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The Case of the Missing Twin 4

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Derek Adams

ISBN :978-1-77111-023-5

Page :60

Word Count :13556

Publication Date :2011-11-14

Series : The Adventures of Miles Diamond#4

Heat Level :

Available Formats : The Case of the Missing Twin 4 (pdf) , The Case of the Missing Twin 4 (prc) , The Case of the Missing Twin 4 (epub) , The Case of the Missing Twin 4 (mobi)

Category : Erotica , Mainstream Fiction , Contemporary , LGBTQIA+ , Mystery and Suspense

  • Product Code: 978-1-77111-023-5

Clueless detective Miles Diamond scours the globe, leaving no man undone, in his quest to solve the case of the missing twin.

Our hero, Miles Diamond, narrowly averts financial catastrophe when he is hired by David Travis to find his missing twin brother. Unfortunately, Miles’ new case almost immediately throws him into a dangerous world of sex trafficking, drugs and international terrorism where he is soon in as much danger as the man he is trying to find. So far, Miles has survived an attempt to drown him, a bomb aboard an airplane, a pitched gun battle, a fall from the roof of Notre Dame Cathedral and enough hot sex to bring an ordinary man to his knees.

After organizing a stakeout in a fashionable Parisian neighborhood, Miles spends his spare time getting to know the neighborhood. After a spectacular run-in with the wife of a very handsome baker, he meets up with an old college friend who has a wealth of information regarding the case. Miles and his pals finally get a line on Daniel Travis’s whereabouts when they manage to run the nephew of Daniel’s lover to ground. Thwarted by an airline strike, the foursome ride the rails through Spain, bound for Morocco. 


Rudy started to close the door on me, then stuck his head back out into the passageway. “One more thing.”


“Try to stay out of Ahmed’s pants, okay?”

“I can’t believe that you’d actually question my ethics, Rudy. What do you think I am?”

“Don’t get me started, Miles. It’s just a piece of advice. He’s young, he’s gorgeous, he’s in a private compartment with you and you’ve got a libido the size of Nebraska.” Rudy favored me with a sly grin. “It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure the odds that if the two of you are left all alone, you’ll be tangling before the train pulls out of the station.”

“Our relationship is purely professional,” I countered hotly. I was starting to feel guilty before the fact, which I hate. “I don’t think Ahmed is interested in me sexually.”

“Miles, everyone is interested in you sexually. You can’t help it,” he sighed. “Try to keep your pants on.” With that, he disappeared into his compartment. I was genuinely touched. It was the closest he’d ever come to paying me a compliment. At least I think he meant it that way. With Rudy, it was hard to tell.

I stepped into my compartment and closed the door. It was dark except for a faint strip of daylight at the bottom of the window shade. I groped for the light switch, but a hand closed firmly over my wrist. I reached out and my fingers encountered flesh—warm, smooth, bare flesh. I squinted into the gloom until I was able to discern Ahmed’s handsome face. He was smiling dreamily and he was quite naked.

“You are not angry?” He reached up and caressed my cheek.

“Uh…no,” I stammered, Rudy’s warning still ringing in my ears. “Not at all. I, uh, I’m just surprised, that’s all.”

“Surprises can be very pleasant.” He pulled my hand down between his legs. My fingers grazed his cock and curled instinctively around the hot shaft, which was already quite stiff. Next thing I knew, I was naked in the middle of the compartment, Ahmed’s firm butt cupped in my hands, his legs wrapped around my waist. He rubbed his cheek against the hair on my chest. His breath was hot on my skin. When his teeth sank into my left nipple, my prick surged to life and smacked his ass soundly. He shivered with pleasure, then bit me again, harder this time.

I held him tight for as long as I could stand it, then disentangled myself from his long legs and set him down on the seat, facing me. I dropped to my knees and kissed him tenderly, tracing the pouty curve of his lower lip with the tip of my tongue. His breath was sweet and hot against my face.

After our tongues had battled for dominance till we were both panting, Ahmed’s hips slipped forward and his cock pressed into the furry valley between my pecs. His legs locked behind my back and he started humping my chest furiously.

