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Jason's Accord

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Regan Taylor

ISBN :978-1-55487-077-6

Page :304

Word Count :76000

Publication Date :2011-06-19

Series : Descendants of Earth#1

Heat Level :

Available Formats : Jason's Accord (pdf) , Jason's Accord (prc) , Jason's Accord (epub) , Jason's Accord (mobi)

Category : Erotic Romance

  • Product Code: 978-1-55487-077-6

A man of honor. A woman ill-fated. One accord can change it all.

He was a man of honor. A man who fought for his people, his planet, and took his place as a leader. Sold first as a political pawn and then as a slave, she captured his heart and made it her own. Can their love survive peace between their people?

“Miranda? Do you come to me?” His voice was gentle but firm, brooking no refusal to his request. Peering at her under his long dark lashes, Jason noted her drawing her soft, sweet lips into her mouth a brief moment before parting them. Clearly she was frightened of him and it was proof positive she needed to know him sooner rather than later. If she was this afraid now, how much more would she be in a week or a month did he not attend to her? “Miranda?”

“I…I…” In a flash, she turned and ran for the door.

Jason had anticipated her need to flee. She barely had her hand on the knob before he was behind her, pressing her against the door. He held her firmly, his body dwarfing her petite figure, his arms encasing her with no effort. From the way she trembled, he knew she thought she would die, that without a doubt he would kill her.

He was assaulted by her scent, a subtle mingling of musk and roses. That her head barely came to his chest excited him in a primal way he had never before experienced. For a moment, albeit a brief one, he warred with himself. She was frightened of him, that was obvious, but he didn't want her to fear him, he wanted…what? For her to desire him? To be pleased at the prospect of sharing his bed? How could he feel such raw need for his enemy?

He decided his course and sucked in a breath. “Where do you run, Miranda?” His voice was like silk, purring in her ear. Not angry or lewd, but gentle, questioning. “Will you tell me? Where do you run, Miranda?” Rather than speak, she tensed in his arms. It seemed as if she could barely breathe, not because of how he held her, but from her fear.

“If you had left my room and ventured into the house, who do you think would help you run from me? Can you name someone?” He felt her shake her head and the movement of her hair created a sensual torment along his chest and belly. He continued to speak softly into her ear. “And if you were to somehow move through the house and leave to the outside, where would you go? How long do you think you could run before the dogs came upon you?”

Again, she shook her head.

His hands moved from where they lay on the door encasing her in his embrace. He slid them to her arms, holding her to him, gently yet firmly. “And how would you fight them? What is your guarantee I would get to you before they tore you apart?” From how she tensed even more in his arms, he knew panic was coursing through her body.

She still did not speak.

Enfolding her into his arms, he felt her tremble through the taunt control she held herself in as he pulled her against his chest while his lips traveled down her cheek, lower to her neck.

Torn between his growing desire for her and to calm her fears, he gentled his voice. “Then tell me this, if you were able to leave the grounds, who would help you? Do you think a man on the street would assist you?”

She uttered, “No,” so quietly he barely heard it.

“And how pleased do you think I would be to have another man take what is mine and only mine? What then, Miranda?”


“Please what?” He made sure he didn’t sound angry. His voice was actually quite gentle, though he was not pleased with her.

“Please, do not kill me.”

He turned her around to face him.” Kill you? This afternoon you feared I would throw you to the ground. Now you fear I will kill you. Why would you think such things?”

“B…b…be…because you…because you hate me.” Her words came out in a terrified whimper.

Pulling her closer yet, Jason briefly rested his chin on the top of her head, savoring the soft feel of her hair, her delicate scent. “Ahhhh, Miranda, I would not kill you and do not intend to hurt you. I understand your fear, truly. But you cannot let your fear lead you to disobey me, do you understand? And I certainly do not hate you.”

Against his chest, she nodded. A barely perceptible movement of her head as he held her to him. From how tightly she held herself, how she struggled to drag in each shallow breath, it confirmed his belief she was terrified of him. This wasn’t what he wanted!

What did he expect? That after how she’d been treated earlier today, stripped naked in front of at least fifty men, her body put on display, having to endure being touched as she was, especially by Darius and then brought to his home, she’d fall willingly into his arms? Maybe it was a mistake to leave her as he did. But what choice did he have? Especially when he heard the suggestions Darius put forth to the Council.

After years of fighting the Eadronis, what did he know of them? Nothing. He’d either killed them or took them prisoner. He’d certainly never spoken with one of them. Even in the Accord’s discussions, one of the older Council members undertook the negotiations. Were they so different from his own people? Women fell over themselves for his company, this one tried to flee him.

She leaned, every so slightly, against him as she struggled to draw in a breath. He had to calm her down. Assure her she was safe. That he wouldn’t hurt her. “Shall we try again then? Hmm? Shall we?”

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