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You're So Unromantic 3

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Roland Graeme

ISBN :978-1-77111-021-1

Page :133

Word Count :40935

Publication Date :2011-10-31

Series : You're So Unromantic#3

Heat Level :

Available Formats : You're So Unromantic 3 (pdf) , You're So Unromantic 3 (prc) , You're So Unromantic 3 (epub) , You're So Unromantic 3 (mobi)

Category : Erotic Romance , LGBTQIA+ Romance

  • Product Code: 978-1-77111-021-1

Austin celebrates his twenty-fourth birthday as an observer on the set of a porn shoot, under the watchful eye of his lover and mentor, legendary porn star Nick Grandiforte. Before the shoot is over, Austin has made his own adult film debut. He soon finds himself involved not only with Nick, but with Nick’s old buddy and frequent co-star, the troubled but sympathetic porn actor Jon D’Eau. Still determined to overcome Nick’s diffidence, Austin finds himself occupying the position of one-third of a triangular relationship—with all of the emotional pitfalls that implies.

“Oh, my God, Nick,” Austin said, excitedly. “This is already the best birthday Ive ever had, I mean it. You dont have to give me anything.”


“Shut up and open it.”


Austin did so. Under the wrapping paper was a hinged box which opened to reveal a mans bracelet, made up of heavy gold links. It was no ordinary bracelet. Each of the links had a sort of zigzag kink in its center, so that the effect was of a stylized lightning bolt wrapped around the wrist.


“Jesus, Nick. This is beautiful! But it looks expensive.”


“Its bad form to question how much a gift costs,” Nick mock-lectured him. “Anyway, a man your age should own at least one decent piece of jewelry. Like my cross,” he said, fingering the item in question, which gleamed in the firelight as it rested against his bare chest.


Austin put the bracelet on, holding his arm up so he could see it more clearly in the firelight. “Look, it fits perfectly. I love it, Nick. Im never going to take it off. Well, except down at the garage, of course. I couldnt wear it at work. Itd get dirty, and I wouldnt want to risk damaging it.”


“I didnt think about that. Im afraid I wasnt thinking in very practical terms when I picked it out. I was thinking how good it would look on you.”


“Nick, Im delighted that, for once, you didn’t let yourself be all practical and commonsensical. Its not at all like you. Thats a side of your personality Id like to see more of.”


“Do you really like it, though? If not, we can take it back to the store and exchange it for something else.”


“Well do no such thing. I love it. I love you. I mean it, I really do. I know you dont want to hear that, Nick, but I cant help thinking it or saying it!”


“Oh, shut up and give me a kiss.” They kissed. “Happy birthday,” Nick whispered, against Austins lips. They kissed again, even more passionately this time.


They lay there, side by side, hugging and kissing, languidly at first, but then with increasing desire. The blazing fire was beginning to make both men perspire.


“You and I, we don’t have to worry about saving ourselves for tomorrow. We can come, if we want to,” Nick pointed out. “Do you want to? Play a little, I mean? Before we go to sleep?”


Austins only reply was to embrace Nick and pull him against his own body on the heap of the sleeping bag and the quilts. He could feel the other mans lips close around his cock in the middle of the shaft, the turgid cockhead driving itself impatiently down into Nicks throat as he turned his body and pushed his crotch toward the guys face. It was obvious by the ease with which the two men moved into the sixty-nine position that they had done this together before, but never with quite this intensity. Austin threw his arms up around his bedmates hips, clamping his fingers into the muscular ass cheeks, and, using his hold on the buttocks for support, he raised his head from the bedclothes, his mouth opening and gulping up both of Nicks hairy balls.


Feverishly, as though in a delirium of sexual need, Austin sucked Nicks nuts, then his ass hole, then, exultantly, every inch of his thick, hard cock. Nick was blowing him just as furiously. His hips bounced in a steady rhythm, fucking Austins face. His own head continued its piston-like plunges up and down, his mouth riding Austins dick.


Austin wouldnt have been human if he didnt recognize that the identity of his partner was a component in his excitement. He exulted in his possession of Nick. I’m sixty-nining with Niccolo Grandi, the famous porno star! I’m sucking his dick, and he’s sucking mine. And, oh God, he’s so sexy, he’s so hot, he’s every bit as hot as he looks in all of those DVDs he’s made! And tonight, right now, he’s mine, all mine!


They came together, baptizing each others mouths and throats with their warm fuck cream, both men heaving, trembling, and writhing as they gave themselves up to the deluge of passion that spurted out of their bodies and engulfed them, so that they seemed to be sucking and swallowing not as two distinct individuals, but as one entity.

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Tags: LGBTQIA, romance, contemporary, Roland Graeme