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Chocolate, Sex, and Other Tasty Treats for the Soul

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Kellie Kamryn

ISBN :978-1-4874-0846-6

Page :61

Word Count :16269

Publication Date :2016-08-26

Series : The Harders#3

Heat Level :

Available Formats : Chocolate, Sex, and Other Tasty Treats for the Soul (pdf) , Chocolate, Sex, and Other Tasty Treats for the Soul (epub) , Chocolate, Sex, and Other Tasty Treats for the Soul (prc) , Chocolate, Sex, and Other Tasty Treats for the Soul (mobi)

Category : Contemporary Romance , Erotic Romance , LGBTQIA+ Romance

  • Product Code: 978-1-4874-0846-6

As far as Marnie is concerned—two’s company, and three is never a crowd.

Marnie Harder wants to find love like everyone else. The only catch—she desires to be the third in couple. She has her sights set on her hot neighbor, Madison Williams, and her boyfriend, Drake Ellison. The night Madison knocks on Marnie’s door to borrow some sugar, Marnie gets a taste of something sweet. And when Madison’s boyfriend joins the party, Marnie binges on more than the candy he brings with him.

Leave it to her family and her brother’s meddling monkey to spoil the morning after. But in the wake of candy wrappers, wild passion, and broken furniture, will Marnie be left craving more, or will love sweeten the deal?

Marnie Harder clenched her muscles tight around the two fingers she’d inserted into her wet cunt. Teeth clamped on her bottom lip, she moaned in tandem with the threesome fucking scene gracing the screen of her laptop. She pumped her hand into her pussy hard, her palm hitting her swollen clit each time. She panted and widened her legs, watching the man onscreen fuck one woman from behind while she ate the pussy of another woman lying on her back.

Sweat covered the backs of Marnie’s legs, and the fabric of the couch against her calves prickled her skin. Her toes dug into the carpet. One hand slid up her ribcage to her tits, and she squeezed first before pinching each of her nipples hard. Marnie enjoyed kink and liked it a little rough. Too bad it has to be by my own hand...

She closed her eyes, rubbing her clit faster. Her orgasm exploded, and her body shook. As the three people on the screen reached their own climax, Marnie shouted hers. Cream gushed from her core, coating the insides of her thighs. Body tense, she fingerfucked herself hard, bringing about a second release. As the delicious sensations dissipated, she flopped into the back of the couch, eyes closed, harsh breathing the only sound in her ears. Coming down off her orgasmic high, she blinked groggy eyes open. Her cum dripped down the insides of her thighs. Thank god I had the foresight to put down some towels under my ass...

A moment later, her eyes popped open at the sound of a fake giggle. A sigh escaped. She reached out a shaking hand and clicked the mouse pad on her computer to pause the video. She didn’t want to hear the pretend lovers babble or see any cuddling. Not when she longed to be the one in the middle of it all.

With another sigh, she plucked a Lindt chocolate truffle from the candy dish on her end table. The wrapper crinkled when she extracted the sweet morsel from its trappings. In the hazy stupor of her orgasmic afterglow, she rolled the chocolate between thumb and forefinger, inhaling the tantalizing scent of chocolate and pussy. She popped the candy into her mouth, rolled it around on her tongue, and savoured the chocolate taste as it melted, further igniting her senses as it brought her taste buds to life.

After a few minutes, the chocolate dissolved, and Marnie swallowed the last vestiges of her treat. A third, more contented sigh escaped her lips. Chocolate and orgasms—two guilty pleasures she indulged in to nourish her soul in her less-than-perfect life.

The phone rang, interrupting the moment. Marnie picked up her cell from where it lay beside the dish of chocolates. “Oh shit,” she muttered, recognizing her mother’s number on call display. “What does she want now?”

Three months ago, she’d scored a teaching assistant job at the university in the biology department. Two months ago, she’d moved out of her mother’s condominium and into an apartment of her own. As the baby in a family of six, even at the age of twenty-five it was difficult to break away from the family’s expectations.

Everyone thought her a carbon copy of her mom. Like her mother, Marnie’s friendly demeanour, along with knowing how to work a room, meant she could spread laughter and joy. This often made her the centre of attention, something she didn’t mind. Being a brunette and inheriting the signature familial green eyes meant they also looked alike.

But that was where the resemblance ended. Their interests set them apart. Science smart, Marnie had always loved dissecting dead things as a child, eager to discover how they looked on the inside, a pastime her siblings had never come to appreciate. While she never enjoyed killing innocent beings, she didn’t have a problem dissecting them after they’d passed from this world. Her mom, on the other hand, preferred the arts, was often chosen for bit roles in local theatre productions, and enjoyed participating in poetry readings or writing articles for various local magazines or papers. A scientific write-up was much more Marnie’s style.

Her cell ceased buzzing, and she allowed the call to go to voice mail. She chuckled, knowing her mom wouldn’t leave a message. She’d call back until Marnie picked up.

While Marnie waited for the phone to ring again, she scanned the bookshelf across the room. Her sparsely furnished apartment suited her tastes to a T. Not much for television, she hadn’t bothered to purchase one yet. Reading was her main hobby, but unlike her eldest sister Missy, she preferred science textbooks to romance novels.

One book on small rodents caught her eye, and Marnie chuckled as a childhood memory surfaced. She and her brother, Max, had found a dead mouse. They’d decided to place it in Miranda’s shoe. The terrified screams of her other older sister echoed in Marnie’s head to this day. Youngest siblings always get revenge. The supposed stern punishment of no television for a week that she’d received at the time, which incidentally hadn’t been much of a punishment at all, had offered her time to take the dead rodent along with a steak knife out behind the garage to give it a proper autopsy prior to burial.

Growing up, kids either thought her interest weird or cool. She never cared much which. Her passion for science led to a Master’s degree, then a job teaching the lab portion of a university biology course to students who only took the course for credit. Being able to do what she loved, along with attempting to impart wisdom and knowledge as well as administering the occasional well-deserved F to little asshats who didn’t give a shit, made life enjoyable.

Marnie glanced at her cell, wondering if her mother had given up for once. Will miracles never cease? Two seconds later, the phone rang again. Spoke too soon. Not answering for the entire evening seemed a great idea in theory, but in her family, people tracked you down anytime, anywhere. She didn’t relish an evening visit with her mom in person. She might as well talk to her and get it over with.

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Tags: Adult, Erotic Romance, Comedy, Contemporary, GLBT, F/F/M