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The Cost Of War

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : A.C. Ellas

ISBN :978-1-77111-910-8

Page :129

Word Count :37797

Publication Date :2014-03-25

Series : The Dark Servant#20

Heat Level :

Available Formats : The Cost Of War (pdf) , The Cost Of War (prc) , The Cost Of War (epub) , The Cost Of War (mobi)

Category : Erotica , Mainstream Fiction , Fantasy , LGBTQIA+

  • Product Code: 978-1-77111-910-8

I would not miss this for all the café in Koilatha.—S’Rak    

The stakes have never been higher, nor the odds longer, as High Priest S’Rak, the assassin S’Tyll and Captain Jisten attempt to avert disaster and the ending of the Victory Prophecy. As foreseen by S’Rak, today is the day that the Unmaker will unleash her attack, killing the prince and assuring her victory. Only a handful of mortal men stand in her way, and as she seeks to brush them aside, they must stand firm, stand together or all might be lost.

Once they were alone, Rak looked up at Tyll. “I burn.”

“Battle reaction?” Tyll didn’t sound surprised. He set the lute aside, on the stand designed to hold it, and stood up, pacing across the room to reach Rak’s side. He laid a hand on Rak’s shoulder. “Well, come on, no need to suffer, and you know there will not be time later, once everyone has had a chance to rest.”

“Jisten is on the couch,” Rak pointed out. “And the floor burns.”

“There is a chair or this low table. I could take you on either.” Tyll helped Rak climb off the couch, a tricky process since neither man wanted to bump Jisten and trigger another seizure. Once Rak was in his arms, Tyll kissed him expertly as his hands started to undress Rak. This was a much more complicated process than usual, since Rak was wearing mail. But, eventually, he had Rak completely stripped and himself mostly stripped.

Only Tyll’s wrap remained, and Rak sank to his knees, ignoring the discomfort of the carpeted floor in favor of giving his husband the full and proper service. He used his mouth to remove the wrap, revealing Tyll’s beautiful jewels to his gaze.

Tyll stepped back as the wrap fell gracefully to the floor, and sat in the stuffed chair. He spread his legs in invitation, so Rak shuffled forward. The burning sensation was becoming more pronounced, but he didn’t care.

He positioned himself before Tyll and leaned forward so that his face was almost pressed to Tyll’s crotch. He gently kissed Tyll’s balls, the base of his cock and the head, right over the slit. He tongued the slit, already able to taste Tyll’s excitement then kissed his way down the underside of the shaft, along the thick, central vein, back to Tyll’s sac. He flicked his tongue out again, tasting the salty sweat of Tyll’s balls and liking it. He licked every bit of the salt off the soft skin of the scrotum before he worked the sac into his mouth.

Rak shivered in self-indulgent pleasure as he savored his mouthful of Tyll, and he would have touched himself, but Tyll was abruptly there, rolling Rak’s balls with a strong foot. Rak moaned in appreciation, vibrating the nuts in his mouth and Tyll gasped happily above him.

“Night, I love it when you do that,” Tyll murmured, stroking Rak’s short hair.

Rak sucked harder, using his tongue to massage the balls at the same time. He rubbed himself shamelessly against Tyll’s foot and was rewarded by having his erect cock mashed to the floor beneath the hard appendage. Rak moaned again, enjoying the pain Tyll gave him. Not only did hit hurt to have his cock mashed to the floor, this floor burned, giving him additional torment that only served to increase his lust and pleasure.

“Like that, do you?” Tyll chuckled.

Rak responded in the affirmative, managing a “Mmm-Hmmph” around his mouthful of Tyll’s scrotum.

Tyll stroked his hair again. “I want your hot mouth on my manhood now.”


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Tags: Mainstream, Fantasy, Erotica, LGBT