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The Greek Tycoon

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Celia Jade

ISBN :978-1-55487-315-9

Page :86

Word Count :15885

Publication Date :2010-08-18

Series : The Playboys#2

Heat Level :

Available Formats : The Greek Tycoon (pdf) , The Greek Tycoon (prc) , The Greek Tycoon (epub) , The Greek Tycoon (mobi)

Category : Contemporary Romance , Erotic Romance , Romance

  • Product Code: 978-1-55487-315-9

Taking a summer job as a personal assistant on a beautiful, private island in the Aegean seems like a good choice for Brenna Linwood. The generous salary is a bonus and it will help her finance her brother’s education. She is taken aback by her strong attraction to her gorgeous new boss, Markos Christakis, and struggles to keep things professional. However, when she enters an agreement to be his make-believe girlfriend, she’s caught in a rather unorthodox situation. Markos Christakis has no intention of marrying, so when his parents’ attempts to find him a bride turn serious, he’s got to find a way out. It doesn’t take him long to come up with a plan in the form of his lovely new assistant, Brenna. She would be the perfect deterrent if she portrays the loving girlfriend. To make sure she accepts the deal, he makes an offer she can’t refuse. What’s more, he’ll definitely enjoy the pleasure of her company. When he starts falling for her, however, he’s entangled in his own deception.

When the last bit of sun disappeared, he eased away from her and lifted her chin. He saw the slight tremble of her mouth, the expectant look in her wide eyes and a current of heat shot through him, making him hard. He moaned and brought her against him, crushing her sigh with his mouth. He kissed her urgently, tasting the sweetness of her mouth, inhaling her soft, feminine scent. He demanded her surrender and when she moaned and wrapped her hands behind his neck, he lifted her off the ground and walked to the car.

He touched the hood to make sure it wasn't hot and lowered her onto it in a sitting position, placing himself between her legs. He continued kissing her and grasped her hips, pulling her flush against his groin. A tiny cry sounded in her throat. He dragged his mouth away. "That's how I feel when I'm with you," he said, holding her gaze. She was so damned beautiful. He kissed her again and eased her back until she lay on the hood. He tasted her throat with soft nibbles and licks, lingering at the rapid pulse. It thrilled him to sense her body's reaction to him. He slid his hands around her waist and she arched her back. "Thee mou," he moaned and nuzzled the soft valley between her breasts.


Hearing her gasp his name accelerated his loss of control. The urge to take her here and now was overwhelming. He slid his hand down her body and pushed the hem of her top up, over her breasts. The full, pale mounds almost spilled over the strapless bra, promising to be more than a handful. He swept his palm over the flat, silky plane of her belly and the curve of her small waist. He held her gaze for several heartbeats, reading the heady desire in the violet depths and his cock pulsed.

He lowered his mouth to her belly and traced a path over her soft skin. He ground his erection against her as he rose over her right breast and tugged the bra downward. Her flesh popped out, round and supple, topped by a dark pink nipple. He moaned and claimed the tip, working it into a hard bud.

She gasped loudly and arched, grasping his shoulders. "Markos...please!"

Her plea was a mixture of desire and resistance. He released her breast and hitched her skirt up. When he cupped her sex, he felt her moisture through the thin material of her panties. It flamed his arousal. He stroked her and she whimpered, closing her eyes.

"You're wet for me, Brenna," he said. "You want me."

Her eyes opened. The violet depths brimmed with longing. "You promised..."


"," she said between ragged breaths.

He had and now he was practically ravishing her on the hood of his car. His mind baulked at the intensity of his desire for her. It shattered his control. He let out a shaky breath and adjusted her clothing modestly. Brenna deserved better than this. He took her in his arms and lowered her feet to the ground. His cock throbbed almost painfully, but he clenched his jaw and ignored it. He cupped her face and dropped a soft kiss on her lips. "I'll take you home," he said.

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