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The Case of the Missing Twin 2

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Derek Adams

ISBN :978-1-55487-934-2

Page :94

Word Count :21696

Publication Date :2011-07-24

Series : The Adventures of Miles Diamond#2

Heat Level :

Available Formats : The Case of the Missing Twin 2 (pdf) , The Case of the Missing Twin 2 (prc) , The Case of the Missing Twin 2 (epub) , The Case of the Missing Twin 2 (mobi)

Category : Erotica , Mainstream Fiction , Contemporary , LGBTQIA+ , Mystery and Suspense

  • Product Code: 978-1-55487-934-2

In part one, our hero, Miles Diamond, narrowly averts financial catastrophe when he is hired by David Travis to find his missing twin brother. Unfortunately, Miles’ new case almost immediately throws him into a dangerous world of sex trafficking, drugs and international terrorism where he is soon in as much danger as the man he is trying to find. As part one ended, Miles found himself in the delectable, but dangerous, clutches of criminal mastermind Nelson Chin and his henchman, Jackson. We left Miles in a pit below the high tide mark, with water rising fast. Will he be rescued before the water rises above his head permanently? Will he be able to stop having hot sex long enough to find the missing twin? Will his best buddy, Rudy Vale, be able to resist the temptation of throttling him? To find the answer to some if not all of these questions, read on.

 I grabbed the slender dildo he was holding out for me, beat his ass with it a couple of times, then shoved it up his chute alongside my prick. He hollered and started bucking around like a wild bull, pounding his fists on the top of the desk. The muscles in his broad back knotted up in sharp ridges and the sweat started pouring off him as I kept stuffing him full of me and his plastic buddy.

“Oh, man,” I groaned, “you are too frigging much.” I had the guy’s attention riveted at this point so I decided to find out whether he might just talk to me. “I hear my buddy, Dan Travis, might have been here recently,” I cooed in his ear.

“What about it?” he groaned. He looked over his shoulder nervously.

I drove it in deep as I continued with the thrust of my remarks. “I was told that he was here very recently. He’s a big, beautiful blond. Built like a wet dream. Sound familiar?” He nodded, but it was hard to tell if it was in answer to my question or simply to approve of my technique with cock and dildo. “He still around?”

“Hell no. He was really something special. There’s always good market demand for guys like him. He was in one day, gone the next. He left about a week ago. Now shut the fuck up and screw.”

I decided to take his advice. I was only about ten pokes from unloading anyway, and I was finding it hard to concentrate. I grabbed him by the hair and yanked him up off the desk, wrapped my arms around his chest and pumped for all I was worth. The dildo mashing against my prick in that tight space finally got me off. I unloaded my nuts up his chute, then grabbed his dick and jacked it ‘til he bellowed and shot his load all over the top of the desk.

When it was all over but the panting, I leaned back against the wall, pulling him along with me. “Do you know where Dan went after he left here?” I asked, nuzzling his ear.

“No, man. Like I said, he was here and then he was gone. I came in to work one day and he was here in the office. He was a really handsome guy. He looked like he’d been beat up a little bit, and he was scared to death. I couldn’t get close to him. De Groot told me to forget I’d ever seen him.”

“But you didn’t forget.”

“Hell, no. I never do what De Groot wants if I can help it.” His head rolled back against my shoulder. “Oh, that’s so nice.”

“Who’d he leave with?” I kissed his neck and began rubbing his silky belly. “I really need to get in touch with him, man. We’ve always had a thing for each other and I’ve been real lonely since I lost track of him.” That wasn’t really a total lie—I could easily have developed a thing for the Travis duo, singly or as a matched pair. “Please.”

“I told you, he was just gone. I figure De Groot turned him over to one of the brokers who come in here to check out the talent. De Groot doesn’t talk much about that part of his business. Now come on, man, let’s do it again.”

This line of questioning wasn’t getting me very far, but my dick was starting to take charge of my life again. I was wedging into him for another round of fun and games when the door flew open.

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Tags: Mainstream, Contemporary, Erotica, LGBT, Mystery and Suspense