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The Pledge

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Laura Tolomei

ISBN :978-1-77111-294-9

Page :284

Word Count :99124

Publication Date :2012-08-12

Series : Virtus#5

Heat Level :

Available Formats : The Pledge (pdf) , The Pledge (prc) , The Pledge (epub) , The Pledge (mobi)

Category : Erotica , Mainstream Fiction , Fantasy

  • Product Code: 978-1-77111-294-9

At the end of the road, only one promise–to be as one whilst remaining three.


While love and passion rise, enemies and misunderstandings become stronger. While resolves strengthen, the world and its nightmares stand in the way until one thing, and one alone, will save them–the pledge.


“What could you possibly offer that might interest me?” The sarcastic curve of his lips indicated he did not care for anything from her. “Or that I haven’t taken already?”

“A clean slate.” At the words, his expression changed radically, so she moved nearer, her face just a few inches away. “From now on, no more recriminations about the past, no recriminating some of your most…despicable deeds. I’m not going to look back anymore, only forward. I want to make a fresh start with you, Demon.” Like a misty vapor, her breath played on his face. “What’s done is done. We both hurt each other for various reasons, and he was just one of them, but now no more.” She squeezed his hand. “You are my future, my master in and out of bed…” My mate, eventually. “And I won’t question you anymore.”

“Is this another of your tricks?” Twisting her arms behind her back, Chris crushed Ylianor against him, digging the rose-shaped bracelet into her wrist.

“No tricks, handsome demon.” They were so close they might as well kiss, so she had no compunctions in brushing her lips against his. “I…” She swallowed hard, so hard it hurt. Sure, the prince had said it would be a plunge without a safety net, and the fear Chris might turn her deepest feelings into a weapon pressed at the back of her throat in a tight lump. Still, it had to go, or she would never get anywhere. “I love you, and I don’t care if you love me or not. What you’ve been giving me lately is more than enough—”

“Enough to pledge to me?”

“Hem…about that…” Not quite. “Once we’re done with this mission and found our answers, we can all talk about it.”

“What’s there to talk about?” He tightened his grip, and she winced from the pain. “It’s a simple yes or no answer.” Which did not induce him to ease the pressure.

“It’s not because of you…” But because of him. Then at his frown, she tried to unfasten her arms, and mercifully he let them free. “I don’t mean to say no, but saying yes wouldn’t be…” Fair? Balanced? “Enough.” She took his beautiful face between her palms. “Please trust me on this one.” Kissing him full on the mouth, her tongue tried to open it. He did not allow her, so she ended up tracing the edges of his thin lips. “I have only our best interests at heart.” Since he did not respond, she lowered her head on his chest, depositing a series of soft kisses on it. “Yours…” His nipples taut, she paused to nibble them, both in turns. “His…” Further down, her lips traveled to his flat stomach. “And especially mine.” Finding the real target, her mouth closed on it, running down the length of what was fast becoming as stiff as stone.

If he thought of stopping her, gulping down the tip of his erection probably dissuaded him. So she wanted to make it extra good. As her tongue curled around the fat crown trying to reach her throat, she began also a hand slide on the rigid stem, the part that could not fit inside. He was too big anyway. Her small mouth could never hope to swallow him whole, however hard she tried. Still, she was determined to suck him dry, drink his every drop until nothing remained. Oddly, it was her necessity—to satisfy him. And no, having said she loved him had nothing to do with it.

Crunching the hot rod between her cheeks, she felt the veins about to explode. Truth was—she missed the sex, too, and all the hurried time on the road was getting in the way of what she wanted to express to both her men, which was more complicated than mastering the rebellious cock trying to take the plunge, despite her tongue blocking the way.

She coughed, jumping back, but he was quick to push her head over the pulsating piece. Her tongue slid down to the balls, wrapped around both briefly before returning up to the tip, leaving her hands to take care of the rest. As they increased the steady rhythm, her bracelet bobbed frantically, while his shaft twitched in the characteristic way that signaled his climax. His breathing short, she would have fulfilled her wish had the prince not come up on them.

She did not see him, merely felt his presence as he swept her away with a single kiss—for such was Chris and Duncan’s melting of senses that plummeted her into a heated vortex, their tongues mixing with the marble equipment shoving to get all the way inside. Prince Caldwell’s taste inexorably blended with Chris’s pungent flavor, to the point she could not distinguish one from the other. Then the excitement grew to a spasm the second the demon caught on to her presence in the seductive exchange, and it was his undoing.

In convulsive jets, he flooded her mouth, an endless river so dense it overflowed and almost gagged her on its way to her stomach—so abundant she had to swallow repeatedly to avoid it trickling out her mouth.

“This is a damn good wake-up, if I say so myself.” Licking his lips with a satisfied grin stamped on his face, Chris glanced first at Ylianor, then at Duncan. “And your timing couldn’t have been better.” Then he picked up Ylianor and crushed her against him to whisper in her ear. “Yeah, you’re getting way beyond the skin level, practically reached the core.”

Was it a declaration of love? She only knew her heart beat so frantically it threatened to burst out of her chest and land at his feet, no, at both their feet now that the prince bent over and captured her lips, sticking his tongue inside for a long sweep that enflamed her desire, as though there was any need.

“What have you done to her, Angel?” Playfully, Duncan squeezed her left breast. “Never seen her so hot for us.”

“Or so compliant.” Sliding her down his legs, Chris returned her to her original position.

“But on your knees this time.” Quick to catch the drift, the leader pushed her head on the stirring bulge, already itching to prove its consistency. “I want that magnificent ass of yours up in the air.”

