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The Princess

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Laura Tolomei

ISBN :978-1-4874-0041-5

Page :479

Word Count :132764

Publication Date :2014-09-04

Series : Virtus#7

Heat Level :

Available Formats : The Princess (pdf) , The Princess (prc) , The Princess (epub) , The Princess (mobi)

Category : Erotic Romance , LGBTQIA+ Romance , Paranormal Romance

  • Product Code: 978-1-4874-0041-5

The book that reconnects it all—love, sex, lust, but also the princess to her power. Don’t miss the seventh chapter of the Virtus Saga.

Alone. The future of his world on his shoulders, Prince Duncan Caldwell has to connect the dots. To pick up the pieces of broken love. Before the new edition of the Game. Before the terrible loss awaiting him at Black Rose. But not alone. Not without his angel. Certainly not without his princess. For only her power will save him.

“More than a drink, the leader would like a little fun and game.”

Ylianor’s soft voice took on a commanding note that surprised him and the prince, not to mention the rest of the women.

“Really?” Lucy, the first to recover from the shock, came forward to stare at Duncan with big brown eyes filled with the sickening puppy-love stuff.

“Whatever our leader requires, we’ll be glad to oblige him.” Shrewder and more accustomed to the Hall’s ways of doing things, Lilith and Doria spoke together, bowing to Duncan first, then to him. “And Lord Templeton, of course.”

Was it his imagination or did they charge his name with a trace of conceited satisfaction?

No, Angel, not your impression. Duncan’s lips twisted. They think they have you—

But we’ll change their perception. “We’ll see about what you’ll be able to do for either of them.” Don’t worry, Demon. “Right now, they require you to strip. And be quick about it.”

On snapping her fingers, the three women rushed to shed their clothes.

Ylianor took both men to sit on a very large couch, next to the fireplace. “Now come over here.”

She talked without looking at either one, busy as she was with freeing his and Duncan’s shafts from their confinements.

Chris dedicated the three naked women only a sideway glance, absolutely uninterested in anything they had to offer.

Come on, Angel. Lightly scolding, his lover’s deep voice filled his head. They’re not half-bad.

Are they now? Supercilious on purpose, he gave each another look over. Can’t begin to list what’s less appealing, their full breasts, Lucy’s plumpness and exaggerated hips—

Lilith and Doria have narrower ones.

Prince Caldwell seemed bent on making him see what he would rather not.

And they have a decent ass.

It was easy to check while they walked toward the couch.

Lucy’s is too fat and too feminine for my tastes. His critical sense of what met his very high aesthetical standards revolted at the mere idea of having anything to do with her.

The sisters’ are more to your liking, I know.

Yes, they were definitely firmer and leaner. But undoubtedly, the three naked women now standing in front of them had nothing to do with what kept his erection going. Or Duncan’s for that matter. Ylianor’s dominatrix air was doing the trick, along with her hand stroking rhythmically both rods.

“Move the table aside,” Ylianor ordered.

The three scrambled to get it out of the way.

“Now kneel and listen.”

Having freed the space, Lilith, Doria and Lucy settled on the thick rug that covered most of the room, from the fireplace almost to the door.

“These cocks are mine.” Tightening her grip on the long lengths, Ylianor emphasized her claim.

Which sent a shiver of profound pleasure and pride down Chris’s back.

“They belong to me, and I’m the only one sanctioned to have them.” To increase the tension—as if there was any need—she dipped over his erection. Swallowing it whole in one intake, she caused such an incredible jolt.

Chris was tempted to press her head on it and never let her go. He would have, too, had this game been his to command.

It was not.

A very skilled mistress was in charge.

So, gulping down his arousal, he did nothing. Merely watched her bob over Duncan’s stiffness, extremely satisfied to read his same reaction at her warm, wet cavity engulfing it all.

It’s really too bad you don’t have control for once, isn’t it, Demon? Taunting and brimming with excitement herself, Ylianor raised her head. “But I may be generous enough to share them with one of you, if she proves worthy.”

“How can we do that, Mistress?” Completely taken by her role, Lilith straightened her shoulders to push out pointy breasts with hard nipples.

“Hem…” Playing as if she had lost interest in them, Ylianor gulped down Chris’s cock again. “What do you say, Lord Templeton? What would you like them to do?”

“Screw them!” He could not take it for much longer. “I want you!” He clutched her with the intention of getting her to sit on his thickness, regardless of the tantalizing red dress that was in the way.

“Not so fast.” Gently yet determined, Ylianor unhooked his paws and turned to the three women.

Who had not budged in their kneeling positions.

“First, we have to assign them a task.”

Wanting to delay the inevitable was another tactic that was going to bring him—but also Duncan—over the edge, faster than either anticipated.

“What do you say, Leader?”

Screw them! I want you!

No, he did not think it. Just, Chris reading it on his lover’s face, even if he made an effort not to blurt it out.

“How about you reward the one who can make any of the others come without coming herself?”

“Yes, it could be an idea.” Teasing Duncan’s equipment, she seemed deep in thought.

Which did not fool Chris for a second.

“All right, girls.” As if making up her mind, she clapped her hands. “Get going.”

The words hardly out of her mouth, Lilith and Doria jumped on Lucy. Literally. Forcing her down on the carpet, back to the ground and legs widespread Doria held them as far apart as she could, while Lilith bent over from a side to lick Lucy’s pussy.

Not fair for Lucy. But sex could be a cruel game. And Chris was the last one to complain about it.

