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Begging For More

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Kellie Kamryn

ISBN :978-1-4874-1793-2

Page :26

Word Count :6458

Publication Date :2018-06-03

Series : #

Heat Level :

Available Formats : Begging For More (epub) , Begging For More (mobi) , Begging For More (prc) , Begging For More (pdf)

Category : Contemporary Romance , Erotic Romance , Summer Shorts 2018

  • Product Code: 978-1-4874-1793-2

Summer is the perfect season to play.

Samantha Merry is excited her best friend, Jules Foley, will be joining her for a few days out at the country home her Dom, Davis, purchased for her. They’ve turned their country paradise into a playtime heaven for them and their friends, and Samantha has missed Jules something fierce. A little play time is first on the agenda, and she hopes to figure out a way to make Jules a permanent part of her relationship with Davis.

Davis Cathal never imagined himself in love with two women. When he arrives at the country home to find Samantha indulging in playtime with Jules, he quickly plans a scene for the three of them. Jules has chemistry with both him and Samantha. And as an added bonus—she’s a great sub. Unable to avoid the conversation with Samantha, he attempts to find the perfect way to talk to the love of his life about adding Jules as their third.

Will Samantha and Davis be able to communicate their desires, or will they be left begging for more?

Samantha Merry hugged her best friend tight. “Oh, I’m so happy you’re here!” Summer vacation was her favorite time of year—two months off teaching and lots of time for play. She and Davis, her Dom, had been developing their summer home, which now had a cozy dungeon room in the basement and a tiny guest cottage on the grounds for guests. They’d hired a groundskeeper to cut the grass and tend to the garden. All of their dreams were reaching fruition, and her heart filled with joy to share the place with their nearest and dearest friends.

Jules Foley tossed her dark hair over her shoulder and embraced her friend. “I’m glad I could join you for a couple of days. The place looks fabulous.”

Samantha held her friend away at arm’s length and stared into her dark eyes. Love for her friend filled her heart. She hadn’t seen Jules for about six months, and she’d missed her.

Samantha sighed. “You had no trouble finding the place? I’m so excited to show you everything.”

“No trouble at all. Your directions were perfect.” Jules leaned in to kiss her lips, then waggled her eyebrows at Samantha. “And I want to see everything, especially if it involves a dip in that pond you’ve been talking about. I need a little R and R and to soak up some rays. Then I want to check out this dungeon you’ve been bragging about.”

Heat rushed through Samantha’s body from the kiss, and she grinned at Jules. They’d been sexual play partners on occasion, and she hoped they could get some one-on-one play time in before Davis showed up for his one-week vacation. “Absolutely! It’s first on the list.”

“Great.” Jules stripped out of her pin-striped sundress and let it fall to the floor in a heap at her feet.

Samantha giggled and gave her friend the once over. Pert nipples, toned yet curvy body, dark hair that fell in loose curls to her shoulders, and dark chocolate-colored eyes. Samantha licked her lips, unable to help drooling in appreciation of her friend’s physique.

Jules reached out and tweaked one of Samantha’s nipples through the fabric of her tank top. “Minx. I just got here. You’re going to make me think all you wanted me here for is my body.”

Samantha stepped forward and placed her hands on Jules’ tits in a bold move. “I love your company as much as I love playing with you. I’ve missed you.”

Jules smiled and brushed her lips in a sensual manner against Samantha’s mouth. “I know,” she whispered. “Six months is a long time. I’ve missed you too. We need to catch up.”

“I’m glad all your travels brought you home safely.” Samantha kissed Jules on the forehead. Jules worked for the same company as Davis, but in sales, and her job had her traveling the globe on occasion. The two of them had met at a company party and hit it off right away. When Samantha learned of Jules’ kinky inclinations, they’d become fast friends, eventually becoming comfortable enough to play together.

Samantha tweaked Jules’ nipples. “You go out back to the dock and relax. I’ll put your things in your room and join you shortly.”

Jules pouted. “My room? As in alone?”

Samantha giggled. “You can share my room if you like. I just thought you might want privacy.”

Jules winked. “Well, we’ll see.” She turned on her heel and looked back at Samantha over her shoulder. “Which way?”

Samantha pointed. “Go straight through the kitchen, out the back door, and follow the path from the porch. Leads right to the dock. I’ll bring us some refreshments.”

“Sounds perfect.”

Samantha watched her friend’s ass sashay away from her. Lust made her skin tingle and her pussy clench. As much as she wanted to catch up with Jules and hear about her travels, she wanted to indulge in some sexy playtime with her beautiful friend.

She shook her head to clear the thoughts and picked up Jules’ overnight bag along with the clothes she’d dropped. She took them to her bedroom, deposited them on the bed, and undressed. Whirling around, she caught her reflection in the mirror. A grin split her lips. The leather collar she wore around her neck brought such joy to her every time she caught sight of her reflection. It had been a recent gift from Davis. The soft brown leather resembled a belt, and she loved the feel of it around her neck. It reminded her of Davis’ dominance when he wasn’t around. While she couldn’t wear it every day, she intended to wear it as often as she could while at their summer home.

Walking out into the kitchen naked, she reveled in the freedom being out in the country brought to her. She often walked around in the buff all day wearing only the collar. No nosy neighbors to worry about, no sound-proofing everything. They could play, and she could scream her delight with no one for miles around to hear her.

With a spring in her step, Samantha exited the bedroom and went to the fridge. The layout of the cabin was such that the living/dining room and kitchen were one big room, and the bedrooms and bathrooms were off to one side. Steps from the back door led to the basement.

She extracted a bottle of white wine from the refrigerator, uncorked it, grabbed two plastic wine glasses from the counter, and then exited the house by way of the back door. She skipped down the porch steps and along the path.

As she approached the dock, she spied Jules lying on her stomach, legs slightly spread, with her hands resting under her cheek. Her heart skipped a beat at the sight, her pussy pulsed, and moisture gathered between her thighs. The heat of the sun bore down on her naked skin, and she wished she’d brought sunscreen for them both.

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Tags: Adult, Contemporary, Erotic Romance, BDSM, F/F/M