She obeyed readily. Truth was—she could not wait for them to take her. Together or separately, she wanted them to stuff her every hole. And seeing the demon attacking the prince’s hard cock with a furious lick and a sudden intake made her certain she would get something soon.

When? When? Her cunt beat impatiently. It seemed like ages since they had sex together. Now she craved whatever she could get from the two most exciting men of the world.

“The training is finally working.” Duncan stuck a finger in her ass that opened to receive more. “We might just get the slave we always wanted.”

“You mean the one who doesn’t turn things against her master and services his needs exactly the way he wants them?” Drawing back from the thick piece he was clasping, Chris sniggered.

“Ah-ha, so she tricked you, too?” The fingers increased to two, then three.

“There’s no end to her damn tricks, lover.” Yanking her hair, Chris threw back Ylianor’s head to stare in her eyes. “But I never thought you had the nerve to do it to your primary master.”

“Oh, she did and shamelessly, too.” He increased the pressure on her rear. “Playing me like I was a first-timer discovering his Virt of sharing feelings.”

“Didn’t go any better with me.” Chris pressed her neck back to her task. “Mocking me with her master bullshit until she got exactly her way.”

“I say she deserves punishment.” In spite of his words, his hand slipped under her belly as she continued to suck the demon’s now huge shaft. “A rich one…” The sensual glide from her cunt to her clit was about to make her come. If only the prince insisted a little more on the swollen knot above her trap, she would have no problems in—

“Without her coming.” Chris’s soft snarl caught her off guard.

How did the demon always manage to read her body so clearly? “Otherwise her ass will be too wet for a decent fuck.”

“Insatiable angel.” Duncan chuckled.

“Sorry, lover.” One last long intake of the bulging head poking his nose, then Chris got up. “This is too good to pass up.”

So they switched positions, the demon going behind her, the prince plopping down on the free seat and forcing her head on his demanding shaft. That they treated her as an object was exactly what she wanted. In bed, she was learning it was the best way to get more out of them, also because their command was always illusory. Then again, it was all a game, which worked for all of them, so she raised her buttocks higher to facilitate Chris’s aim.

If she expected no sort of preparation, which was his style, she was wrong. He used her cunt’s wetness to drench the edges of her narrow hole, sticking two fingers in her slit, then doubling back until a suffocated moan escaped her lips.

“Mmmm…I thought the purpose was for you to have fun in her ass, not for her to come even before you took it.” Keeping her head down on his enormous piece, Duncan’s hips rose to dig into her mouth.

“You think she’s that close?” It was a rhetorical question, of course, considering how the demon was always one step ahead of her.

“I don’t see how she can last one second more.” Then again, so was the leader as he reached her cunt the same time Chris’s fingers did, both stroking her clit with one fingertip, others dipping in her trap and rear. It was simply too much.

As the erection dropped out of her mouth, the scream swelled like a balloon until it burst out of her lips, much like the ball of fire that erupted from her pelvis up to her hair and down to her toes. If she lost count of how many times she convulsed under their touch, they kept brushing the tender folds, uncaring that it blew her body out of any control, gripped as it was in a tidal wave she was unable to master.

How long it continued, she could not tell. She simply knew at one point, and she was still climaxing, the demon slammed in her ass, which increased her pleasure and made her scream louder. Things focused back on the men, with Prince Caldwell shifting her head on his equipment, which had remained surprisingly rigid despite her neglect, and on Chris thrusting his way to her guts.

Since both demanded to occupy all the space, more if possible, she gave in completely, opening up her mouth and ass…well, she had less control over there, but she trusted it would be to the demon’s satisfaction. And apparently, it was. Once he adjusted his position, he began a steady beat that rammed her behind, practically reaching her throat and coming head to head with the other thickness pumping her front. Yes, Duncan was holding her head still now and pounding her wet cavity with a hip swing that gagged her more times than not. But she did not dare move. She belonged to them, after all, for their pleasure alone, and given how much her body had already received, it was the least she could do.

“Wait, Angel.” Leave it to the prince to change what was an already perfect sharing. “I want a piece of her, too.”

“The wettest one, I presume,” the demon retorted, not slowing down his rhythm that scorched her cramped flesh rubbing against his long and large cock.

Again, she could not hold it back. While hoping Chris would not pull out at the moment, it swept her, the contractions coiling faster with his increased tempo.

“This is unbelievable, lover. She can’t stop coming.”

“We must be particularly good today.” Still rocking on her knees from the force of the blow, she did not realize he was out until Prince Caldwell picked her up.

Chris took his place on the couch. Oddly, what she most yearned now was their kiss, both their mouths on hers and wondered whether she would be able to get it. The position they had chosen favored it, though she dared not breathe her desire. It would be useless.

As Duncan screwed her ass back on Chris’s upstanding shaft, she held the black gaze, almost insolently. There was a particular light in it that put her on edge and—

So you told him, Princess.

Told him what?

“Hey, no talking to the slave,” Chris cut in. “Or did I forget to tell you about the new rule, lover?”

That you love him. “You must have, Angel.” Pushing her hips down, the demon’s cock penetrated to the balls…no, judging from the constriction, they had managed to slip through.

How could he possibly know? She took a deep breath to allow her behind to adjust to the suddenness of the intake. One thing for sure, it could never become large enough to get used to the pressure.

I don’t need to hear it. He chuckled in her head. It’s enough to see how different the two of you are.

But he didn’t even comment.

Do you need him to?

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