the misery that she now existed in? She did not have the power or the will to try and escape him. “I need to see you.”

He spun her around, holding her hands high as he gazed into her eyes. This man with his dark voice was a vision that hovered before her, his perfectly smooth skin hallowed by long, golden, silky hair. His eyes were a magnificent shade of blue, almost aqua in their brilliance. “Faire,” he whispered in a voice so deep and sexual that it made her shiver.

The man that stood before her was a creature of her dreams, but he was more. His name escaped her, yet just the sight of him made her wet with desire. What did he want of her? Did it really matter anymore?

“Do what you will. Take me.” It was a challenge, a cry of desperation to change what reality now held for her. The children would hate her and she would be completely alone to honor her husband’s final, spiteful decree.

He locked her hands together under one of his strong palms, but she made no attempt to fight him. “This is forever, Faire.”

A song flared into her brain and her mind altered it. In her hour of darkness he was standing right in front of her, whisper words of freedom. “Let it be.”

Leaning forward she saw a flash of white fangs before they sank into the side of her throat. This was not what she had expected. She didn’t really want to die. The pain was excruciating, darkness filling the borders of her vision as she wavered on the verge of unconsciousness. Her body was lifted, carried into the living room and lain gently on the sofa. “Can you hear me?”

Everything was foggy and unreal. Had she passed over into the afterlife? “Where is Richard?”

“Richard is dead. You know that.”

“Yes, but he should be here.”

His tone turned oddly amused as he asked, “Do you think I’m a welcoming spirit?”

Faire was confused. If he killed her, then how could he guide her into the afterlife? It certainly wasn’t funny. “You’re not?”

He chuckled, shaking his head. “No. Because you are not dying. Try to relax.”

Consciousness blazed to life as her chest exploded with fiery pain. Her heart felt as if it were about to burst, each raging beat sending a rushing torrent of agonizing lava through her veins. Faire whimpered, her breathing becoming raspy as tremors coursed through her muscles. “What did you do to me?”

The pain was excruciating, and unbidden tears began to leak from the corners of her eyes. There was no escaping it. She tried to move, but couldn’t, the simple act of breathing becoming almost impossible. She was burning from the inside out, her muscles convulsing in agony.


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Tags: Adult, Erotic Romance, Shapeshifter, Science Fiction, Menage