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The Greek Bachelor

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Celia Jade

ISBN :978-1-55487-285-5

Page :98

Word Count :24500

Publication Date :2010-08-18

Series : The Playboys#1

Heat Level :

Available Formats : The Greek Bachelor (pdf) , The Greek Bachelor (prc) , The Greek Bachelor (epub) , The Greek Bachelor (mobi)

Category : Contemporary Romance , Erotic Romance , Romance

  • Product Code: 978-1-55487-285-5

Photographer Carlie Bowers will be staying on Zakynthos this summer to photograph luxury villas owned by her friend’s in-laws. She could definitely use a vacation too, but she doesn’t like the idea of being chaperoned around the island by Alex Marinos. She’d already met the handsome bachelor, and they’d parted on a sour note, thanks to his forward manner. Any woman would be drawn to his dark Greek looks and blatant virility, but she had no interest in becoming one of his mistresses. She was ready to find the right man and settle down, so Alex had better keep his hands to himself!

Alex let her explore his body, feeling a tug of guilt for depriving her of the pleasure this morning. He couldn’t help himself—he’d desperately wanted her. He let out a low sigh as her hands moved over his shoulders, his chest, followed by her ripe, rosy mouth. His muscles tensed and shivered. Having Carlie make love to him while they sat up on their knees in bed, was incredibly erotic. She circled his nipples with her tongue and a dart of sweet pleasure shot through his flesh. She squeezed his buttocks as she went lower, moving over the backs of his thighs, then the front. He was already fully aroused.

Her soft hand touched him gently, sliding up and down his shaft, increasing the knot of heat in his stomach and groin. He clenched his jaw and watched her, equally turned on by her wide, captivated eyes. Her fingers tightened around him and pumped with just the right pressure. When she leaned forward and flicked her wet tongue against the tip, his knees nearly buckled and he shut his eyes for a moment. She pulled him into the wet warmth of her mouth.

“Oh, baby…” He ran his fingers through her hair, clutching a handful. She looked incredibly seductive loving him this way. It gripped his heart. The tug of her mouth nearly drove him mad. The pressure in his cock increased, tightening every muscle in his body. Not wanting to climax so soon, he forced himself to pull away.

He traced her jaw with his thumb, the curve of her bottom lip, then down her throat to caress the fluttering pulse at the base. His fingers followed the delicate line of her shoulders and arms. He kissed the back of her hands. Carlie had an exquisite body—soft, supple curves and silky smooth skin. With her golden hair, blue eyes and a backdrop of moonlit drapes, she looked like a goddess. She robbed him of breath.

He caressed her back and shapely buttocks before slipping between her thighs. Her folds were wet and swollen. He stroked her until she gasped and clung to his arms. He moved her over his hips as he lay down. He wanted her on top this time, to watch her tempting body as she took him in.

Their eyes locked as the silken heat of her womb closed around him. His breath hitched. Something deep and unreadable flickered in her blue depths and then she rotated her hips, setting a slow, sensual pace that was nearly his undoing. His body’s response to this woman was unusually intense.

She tossed her head back, drawing his eyes to the slim line of her throat and the lush mounds of her breasts topped by rosy nipples. His hands closed over her breasts, squeezing, caressing her pale skin, the pebbled, rosy peaks. He raised himself to fasten his mouth on one of those peaks, sucking it hungrily. Her delicate scent flared his nostrils, quickening his arousal. He shifted to the other nipple and felt her clench around him, drawing him deeper still. He nibbled the hard tip lightly and soothed it with his tongue.

Hot pleasure throbbed in his loins, bringing him back onto the pillow. He grasped her thighs, thrusting upward to join her rhythm. She was so hot and slick. Tiny moans slipped past her lips. He caught her gaze and knew that there was nothing more beautiful than this. He shut his eyes against the force of his release as it tore through him, long and hard.

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