“No, Lilith, you’re not going to have it so easy.”

Not so for sleeping beauty. Her soft heart rebelled to such injustices, even when deserved.

“Give Lucy a chance, too.”

It was obvious the two sisters would work together, which to Chris was sensible thinking.

“Give her your cunt, or you’ll be out of the competition. Both of you.”

Lilith obeyed, however reluctantly. Shifting on top of Lucy’s face, she pressed her pelvis on the woman’s mouth, her lips brushing Lucy’s clit, helped by Doria’s fingers enlarging the slit.

Despite his better judgment, Chris noticed the first tongue flicks on the already drenched pussy.

“That’s not what you’re supposed to watch, Lord Templeton.” Getting up, Ylianor distracted his attention, and Duncan’s, too. Rotating her hips, she rolled the dress up to her waist, remaining half-naked. “Not when you’re going to be busy fucking me.”

Chris had to hand it to her. The erotic twists of sliding up the tight-fitting red cloth were more arousing than anything the worthless trio had done since stepping in this room. On top of it, her masterful grip of the situation and her giving him orders were driving him crazy, to the point he feared he would lose it the moment he managed to get into her. A place she alone knew and would not use until he begged for it.

Not just him. Next to him, Prince Caldwell looked ready to explode, even without sticking it anywhere.

“Get here.” Reaching out, Chris grabbed her arm and pulled her back to the couch. “I said I want you—”

“What exactly would you like of me?”

It was a trap. Pure and simple.

A trap with no way out.

“Ass or pussy?”

Whatever he answered, she knew what he really craved. And would deny him.

“You choose, Mistress.” So he did not give her the satisfaction. “Whatever you offer is fine by me.”

“Then the pussy it is.”

To her credit, she took it well.

“After all, the leader is entitled to my best piece.” Slipping away from Chris’s grasp, still facing him, she sat on Duncan’s lap.

He leaned against the arm-stand, bringing up his legs in Chris’s direction.

Ylianor settled more comfortably. Straddling his crotch, she spread her buttocks and came down to fit her butt hole right on it.

Chris’s eyes were not the only pair glued to her erotic drop-down.

Also Duncan could not tear them off, totally ignoring the three women’s less seductive tumbles.

Even if Doria was now rimming Lucy’s behind, while Lilith was concentrating all her efforts on the throbbing knot.

But who cared about them?

Ylianor was deliciously screwing her spectacular rear on his lover’s huge cock, so Chris had no other concerns.

Swaying her hips got the shaft to her guts.

And made Chris’s craving soar to the sky, particularly since she was keeping his tongue and cock hanging out for their turn.

“How does it feel, Leader?” So she pretended to ignore him.

“Fucking amazing, but it has room for improvement.” Evidently deciding to give Chris a break, the prince tugged her back to his chest, further turned on at the sight of her legs having to fan out and displaying her dripping cunt. “If you allow my phase mate to share in the fun.”

“Does he deserve it?” Ylianor sniggered. “I thought he liked men alone.”

“Mistress, you can’t say you’ve been fucked until I fuck you.” He would be damned if he begged her! “I, and only I, can show you what sex is and the exquisite pleasure of coming under my masterful cock.” To get his point across, he leaned forward, his lips so close he could have kissed her.

“I must say I am intrigued.”

No, she was thrilled out of her skin, as feverish as when they had the heat.

Which fortunately was not the case.

“Leader, if your phase mate is everything he claims to be—”

“He is much more, Mistress.” With a vigorous thrust, Duncan penetrated to the hilt. “Trust me.”

“All right, then, take me.” She said it as though it was a concession on her part. “And try to make it good.”

“I will certainly give it my best effort.”

If she detected the irony, she did not comment.

“After all, your wish is my command.”

If she expected him to rush, she would be disappointed.

Finding an unusual self-control, he aimed at her slit and inched slowly. Painstakingly slow in the moistness greedy to take him whole. Instead, he did not allow more than the tip to penetrate, pausing to drive her insane with longing.

Ylianor squirmed in palpable dissatisfaction, with the sole effect of screwing Duncan’s piece deeper up her ass. Most of Chris’s remained out.

“Am I going too fast?” Chris mocked.

“Not at all.” She did not take his bait.

“Then is something else wrong?”

“Not at all.” This time, the lie did not come out so smoothly. Still, she bit her lips and flattened herself on Prince Caldwell, probably hoping Chris would have to slide further inside.

But she was wrong.

Impassible, he held back, giving her only the inches he wanted her to have. You know, sleeping beauty, you could still beg me for more.

He loved restoring their roles to how they were supposed to be.

And I may just be nice enough to satisfy this hungry pussy of yours.

Go fuck Lucy Penbroke or the Ellis sisters, Lord Templeton. Getting a grip on herself, she snapped, Since it’s obvious you can’t fuck me.

In a hurry, Lady Templeton? Then he slammed all together.

And Ylianor opened her mouth to howl. Only he closed it with his own, trapping her scream inside his head.

Her convulsions were irresistible. Sunk into her cunt made tighter by Duncan’s furious ass possession, Chris was unable to stop the load about to discharge practically on its own. But since the purpose of the whole charade was to tease the three little vixens still rolling on one another, he pulled out in time to squirt her belly with repeated jets thrown by his wildly jerking beast.

At this, the prince also lost it, unloading with a groan everything he had in her delightfully cramped ass.

Now what?



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