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Peeping George

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Jude Mason

ISBN :0000604

Page :5

Word Count :1496

Publication Date :2011-08-30

Series : #

Heat Level :

Available Formats : Peeping George (pdf) , Peeping George (prc) , Peeping George (epub) , Peeping George (mobi)

Category : Erotica , Mainstream Fiction , Contemporary , LGBTQIA+

  • Product Code: 0000604

He watches from his dining room window as his neighbor darts naked to her pool for a swim. Does she know he’s there? Does it matter?

“Holy shit,” George gasped. His eyes widened and his mouth hung half-open. He’d glanced out the dining room window just in time to see his neighbor rush out of her back door and dive into the new pool she’d just had installed. She actually ran right past him, thanks to the way their houses and yards were laid out.  

Forty-five if she was a day, but extremely well preserved, he thought to himself as he took in the expanse of flesh before it disappeared into the water. Jane was a bit on the short side, five feet two or three maybe. She had more curves than was fashionable, but man, he’d love to get hold of her. Her boobs jiggled and swayed, like two rabbits on the run, as she crossed the thirty or so feet from the door to the pool’s edge. The slight swell of her belly and that gorgeous triangle of hair he’d never seen before drew him like a beacon. A few stretch marks marred the lower sides of her stomach, but only seemed to enhance her beauty in his eyes. The last three or four steps she took at a run, then dove gracefully, beautifully arrow straight and without a ripple into the pool. She was immersed in the clear water.

“Oh my!” he managed and felt the familiar tightness and warmth begin in his groin. George, at almost fifty-one, was still very much a vital, sexual man. But as a widower, he’d been deprived of companionship for months. His hand seemed to have a mind of its own, unfastening the button and dragging down the zipper of his shorts. He quickly found himself tugging the growing length of his cock into the open. The loose shorts fell to the floor. He stepped out of them and stood naked in front of his sliding glass door.

He watched transfixed as Jane, gloriously nude, swam her laps. Her flesh glistened wetly in the sun, muscles played against each other in the ripples created by her swift passing. A length of backstroke changed sinuously into a breast stroke on her turn. Back and forth, not twenty feet from him, she surged through the sparkling clear water. When she got into rhythm, her legs flashed and her bottom wobbled from side to side, the plump pale mounds drawing his eyes like a pair of magnets.

George slowly stroked himself, his excitement growing as he let his imagination kick in. He’d pretend he hadn’t seen her and just walk out to retrieve something he’d left outside, offering a view of his rapidly growing cock. Or he’d take his place in his lounge chair and lay there, pretending to be asleep behind dark glasses, all the while watching her. Wanting her. Feigning sleep where he could innocently stroke himself for the pleasure of them both. Instead, he watched and ached for her, wanted her. The widow next door.

“Foolish old man,” he chided himself, but didn’t stop looking, or masturbating. His passion wasn’t as quick to rise as when he was younger, but no matter, the enjoyment was equal or even better than when he was twenty. Cupping his testicles, he enjoyed the feel of their weight in his hand, and tugged on first one ball, then the other. The skin along his shaft felt tight, he growled low in his throat as his passion climbed steadily higher. His knees began to tremble, but he stayed where he was, not wanting to miss one second of her show.

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Tags: Mainstream, contemporary, Erotica, LGBT