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The Lord

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Laura Tolomei

ISBN :978-1-4874-0078-1

Page :359

Word Count :102541

Publication Date :2014-09-27

Series : Virtus#8

Heat Level :

Available Formats : The Lord (pdf) , The Lord (prc) , The Lord (epub) , The Lord (mobi)

Category : Erotic Romance , LGBTQIA+ Romance , Paranormal Romance

  • Product Code: 978-1-4874-0078-1

Join Duncan, Ylianor and Chris in the explosive conclusion of the Virtus Saga. The book that ends yet begins it all anew.

Angel or Demon? Angel and Demon! Two faces. One fucking gorgeous man! And only two people to switch him either way. Now he’s going to prove himself to the entire universe. The past in his power. The present in his lust. The future in his temper. Because as he says, us is sex!

 “Everybody’s feeling it at work.”

“They’ll feel it all the more the second you get your ass up on that stage.”

“Me?” What? Did I miss something? “What are you talking about?”

“That it’s your turn up next.” Duncan glanced at the two men splitting their woman to bits, one ramming her front, the other her back. “Right after they’re done.”

“But I could only do it with her.” It was such self-evident axiom, he felt stupid for saying it. “Or with you.” This was even dumber. “But if she—”

“She’ll be all yours for this special performance.” The leader grinned. “Nothing in between the two of you.” His tone became huskier, “Weren’t you worried she was getting all work and no play?”

“Yeah, but…” To show his true feelings right there in front of everyone, Chris was not sure it was such a great idea.

“Listen, Angel.” Cupping his face between his palms, the prince drew him near. “You and her were the first to make me understand how easily sex brings out your deepest emotions, even the ones you fight so hard to deny.” So close they could have kissed. “If you go up there, it’ll get my point across faster and more effectively than any of the other acts did so far.”

“I don’t see how it could make a difference who’s up there.” Chris held on stubbornly. “Everybody’s paying marginal attention as it is—”

“They’ll be exceedingly attentive if it’s you and her.”

No, he did not need Duncan to kiss him and make him lose perspective of what they were talking about.

Which was exactly what the prince did.

Remember what I told you at Plantimore Cliffs? Unfortunately, he also deepened the sweet exchange by slipping his tongue inside and sweeping Chris’s wet cavity as though it belonged to him.

Which, for the record, it did.

“Hem…” If Chris could mumble, it was because Duncan had broken off the kiss. “Vaguely.” Well, he might have remembered had the kiss not fucked up his mind.

“I told you it was high time you showed how much you love her.” With a chuckle, the leader tilted up his head. “And I meant it not just for Richard’s sake.” His black eyes flashed. “And that’s what I expect you’ll be doing in a few minutes from now.”

Chris straightened and focused. Yeah, now he recalled what Duncan had said and how easy it had been to let his love flow in front of Richard and Lucy.

“It’s going to be even easier now, Angel,” Duncan whispered in his ear, “Now that you’ve accepted it yourself, and that you’re not afraid of showing how much you care for her.”

“And I owe it all to you.” Because no one knew him better than Duncan did. No one knew how to push his buttons better than Duncan did. “But shouldn’t you be up there with us?” It was not a challenge, more like a reasonable request. “I mean we’re all in this together. As much as I love her, I love you, too.”

“Are you going to hold the princess’s logic against me?” Duncan teased.

It was a clear reference to how Ylianor had convinced them to a three-way pledge.

“I most certainly will.” Chris gave the prince his best smile. “It’s as true today as it was when she said it.” His lips captured Duncan’s. Taking the initiative, his tongue forced them apart for a taste of his amazing lover. “If not more.”

“All right, I may join you.” His gaze shifted to the center.

The two men were coming all over their woman and blazing with the force of their collective love.

“But you start first. I don’t want them to miss your vibes or to get them mixed up with mine.”

Hardly recovered from their deep sharing, of fluids and feelings, the three were moving off, and already another woman was petitioning for her and her lover’s chance to be in the spotlight. “Leader, Romy and I—”

“Sorry, ladies,” Chris cut them off. “My lovely mate needs a definite break.” Getting up, he reached the table where Ylianor was standing. Don’t you, sleeping beauty?

I never thought the great Lord Templeton would stoop so low as to embarrass himself in front of everyone, she mocked.

