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The Heat

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Laura Tolomei

ISBN :978-1-77111-370-0

Page :382

Word Count :100260

Publication Date :2012-11-09

Series : Virtus#6

Heat Level :

Available Formats : The Heat (pdf) , The Heat (prc) , The Heat (epub) , The Heat (mobi)

Category : LGBTQIA+ Romance , Paranormal Romance

  • Product Code: 978-1-77111-370-0

Too much gossip, too much sex, too much heat…but alas, too little trust


Over the gossip, over the passion, over the sex, over any possible explanation…because of the pledge, the heat will overwhelm them, in and out of the Hall, in and out of bed.

What woke her? Mouth dry, throat parched, she twisted in bed, uncomfortable in the terrible heat that was making her sweat. Temperature set at an unbearable high, it enflamed her flesh with fiery waves, to the point she wanted to peel her skin off, literally. Right after, an uncontrollable craving hit her, like a hard blow to the stomach and like a furious throb of her clit, so painful she would have ripped it off, if given half the chance. Still, it was nothing compared to the swelling of her pussy, aching to have something rigid and thick pump it until it split it apart. But it could not be any cock. It had to be Chris and Duncan’s stiff equipment stuffing her to her eyeballs. Only theirs would do, not separately either, absolutely together and in the same spot.

The flames became scorching. To try and quench them, Ylianor rubbed her clit, hoping it would burst and bring some measure of cool relief. Not an available option! Flicking the tight knot impatiently only increased her yearning for the two gorgeous men, as images of their erections filled her senses and emptied her lungs of air. She had to have them. It was as plain as that. Nothing else would do, if she did not want to become a pile of black cinders.

Rushing off the bed, Ylianor put on the first thing that came under her hand. The dirty shirt she had worn since the day before smelled awful, but she could not waste a single second to look for something decent. Between her legs, a pool dripped steadily down her thighs, partly absorbed by the soiled pants, mostly irritating her skin. She had to have them now!

Sure, they would get mad. Sure, they wanted to be alone. Sure, it would be an unforgivable breach of privacy—one it was doubtful they would understand. But Ylianor could not give a damn right at the moment. If bad came to worse, she would throw herself at their mercy, promise to be their eternal slave also out of bed, anything to have them drill her slit until it assuaged the extreme heat. Sure, it was not much of a plan, but she had neither the time nor the inclination to think of something better.

Getting to the door, she flung it open and ran out, leaping to cross the hallway and take the stairway to the prince’s room, when a strong hand pinned her to a wall.

“In a hurry, Princess?”

“I…” Her stomach caved in. “I…” She swallowed hard.

“Let’s not waste time, lover.” On the other side, the demon grabbed and hauled her back into the room. “I’m so hot I can’t wait to fuck the shit out of her.” Hardly inside the room, he pulled down her pants, after hurling her on the mattress. Then his cock possessed her cunt, all the way up to her throat.

Gasping loudly, Ylianor searched for Duncan frantically. However good the demon’s shaft, it was not enough, no, not even close. The two had to claim her simultaneously, was she ever to be free of the insatiable desire melting her senses every second more. As if reading her mind, Chris rolled her on top of him, offering her back to Prince Caldwell. And since it seemed abundantly clear they were under her same spell, it was no surprise he sank into the very same pussy Chris was already plundering with tenacious beats. So it was the end of her. Never in her life had she felt so stuffed and sated, with their two marble pieces ravaging the same tender flesh that had screamed dissatisfaction only moments before. Now one wave after another swept her away, unstoppable and ablaze, coiling from the cunt up to the last of her hair and down to the tips of her toes.

If her reaction seemed exaggerated, it was nothing compared to her lovers’, who came together, probably carried by her identical tide, which did not leave them limp and dry, quite the contrary.

Again, they moved, their shafts rubbing against one another as much as against her drenched compartment. She never wanted them to pull out, would have died had they even threatened it. She wanted them to keep hammering her until time stood still, literally. So they complied. Or maybe the new climax forced them to stay right where they were. With the current engulfing her first, she screamed over and over, convulsing on the double erections buried to her lungs. Then they came, pausing just the time to shoot their sperm up to her stomach, resuming the steady banging immediately afterward. And the cycle continued to repeat itself, as though they were all trapped inside a loop from which there was no escape.

How long did it last? Impossible to tell. They remained entwined for an eternity, without altering position for hours, neither man wanting to retreat from her snug, hot, dripping hole…well, almost. Eventually they shifted, Chris taking the back and leaving the front to Duncan, which made it more blissful, in a way she would have never imagined and neither had her lovers, judging from their unwavering arousal. It seemed impossible her men, who loved to flip her around in the most outrageous positions, would have no qualms in using one alone and for so long, without losing an inch of their erections or of their copious floods. It was pure incredible. The sex kept coming like it did at the Nephis Valley, with the exception of Chris favoring her front, which was definitely a first for him, competing with the prince over who would get deeper, while she groaned in pleasure. No, it was better than the Nephis Valley, more intense and—

“Ylianor, are you awake?” The knock froze her. “I don’t have time to come in…”

Thank the gods. Confused, Ylianor raised her gaze and got caught inside the black eyes’ ironic glint. Where am I?

“We’re running behind schedule with the dinner, and the Sentry’s early arrival made things more hectic.”

Held in Duncan’s embrace, Ylianor realized his cock was still firmly stuck inside her cunt.

“On top of this, I can’t find the leader anywhere. Everyone’s already in the golden dining room waiting for him, and I have no idea where he is. I’ve been up to his room several times, but he’s not answering.”

Someone nudged her from behind, shoving also his balls, along with the rest of the rigid rod, up her pussy, probably to make her focus again.

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