His cock juice drooled down my belly in hot rivulets. The smell of him—bittersweet and musky in the close atmosphere of the compartment—was enough to make a man crazed with lust. I caressed his sleek buns, acutely aware of the muscles as they flexed beneath my tingling fingers. When my lips grazed the small brown nipple on the gentle curve of his left pec, he wriggled against me like a wanton puppy.

He stopped moving abruptly and pushed me away. I looked at him questioningly. “I will cum if I don’t stop fucking your gorgeous chest,” he gasped, biting down on his lower lip. I couldn’t resist. I ducked my head between his thighs and started sucking on his dick like it was a straw stuck into a thick, creamy milk shake.

He blew almost instantly, flooding my mouth with his sweet seed. I sucked until I had drained him dry, then glanced up at him and winked. He looked like he was going to cry. “What’s the matter?” I cupped his chin in my hand and forced him to look at me.

“I wanted to make it last,” he whispered. “I am ashamed of myself.”

“I have the sneaking suspicion that if you rest up for about five minutes, you’ll be able to do it all over again. What do you think?”

“I suppose you are right,” he agreed, his good humor rapidly erasing his frown. “But first, I must service you. What do you want me to do?”

“Anything your heart desires and your imagination can conjure.” I sprawled back on the carpeted floor. Ahmed slipped down off the bench and straddled my hips. He wrapped the fingers of both hands around my prick and pulled it up against his belly.

“You are a stallion, Miles.” He bent his head and kissed the tip of my cock, his lips lingering for a long, delirious moment. Then he shifted one hand down to my balls, cupping them in his palm while he jacked me off with the other.


“Hmm?” I looked up at Ahmed dreamily. The heat of his ass against my thighs was an exquisite torture, fueling the flames that licked at my guts. I kissed my fingertip and pressed it to his mouth. He winked at me and kissed it back.

“You are a very beautiful man.” It was the second time in recent memory that someone had said that. I was beginning to like it better than handsome. I smiled at him and fluttered my fingers against the shaft of his cock. I’d been right about his recuperative powers—his hardon stood up tall and proud. His balls had already drawn up in a tight knot, leading me to believe I could coax another flood of juice from him with very little effort.

His hands made increasingly frantic love to me as he worked to pop my cork. He squeezed my balls tight and rolled the jizz-heavy globes up and down the shaft of my cock as he primed the pump. I slid my hands down over my belly, between my legs. I pressed my fingertips tight against my taint. The head of my dick swelled so much that Ahmed could no longer force the skin back up over it.

“Faster, please,” I begged as the tingling in my groin grew more urgent. My toes curled and sparks of pleasure shot up my spine. Ahmed’s clenched fist tightened as he pulled it up along the shaft of my cock. A drop of pearly liquid oozed out the tip and got bigger and bigger. Just before it gave in to the force of gravity, my groin muscles spasmed and I shot cum high in the air. The thick, creamy fluid hung suspended for an instant, then splashed back down and festooned my hairy chest with a rope of white.

“Miles, you have such life force in your enormous manhood. There is enough of your essence here to sire a hundred strong sons.” Ahmed looked in amazement as my cock flexed against his palms. He stroked the swollen flesh, tracing the distended veins that bulged along the length of the shaft.

“Not finished,” I gasped. I reached out and pushed my prick tight against Ahmed’s flat belly. He rose slowly on his knees, then sank back down, stroking me with his silken flesh. My hardon now stretched arrow-straight from his springy pubes to a point well beyond his navel.

“You have more?” He pumped his fists. I nodded, unable to speak. He pumped them again and a second spout of thick jism gushed out of me. It shot up the center of his torso and splattered against his chin. Ahmed whooped with delight.

I pushed him onto his back and knelt over him, taking matters into my own hand. A third shot hit his stiff cock. The fourth frosted his knotted balls. He looked at me, eyes wide as he blew a no-hands load. His jism arced high between us and hit my chest, mingling with my own thick cream.

After the last spasm had racked through me, I lay down beside Ahmed and held him for a long time cementing the cum between us as I nuzzled the sensitive skin on his neck. He sighed softly, rubbing against me like a cat in heat.

“I know that with you, everything will be all right,” he murmured softly. It was funny, but listening to him, I could almost believe it.

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Tags: Mainstream, Contemporary, Erotica, LGBT, Mystery and Suspense