Then again, maybe she did not deserve it.

Orders from above, dearie. So he played it rough. Nothing I’d be doing of my own volition, he lied shamelessly. Not with a no-good slave, anyway. But the second he clasped her arm to pull her close, all pretenses fell from him.

No, he did not fight the tide of love overwhelming him as he brought his lips down on hers. To be honest, he could not. She tasted so sweet, exciting and yielding in his arms he simply wanted to drown in her and melt his fire in her slippery liquid that enveloped him like a nurturing balm. And his reaction was opening her up in ways he had seen happen only with Duncan. It was like there had been one last barrier between them that was crumbling under his complete acceptance of this love.

Every part of it.

None excluded.

By the gods! What a selfish bastard he had been to deny her for so long!

Let’s not dwell on the past, Demon, her soft voice boomed in his mind, Only on the future and on your powerful love. Bending against him, she parted her lips wide, swallowing his tongue whole.

He became lost in her. It was not just a physical sensation. It was more of an immaterial one, with her holding him inside her, like the son she was carrying, except it was the man she had within her.

Yes, she had always owned him.

Only he had been too foolish to admit it. And it did not feel strange anymore to have two people own him. It was not like he was split up among them, either. No halves, the whole of him belonged to both. Body, mind and spirit completely devoted to two, angel and demon, both sides of him at their complete disposal, one shiny being for two.

With the love came the irresistible attraction, the one he felt for no one else but these two astounding individuals, the same that justified his vicious side and the bloody game. For he had his answer now. He did not play it because he wanted to hurt her. He played it because he could be truly himself with her alone. If with everyone else he had to erase the memory after acting out his deepest fantasies, with her he had no need to, for she accepted him exactly as he was. Now he could keep doing it without remorse or guilt. Not just because the prince was a part of it, and that alone had made it possible for his two opposites—the angel and the demon—to reunite. Because she was the key to it all, and this awareness had just brought that game to a whole new level. A sophisticated and seductive level he would have never thought possible. A level he could access only with her as his victim, his prey, his woman. And that turned him on more than if he had his knife at hand right now, or almost as much as having her body crushed to his despite the pronounced belly of her now visible pregnancy.

Never in his life would he have thought to crave a woman the way he craved Ylianor. He—who had scorned women, pregnant ones in particular—could not keep his hands off her. His cock had become so thick with a mere kiss that it ached. Whether because his tongue had reached her stomach, or whether because her cunt rubbed against his groin with that characteristic sway of hers and took care of his erection—whatever the reason, his arousal was maddening, requiring an immediate satisfaction he had no intention of granting at the moment.

Pushing her gently toward the table, he made her lie down as his mouth broke the tantalizing kiss to move down to her cunt. He did not hurry to reach it. He wanted to take his time to nibble and savor her most delicious parts, like her breasts. Tonguing her taut buds was a way to hold his excitement in check, or so he hoped. Truth was—the more he stroked her pointy tips, the stiffer his meat piece became. Which was nothing comparable to when he went close enough he could smell her craving.

Talk about wet!

She was dripping like a fountain, her honeydew trickling down her thighs. Her flavor was even worse. Strong and pungent, it clung to the tip of his tongue before it slid right down to his balls. Her clit was a throbbing knot begging for someone, anyone, to burst it. Her inner lips were so puffed up he could just imagine how fiercely they would cling to a shaft, any shaft and swallow it whole in one avid gulp.

He went further down…oh, boy!

Her ass was always a temptation he could never resist. He lifted her legs, so he could also see the wrinkled entrance he longed to possess right here, right now. Even if it was with his erection, he forced himself to bide his time and let the tongue have fun with it first. Rimming the narrow edges was a way of increasing his anticipation, anyway. He just hoped he would not explode instead of her, not yet anyway.

Plunging inside confirmed how close he was to the edge. But she was closer. The trembling of her flesh as he penetrated it again could not hide it. And raising his gaze, he understood the reason why.

Straddling her, knees pressed around her face, Duncan was feeding her his gigantic equipment. That was certainly bound to tip her over the edge, so Chris did his best to help her. Returning to the swollen clit dancing on its own, his tongue crushed it under a savage attack. At the same time, he let go of one of her legs. With calculated ferocity, he shoved into her pussy and ass, stuffing both with two fingers each.

