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The Thrill is Gone

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Regan Taylor

ISBN :978-1-55487-517-7

Page :98

Word Count :24500

Publication Date :2011-06-19

Series : Four Cups#1

Heat Level :

Available Formats : The Thrill is Gone (pdf) , The Thrill is Gone (prc) , The Thrill is Gone (epub) , The Thrill Is Gone - Regan Taylor (mobi)

Category : Contemporary Romance , Erotic Romance , Romance

  • Product Code: 978-1-55487-517-7

For years, every time Queenie Taehlor’s life turned a page, another adventure began. From a high school girl band to four of the hottest romance writers around, the Cups had stories to tell. On the heels of their latest signing, feeling as if the thrill really has gone, Queenie finds there’s one more story to tell.

The soft patter of rain on the roof pricked Queenie Taehlor to the bridge between the mist of sleep and the glare of wakefulness. The slight chill of morning air sent her snuggling closer to the man beside her. Derek was nothing if not a pleasure-making heater. Deep in his own sleep, the man forever seemed impervious to the cold, he reached for her and held her close. In seconds, Queenie felt warmer and started back down the path to dreamland. On the brink, she wondered, not for the first time in recent history, what she was doing with the man beside her and how much longer it would last. She wasn't exactly the queen of long-term relationships. That Derek and she lasted this long was amazing.

Derek. Derek Conrad. He was a fan, or started out as one. Not of Queenie's ultra spicy romantic suspense novels, but her long dead singing career. Between the bittersweet smile of remembrance and pooling of desire between her legs, she thought about how the man beside her came into her life. That day three years ago, at a book signing, there stood Mr. Tall, Dark and Utterly Gorgeous with that five o'clock shadow, his work shirt open to the breast bone, giving her a glimpse at a well muscled chest and a pair of jeans that showed his attributes to the best advantage. He was a walking, talking cover image come to life. He'd picked up one of her books and with a shy smile, reached for one of each of the other Cups' books. Books in hand, he stood by until the signing ended and then with a wariness you'd never expect from such a big guy, shuffled to her side, "Miz Taehlor?"

They were just so wrong together. So right, but so wrong. Fifteen years younger, the buff and brawny construction worker had been working across the way from where Queenie and the Love Cups were signing their latest books. Their agent always had their editors time their releases to be at the same time along with one of their Love Cup anthologies. He, however, recognized her in an instant as the lead singer of the Four Cups, an '80s girl band reminiscent of those from the '60s. The revival of the music of the Shangri-La's, the Shirells and a host of others had been Queenie's idea back in high school, one several of her friends, Kim Turner, Karley Roberts and Amber Curtis, jumped on. Between writing their own songs and bringing back favorites of the rock 'n roll era, they were an instant success, several of their songs hitting gold in a matter of months. Between college, careers and husbands, the music fell to the wayside until Queenie had another brainstorm--writing romance novels based on their songs. That was what brought Derek into her life and bed. She let her thoughts travel back to that fateful day…

"Hi. Yes?"

"I was wondering…"

"I'm so sorry, I thought I signed…"

"You did. I was wondering, that is, well," he glanced at the other three Cups, ducked his head and toyed with one of the Hershey kisses she routinely brought to signings, luring readers to her side with a kiss from a romance author? spoken in her most sultry voice.

She leaned toward him, waiting for whatever secret he was about to impart. "Yes?"

"Would you… That is…"

She took a chance, "It's been a long day and right now I could use a cup of coffee. Would you care to join me?"

He nodded, a sleepy red creeping up his neck to his cheeks.

She should have realized then and there if he was that shy with his clothes on, he'd be much more so without them. Not that she ever felt neglected in bed. Oh no, sex with Derek left her satiated and with an afterglow that lasted days. Sex was just, well bland.

Coffee led to dinner, which led to another meal a week later and that night, into her bed. Queenie tried to keep him at bay, telling both Derek and herself the fifteen years between them just wouldn't work. Derek insisted that you couldn't control whom you fell for.

He never said he was in love with her and she certainly hadn't told him she was in love with him. One brief, two year marriage was proof positive love was transient, despite what the songs she sang long ago and books she wrote proclaimed. And, if she doubted it, the way things stood the past month or so was proof enough. She and Derek were drifting apart and she didn't know how to stop it or even if she wanted to.

Slightly chapped, warm and inviting lips caressed her jaw, drawing her back to the present, "You awake, babe?"


"You know," he kissed along her jaw up to her ear, hot breath stoking fires moments before she had no doubt had smoldered to cinder, "every time I think I've had enough of you to be satisfied, I discover I'll never have enough."


"Really. I want, I need, now."

Queenie shifted, legs parting, hands reaching to grasp his magnificently muscled ass. It never ceased to amaze her how a few softly uttered words from this man could send her libido skyward. Even the vanilla sex was utterly satisfying. Maybe that was love. That even the mundane would be a turn on.

He thrust in, she sighed.

He withdrew, she reached for his hips and held on. He plunged to the hilt and she set the rhythm of what she desired of him. Fingers tangled in his long, dark hair, drawing his lips to hers in a kiss that served to bring them both to an exquisite release. He lay atop her a few moments, drawing breath while kissing her neck, cheeks and lips. "We need to talk," he rasped.

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