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Coffee and Composition 1

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : A.C. Ellas

ISBN :978-1-4874-1494-8

Page :112

Word Count :31737

Publication Date :2018-05-25

Series : Rovani Chronicles#5

Heat Level :

Available Formats : Coffee and Composition 1 (epub) , Coffee and Composition 1 (prc) , Coffee and Composition 1 (mobi) , Coffee and Composition 1 (pdf)

Category : Erotic Romance

  • Product Code: 978-1-4874-1494-8

The tiniest of things can ruin even the best of plans.

Musician George Tavlakis and his Rovani partner and slave, Yeraki, are getting ready to launch a summer concert tour of Europe. George’s wife, Elefteria, called Ellie by everyone who knows her, is also going out of town—on an archeolog-ical dig in Egypt. Home life is not as peaceful as George could have wished, particularly given the recent friction be-tween Ellie and Yeri.

Two tiny mistakes compound into a life-threatening emergency that could ruin not only their plans for summer but also all their plans for the future.

Devlin paused at the window even though he had a lot of work to do. The Rovani was outside, sitting on the grass with his back against a tree trunk. He had his bouzouki in his arms, so he was probably pretending to work, but what had caused Devlin to stop and take a second look was the simple beauty of the scene. Yeraki was a physically gorgeous creature, there was no denying that, even if he was an abomination created by genetic engineering instead of by God.

Spots of sunlight, sifting through the leaves above, fell in dappled patterns over the cat’s silver tabby coat. He both blended into shadows, particularly against the grey-brown of the tree’s bark, and stood out as the sunlight caused his fur to glow. His mane and tail especially stood out, for they were black, but the tip of each hair was silver and refracted the sunlight like a prism, splashing rainbows everywhere. It was more than just the fur that made the Rovani beautiful. Devlin could see the beast’s impressive physique from there. George took Yeri to the gym three times a week to maintain that muscular grace. The creature was also poised and sexy, so overtly sensual that Devlin half-agreed with the idea that Satan had created the Rovania specifically to tempt men into sin.

Snorting in disgust at his own interest in bedding the beast, Devlin resolutely turned away from the window. Rovania were created animals. They had no souls and were an affront to God—men had usurped His divine powers and disaster, the Great Collapse and the Second Dark Age, had been the result. It was a pity that the Lineages had not only survived the dark age but flourished.

George was his employer now, so he did his best to keep his mouth shut on the matter, but it was difficult. The slave had strangely bewitched George. Devlin had heard the band’s music, and it was very good, but he didn’t believe for a moment that the Rovani had written it. It was as unlikely as an animal earning a degree in physics. He was sure trickery had been involved there, too. Unfortunately, everyone else was besotted with the animal, even his sensible Ellie, and so, what few complaints he dared make fell on deaf ears.

Devlin reached the kitchen where Marra was already hard at work preparing dinner for the family. Marra, like himself, was an ex-slave who’d earned her freedom after years of hard work. She’d been turned out of her home, however, unlike himself, and had found herself penniless, homeless, and possessed only of homely skills that most people delegated to slaves like she had been. Her owner had done her no favors by freeing her, really. The Greek church had stepped in and saved her, eventually hooking her up with George, who had been in desperate need of a housekeeper. Marra was a kindly old soul and a great cook, but if she had one fault, it was that she, like everyone else, thought Yeri was special.

She glanced at him as he entered, her warm brown eyes sparkling, so he asked, “How is everything going in here? Do you need any help?”

“No, thank you. Doing just fine.” Marra grinned at him and waved her wooden spoon. “Won’t be too much longer. Making the avgolemono soup and a nice ham.”

“Okay. Let me know if you need me.” Devlin moved on, checking on his domain—the house was his to manage now and had been since the wedding. He kept the place clean, a task made more difficult by the Rovani’s presence—it shed. He wished he could convince George to keep the animal outside, or at least downstairs in its kennel. But no, not only did the cat have free rein in the house during the day, George and Ellie let the animal sleep in their bedroom. He didn’t even want to think of what else they might be doing. Surely, his sweet, innocent Ellie wasn’t doing those things.

He was cleaning in the music room when the Rovani came in, bouzouki slung over his shoulder. The cat stopped just inside the entry and stared at him, his expression impassive. His wrap and wrist-scarf were emerald green today, matching his eyes. George dressed him, of course, since the Rovani was functionally colorblind. The bulge under the wrap was obscenely large. Devlin had heard that male Rovania had over-sized genitals, in mockery of the human form, but he’d yet to see this one naked, and he wasn’t sure he ever wanted to.

Devlin met the animal’s direct stare fully, challengingly. He was free, and human as well, and the Rovani needed to remember that. The cat looked away at once, lowering his gaze in a pleasing display of submission. They were alone in the music room, and he was tired of the abomination’s attitude. “Slave.”

“Master?” The Rovani’s gaze remained on the floor, his reply was prompt and proper.

Devlin noticed the thin neck of the bouzouki again. “Put the instrument away.” It wouldn’t do to damage the expensive instrument. George wouldn’t like that.

Yeri padded forward, took the bouzouki from his shoulder and gently set it on the instrument rack. He then half turned toward Devlin. “Did you want anything else from me, master?”

“Kneel.” Devlin pointed to the floor at his feet. He managed not to smirk when the Rovani knelt on the indicated spot. The animal knelt with his knees to the floor and widely spread in the manner of a sex slave. His hands came to rest on his knees, the long, prehensile tail came to rest curled around the left knee. And, of course, the back was straight and the head properly bowed.

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