It was the end of her.

Arching her back, Ylianor shattered under his very eyes. Lucky for everyone, Duncan occupying her mouth prevented her scream from leaving their heads. Or perhaps luck had nothing to do with it. If he knew anything of how the three of them worked, his lover’s choice of sexual service had nothing casual about it. He and Duncan both knew how loud sleeping beauty could get when she lost control, and this was undoubtedly one such occasion.

Despite his cock’s furious jerks and protests, Chris continued ignoring it. Concentrating instead on her drenched cunt, he lapped it generously, teasing the swollen edges of her pussy and thrusting into their welcoming entrance. Her ass was equally welcoming, opening up to his solicitation as though it wanted nothing else, while she kept coming over and over, unstoppable.

“Fuck, Angel.” The leader’s throaty whisper did not go lost on Chris. “I think I’m about to come.”

“No, wait for me, lover.” He lifted both her legs again. “Aren’t we supposed to give them the best show ever?”

“That’s why you should hurry up.” The prince’s full lips curved in a snarl. “‘Cause she’s too hot for me to slow down any.”

“I understand perfectly.” No, Duncan did not have to spell it out.

Adjusting her rear hole in front of his erection, he swung his hips forward and centered it at the first hit. Unsurprisingly, she came again. No, actually she had never stopped coming, and her frenzied convulsions hampered his thrusts to her guts with all that clenching and relaxing of her muscles in fast waves. But the moment he was half inside, the swells took over and sucked his rigid beast to the hilt, also beyond had there not been a natural limit. Incredulous to say the least, Chris could practically remain still while her contractions did all the work, accelerating it to the point he lost it mere seconds after he had penetrated.

With Duncan’s climax filling her mouth and overflowing down her cheeks, Chris unloaded a split second apart. And the prince catching his lips in a deep kiss intensified everything.

Too bad it had to finish. Were it up to him, he would have let it go on and on like their orgasms, which seemed endless because time had slowed down to freeze their moment. But eventually, everything sped up again.

“I want more of her.” Prince Caldwell’s growl testified to his deep-rooted craving, in case his hard cock did not talk loud enough.

“Me, too.” Chris waited for Duncan to pull out of Ylianor’s mouth. “And if you just lie down, we can share her again.” Raising her from under her armpits, he cradled her against his chest.

The new position took only a second. Prince Caldwell slid to fill her place. Then Chris fitted Ylianor’s butt over the thick equipment standing on its own. After his fucking, she was nice and large enough to receive just about anything. So Duncan’s shaft speared it to the hilt in no time at all. When he was securely embedded, Chris spread her legs and plunged in the silky wetness of her slit.

Wet was an understatement.

She was more like an ocean of moistness, and he was only gladder the prince’s erection ramming her rear tightened her front space, too, or he would have felt nothing otherwise. With the double penetration, instead, her pussy squeezed enough for his monster to come close to a climax again.

He loved it. Flattening her against his lover’s chest, feeling her flesh wrapped around him, smelling her and Duncan with one gulp of air—Chris was floating on his own sensations. Not just the physical ones, the emotional ones as well. His intense love was like a giant balloon grown to fill the sky. Pushed upward by Duncan and Ylianor’s strong feelings, it would take him next to nothing to turn into his fiery essence and soar. It would take next to nothing to tear both his lovers away from the material dimension they were in and—

Stop, Angel! The deep voice exploding in his mind followed the powerful restraint Chris was coming to learn as the leader’s control over him. We don’t want to give that much of a show.

Refocusing, Chris suddenly realized that everyone was staring at them. Literally. No one was having sex. No one was even kissing. Their gazes all glued on them, like Duncan had said they would, including Cecilia and David’s, who were watching from a side.

“I’ll be damned!” Chris exhaled softly, slowing his pumping.

“I told you.” Catching his gaze, the leader held it. “You’re too good for them not to notice.” Shifting slightly, he managed to slip his huge monster inside sleeping beauty’s ass to the very root. “Only you should keep it to the sex.”

Fortunately, their voices were more like whispers, so for sure no one heard them.

“Yeah, I get it.” Turning, he caught the green eyes full of love. “It’s just a fuck, sleeping beauty.” Which was the farthest thing from the truth. “So don’t your hopes up.”


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