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Slavers' Guild War

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : A.C. Ellas

ISBN :978-1-77111-877-4

Page :142

Word Count :38019

Publication Date :2014-01-26

Series : The Dark Servant#18

Heat Level :

Available Formats : Slavers' Guild War (pdf) , Slavers' Guild War (prc) , Slavers' Guild War (epub) , Slavers' Guild War (mobi)

Category : Erotica , Mainstream Fiction , Fantasy , LGBTQIA+

  • Product Code: 978-1-77111-877-4

Grilled minstrel with a side of fried spy.

The slavers are moving against High Priest S’Rak and Captain Jisten to make them pay for the destruction of Wethmir House. Other forces are moving also, secret forces, and S’Rak remains their target. Between Jisten’s racial bond with S’Rak and S’Tyll’s empathic one, there is little the two men can’t accomplish where S’Rak is concerned…so long as they work together. But trust is hard to forge in the aftermath of outraged blows and assassin’s blades, especially after the too-bold bard makes a play for the too-shy captain. If Jisten and S’Tyll can’t learn to trust one another enough to form a working partnership, the one thing they hold dear, S’Rak, could be lost to them both.



His internal clock told him that dawn was a mere hour off. Time and past time to awaken his Valer. The man would need to bathe and shave before the morning muster an hour after sunrise. Rak padded into the bedroom and paused to admire the slumbering hunk of man on his bed. He was sprawled on his back with one arm thrown up over his head, his long, black hair, having escaped its braids, was fanned out across the pillow. His legs were spread just enough, with one knee bent, to make plain the bulge in his silk sleeping pants.

Moving carefully, so as not to disturb the sleeper, Rak slid out of his clothing. Once he was naked, he eased himself onto the bed between Jisten’s legs. Gently, he eased the button out of its hole and opened Jisten’s pants. It was the work of moments to free Jisten’s package. Again, Rak paused to admire his mate, this time focusing on the large, well-shaped balls dangling in their soft sac and the thick shaft nested atop them, draped to the left this morning, the tip just poking out of the soft folds of flaccid, protective flesh. Even when it wasn’t hard, Jisten’s tool was unmistakably large. Flaccid, it was longer than Rak’s hand. Erect, well, Rak shivered in anticipatory delight as he ducked his head to kiss the man’s balls.

Each orb received a kiss, as did the base of Jisten’s cock, followed by the head. That’s how he’d been trained to honor the genitals of his user, and now, it was an ingrained habit he was unable and uninterested in breaking. There was nothing wrong, in his mind, with honoring the jewels of the men he loved. Having properly honored Jisten’s sex, Rak’s long, prehensile tongue snaked out to caress the man’s sac. He moistened the soft skin then lapped the balls into his mouth. It was a tight fit, for Jisten’s nuts were not small, and Rak had to stretch his jaw to accommodate them. It was a good warm-up for the even larger cock that would inevitably follow. Rak gently sucked on them, enjoying the way they filled his mouth.

“That feels good,” Jisten told him.

Rak hummed happily that Jisten was awake. The feel of Jisten’s large, calloused hand stroking his head also pleased him greatly. Rak deepened his suction and was rewarded with a groan of enjoyment. Jisten’s cock, now fully erect, twitched against Rak’s face as if demanding attention. Jisten reached down with his other hand and rubbed his erection over Rak’s face.

“I think this wants some attention now.”

Rak released Jisten’s balls and kissed them once more before he turned his attention to Jisten’s cock. Starting at the base, he licked it in a long, slow, spiral all the way up to the slit. He kissed the slit then parted his lips and swallowed just the head of Jisten’s enormous spear. His tongue snaked out and massaged the underside of the shaft, something he wouldn’t be able to do once the full length of the cock was in his mouth.

Jisten’s hips bucked, thrusting his cock deeper into Rak’s mouth.

Rak relaxed his throat, opening wide to accept the length and girth of his mate’s tool. Rak bore down with Jisten’s next upward thrust, loving the sensation of the hot, hard shaft sliding down his throat.

In moments, Rak’s nose was buried in the tight, coarse curls of Jisten’s pubic hair and his chin was pressed against Jisten’s balls, and Rak felt pride at having swallowed the entire length of Jisten’s shaft so easily. He hummed to vibrate the cock and increase Jisten’s pleasure.

Jisten groaned again, and now, both his hands were on Rak’s head, stroking his short hair.

The cock withdrew and Rak was quick to take a breath before sucking on the retreating length. The return thrust was as welcome as it was inevitable, and once more, Rak’s face mashed against Jisten’s body as the man’s cock buried itself down Rak’s throat.

Jisten pumped and Rak alternated sucking and humming, breathing when he could and holding his breath otherwise. When Jisten’s thrusts grew in urgency, Rak reached up and stroked his balls; while at the same time, his wings folded themselves around the man. It was enough; Jisten made a quiet exclamation as his hot, salty seed shot down Rak’s throat. Rak backed off slowly, savoring the pulsation of Jisten’s spewing shaft against his throat. When he was able, he sucked to coax every last drop from Jisten.

When Jisten softened in his mouth, Rak switched back to the balls, but only for a moment.

Jisten reached down and hauled Rak up his body until they were chest to chest. Jisten captured Rak’s face between his large hands and kissed him, his tongue delving deeply into Rak’s mouth.

Rak moaned against Jisten’s tongue, stroking the invading, muscular appendage with his own.

Jisten finished the kiss slowly, licked his lips as if savoring the taste of Rak’s mouth, then said, “That was a very nice way to wake up.”

“You are welcome.” Rak smiled, letting his mischievous mood shine through. “Now, how about a bath?”

“Soon.” Jisten flashed a grin then rolled Rak into the mattress.

Rak sighed in bliss as Jisten’s skilled fingers scratched along the bases of his wings, soothing the perpetual itch. He trembled in eagerness as he felt Jisten’s erection prodding at his opening. Rak spread his legs and relaxed himself. The cock pushed against him, seeking entry, and Rak pushed back, grunting as the head penetrated into him.


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Tags: Mainstream, Fantasy, Erotica, LGBT