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Tales From the Gym

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Roland Graeme

ISBN :978-1-77111-848-4

Page :191

Word Count :56770

Publication Date :2014-08-05

Series : #

Heat Level :

Available Formats : Tales From the Gym (pdf) , Tales From the Gym (prc) , Tales From the Gym (epub) , Tales From the Gym (mobi)

Category : Contemporary Romance , Erotic Romance , LGBTQIA+ Romance

  • Product Code: 978-1-77111-848-4

Men with muscles and the men who admire them become entangled in erotic intrigue.

Not everything is what it seems at a gym called Big Bodz in Los Angeles. The owner, retired professional Avery Jones, leads a double life—gym owner and operator by day, and owner and operator of a muscle porn website by night. Avery has little difficulty persuading up-and-coming young bodybuilder Guy to join his stable of studs who perform on the website—especially after Guy is caught in a compromising situation on videotape. But Guy is attracted to his new training partner, a blond Czech god named Petr. When Avery casts his net wider in his search for new talent, business and pleasure become intertwined.

 “Hi there, Jeremy. What’s happening?”

The boy turned around and flashed the bodybuilder an eager grin. “Hi! Not much. The place is pretty dead at the moment. You’ll just about have it all to yourself.” Jeremy was no doubt aware that Guy, like most serious musclemen, preferred to work out without an audience or other distractions. “Tell me. Are you still on the lookout for a new training partner, big man?”

Guy suppressed a grimace of disgust at the innocent inquiry. His ex-lover, with whom he’d gotten used to training hard at least four or five times a week, had, of course, tended to avoid this particular gym since their breakup. Guy wondered if Jeremy knew that he and Reinaldo had been lovers. Not that he gave a damn if the other guy did. But it was a pain in the ass to have to work out alone after being used to a stimulating and well-matched training buddy. Especially one with whom you also had sex four or five times a week, usually right after the workouts!

Guy wasn’t in the mood for a trip down memory lane at the moment. He and Reinaldo, who were of French Canadian and Puerto Rican ancestry, respectively, had been considered one of the hotter gay couples in town, and their breakup had generated a predictable amount of gossip. It had also given some men the ambition of succeeding Reinaldo in Guy’s affections, although so far none of these aspirants had been successful. He’d tricked with a couple of them, neither of whom had the kind of staying power to be a serious contender.

“Yeah, I am,” Guy finally answered, tersely. “Why? You got anybody in mind? Did anybody ask about the ad I put up?” As he glanced toward the bulletin board to see if his notice was still posted, Guy saw the big letters that Jeremy had been tacking in place when he’d interrupted him. “Welcome to California, Petr Adamec,” he read aloud. “Okay, I’ll bite. What’s a Petr Adamec?”

Jeremy looked shocked. “Haven’t you heard? He’s the current Mr. Florida. Of course, he’s not from Florida, originally. He’s a European, a Czech. He’s just arrived out here on the West Coast and he’s planning to work out right here. It’ll give the place a little extra class.”

“Hey! I thought I was all the class you needed around here, and then some,” Guy retorted. Unimpressed, he now had a vague recollection of having heard Petr Adamec’s name on the bodybuilding circuit, and of having seen it in print in physique magazines. The fact that the name didn’t conjure up any mental image of a particular body, however,  suggested that the guy must be strictly small-time.

“Everybody says he has terrific potential,” Jeremy went on, as though in contradiction to Guy’s unspoken thoughts. “He was in here the other day. I showed him around and then I watched him work out. He was throwing some serious weight around. He’s got muscles out to here, but he’s really cut up and proportioned.”

Guy laughed. He couldn’t help teasing Jeremy a little.

“It sounds as though you’ve got a hard-on for this guy,” he said.

Jeremy only grinned. “Maybe. Anyway, why not? Wait’ll you get a look at him. You might find yourself springing a boner, too.”

“He’s that hot, huh?”

“Very sexy. Like you,” Jeremy was careful to add, which so far as Guy was concerned was the right thing for him to say. “And he really punishes himself with the weights, which also reminds me of you. He seems like a hell of a nice guy, too. And he told me the first thing he wants to do is look for a good training partner. I mentioned you right away. You two are about the same height and weight, and his routine didn’t look all that different from yours. I think you ought to give the man a try—maybe in more ways than one.”

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