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'Twas the Spank Before Christmas

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Kellie Kamryn

ISBN :978-1-4874-0954-8

Page :30

Word Count :7215

Publication Date :2016-12-21

Series : #

Heat Level :

Available Formats : 'Twas the Spank Before Christmas (prc) , 'Twas the Spank Before Christmas (epub) , 'Twas the Spank Before Christmas (pdf) , 'Twas the Spank Before Christmas (mobi)

Category : Contemporary Romance , Erotic Romance , Romance , Holiday Countdown 2016

  • Product Code: 978-1-4874-0954-8

‘Twas the night before Christmas and all that was heard were screams of delight with love as the safe word.

The night before Christmas Davis Cathal decides to recreate a scene for his sub, Samantha Merry, based on a deliciously sexy poem she wrote for him as a gift. Inspired by the season of giving, he sets up the perfect scene to reward the love of his life and give her the gift that keeps on coming.

Davis Cathal folded the paper in half and tucked it back into the envelope. He smiled to himself, tapping the edge against the palm of his hand. He’d woken to find himself alone on Christmas Eve morning, the envelope on the pillow beside his head.

His grin widened at the thought of his girl, Samantha Merry, out on a shopping spree, her dark hair disheveled, cheeks pink from the exertion of rushing about during last minute holiday shopping. Her green eyes will be sparkling, though. I’m a lucky man.

Davis chuckled, and rolled out of bed, running a hand through his sandy-blond brush cut. His heart thumped a happy rhythm in his chest as he pushed himself to a stand and sauntered to the master bathroom.

As he splashed water on his face at the sink, he wondered how much time he had to get ready. His ‘Sammie-girl’ would take her time to make sure she had everything she wanted for him, but if he knew her as well as he thought he did, he’d bet that she had the shopping trip planned down to the last minute, including pausing for snacks and coffee breaks amidst the busy day. The only problem was that he didn’t know how much of the day she had allotted for the trip, the morning or entire day.

Green eyes stared back at him as he examined his visage in the mirror, water droplets catching in his goatee. Snatching up a hand towel from the rack by the sink, he scrubbed his face and began to plan out the scene.

The poem she’d given him was written foreplay. He enjoyed the naughty stories she wrote only for him. He’d often encouraged her to be published but she refused time and time again, explaining that she wanted to keep her kink to herself, and completely separate from her life as a kindergarten teacher. While he didn’t see why she couldn’t use a pen name, he respected her wishes and chose not to push the issue, although every once in a while he’d replant the seed in her subconscious.

The poem also served to give him a second hint about her whereabouts today. While she loved to try to surprise him, she often gave herself away by dropping clues in the stories and poems she wrote. Today he was ninety-nine percent sure she could be found at the toy store at the local mall.

Davis relieved himself, then took a quick shower to freshen up. While he washed under the spray he whistled a Christmas tune, gratitude filling his heart for the week off from his job as a marketing specialist for a holistic medical clinic. He loved his job and the people he worked with, but the thought of one week to do whatever he wanted to and with the love of his life made him giddy with joy. Since Samantha had two weeks off from teaching school, the timing couldn’t be more perfect.

He shut off the water and stepped out onto the floor mat to towel off. He grinned with pride at the way the linens matched in the bathroom. He and Samantha were celebrating six months of living together after designing their dream home, including a custom-made dungeon they’d made for their D/s play-time. While most relationships went the route of marriage and kids, they’d decided early on that wasn’t the way to go for them. Their dominant and submissive lifestyle fit them perfectly, and the small ceremony they’d had in front of their closest friends was all the commitment they needed. From time to time, they created scenes with a couple of close friends, but this week it would just be the two of them, and he intended to make the most of it.

Davis walked naked back into the bedroom, cock half-hard at the thought of tying up Samantha and fucking her senseless.

He opened the closet door and rifled through the suits hanging there. Samantha loved the leather, but he knew she got particularly hot and bothered when he played the part of sharp-dressed man. Good thing he had a few favorites she’d bought for him as part of his work wardrobe.

He chose a plain black suit and white dress shirt. He slipped the pants on, foregoing the underwear since he knew easy access would be prudent for the scenario. He left the top two buttons of the shirt undone, and adjusted the collar up. The top leaves of the emerald lotus tattoo on his chest, along with some chest hair, peeked out of the shirt's V.

He shrugged into the jacket and tugged on the ends of the sleeves to make it fit right. Dress socks and shoes completed his look. Satisfied with his appearance, he grinned at his reflection in the closet door mirror. Perfect. This will get her wet before she’s naked.

Davis walked over to the nightstand where he’d set his watch the night before. As he put it on, he checked the time. He figured he had enough time to eat a quick breakfast before heading down to the dungeon to set up. Time to set the scene.

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Tags: Romance, BDSM, Contemporary