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A Weekend in the Country

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Derek Adams


Page :28

Word Count :6032

Publication Date :2011-03-30

Series : #

Heat Level :

Available Formats : A Weekend in the Country (epub) , A Weekend in the Country (mobi) , A Weekend in the Country (pdf) , A Weekend in the Country (prc)

Category : Contemporary Romance , Erotic Romance , LGBTQIA+ Romance

  • Product Code: 11111112

When Kevin invites Rick home for Thanksgiving, Rick soon finds that he has more to enjoy than just a weekend in the country. Kevin's dad is handsome, hot, and only 16 years Rick's senior. The pair go out for a run on a sunny fall day – a run that soon develops into a passionate romp in the autumn leaves.

The sun was warm and the air was clean in my lungs. We ran side by side, the regular rhythm of our breathing and our feet pounding the road the only sounds that broke the peaceful quiet of the countryside. There seemed to be a communication between us that didn't take the form of words--something almost like magic. I would see a particularly gorgeous tree along the side of the road, and he would seem to signal with his mind that he'd seen it as well. I tested the theory verbally a few times, and every time there was the strong sense of mutual recognition, of connection.

As we ran, we were so close that I could feel the hairs on his near leg brushing against my calf and thigh. Our elbows touched and our sweat mingled on our arms. I was so happy it was all I could do to keep from shouting out loud. I was also horny --so horny that if I thought about it, I could cream my jock strap while I was running down the road alongside this man.

"Catch me!" I shouted, surprising myself with my boldness. I sprinted ahead of Evan and tore off down the road at top speed.

"I'll leave you eating my dust," he shouted out behind me. I threw back my head and balled my hands into fists, pistoning my arms in rhythm with my legs, doing my best to fly. A narrow path running off into the woods caught my eye and I darted off the road, dodging branches as I climbed the gentle slope of a hill.

I could hear Evan's heavy tread behind me, his feet pounding the earth. I glanced back over my shoulder and he smiled at me, his face glowing red with his exertion. I continued bounding along, kicking up the multi-colored leaves at my feet. Startled quail and squirrels scrambled out of our way as we plunged deeper and deeper into the woods. The trees in this grove were almost bare, so the sun shone through at full force. There was no breeze here and the sweat was pouring off my body, running down my sides, soaking the waistband of my cotton shorts.

I could hear Evan close behind me, his breathing strong and steady. I could almost see his big chest rising and falling as he closed the gap between us. He was pouring sweat by now, the moisture slicking the hairs on his chest and belly flat.

"Gotcha!" He hollered in triumph, grazing my shoulder with his fingers to prove his boast. I slowed, then on an impulse, I dived into a pile of leaves. Evan jumped in on top of me, his weight pinning me to the warm, dry ground.

The two of lay there, our faces inches apart, our bodies pressed together knee to chest. The lump in Evan's shorts was as hard as the one straining to get out of my jock. I was gasping in great lungsful of air, the smell of the dry leaves mingling with the scent of his body. I hesitated for only an instant, then put my hands on his strong neck, caressing the corded muscles and tendons. His sweat poured down onto me, every sweet drop making me burn with desire for him.

Our eyes locked finally and I felt like I was staring into his soul. His hazel eyes were flecked with blue and green and black. The pupils quivered slightly with the intensity of the look he was giving me.

 A slight sound, almost a sob, and then his lips were pressing against mine. The touch was like an electric shock running up and down my spine. My mouth opened and his long tongue forced entry, pushing and thrusting, curling around my tongue like a coiling snake. More sparks as I tasted another man's mouth for the first time. I started to close my eyes, then didn't, determined to watch and listen and feel, memorizing the event with all of my senses.

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Tags: Contemporary, Romance, Gay, GLBT