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Here Puss

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Jude Mason

ISBN :978-1-55487-927-4

Page :61

Word Count :13939

Publication Date :2011-07-08

Series : #

Heat Level :

Available Formats : Here Puss (pdf) , Here Puss (prc) , Here Puss (epub) , Here Puss (mobi)

Category : Erotic Romance

  • Product Code: 978-1-55487-927-4

An idyllic cabin in the woods. That's what Samuel thought when he and lover Jack get away for the weekend, until the cougar scare.

Jack Burns and Samuel Dresser are a young gay couple who love their cabin by the lake. On this occasion, Jack arrives at their secluded retreat a day before Samuel and prepares for his lover's arrival. Excitement turns to terror when a big cat appears as the couple make love in the great outdoors. Will the big cat cause more trouble than the lovers can handle? Or will a twist of fate and nature add some spice to the lover's weekend?

"Damn," Samuel growled, straining to pull his rucksack free of the low-hanging branch holding it. He wriggled his shoulders, cursing the luck that had forced him to work an extra day, thus making the trek to cabin alone a necessity. Not that he was worried, he was as much an outdoors person as Jack. It just didn't seem fair. Jack got an extra day of down time, and after the week from hell Samuel had endured at the office, he really needed the same--big time. More than him, that's for sure. He gave his shoulder an extra hard jerk, finally managing to pull the top of the pack free.

The rest of the trail leading in was wider so he had no more mishaps or difficulty. The closer he got to the lake, the faster his heart raced. He knew Jack's penchant for nudity and ever since leaving the house that morning, Samuel had been thinking about his partner traipsing around the cabin in the raw. Hell, not just the cabin if he knew him, which he definitely did after seven amazing, lust-filled years. He'd be out fishing, swimming, canoeing, everything sans clothes. The front of his cut-offs felt tight suddenly, but he pushed on trying to ignore the sensation.

The salmon berry shrubs around him were lush and looked like someone had been tending them. A sure sign he was almost there. A rustling sound to his right made him stare into the foliage for a long, heart-stopping moment, but nothing appeared. It could have been anything from a shrew out for its daily pee to a cougar moving its den. He listened, breathlessly, for a little longer before shrugging and moving on. The pathway widened and the few maple trees with their brilliant green leaves allowed spots of sunlight to reach the ground.

Ahead, across the sea of thick grass, the cabin appeared. Made of logs they'd harvested from the surrounding woods, the cabin had that quaint look they both adored on postcards and old works of art. Painted bright red, the door with its small window at the top, stood open, facing him. He could just make out the kitchen table, and beyond it, the picture window overlooking the lake. Off to the right, he knew their bed would be unmade, the sheets tossed aside. Jack didn't do bed making. He was great at anything else to do with bed though.

Samuel took a deep breath and hitched up his pack. The last couple of dozen meters he wanted to make it look as if he'd simply breezed in, rather than struggled under the weight of bringing too much gear. He knew he had. His short brown hair was damp with sweat, but Jack would hopefully assume it was from the heat, not the strain. His shirt clung to his chest and back. His cut-offs chafed and tugged, and not at all in a nice way. Only his hiking boots seemed somehow cool and they were the most substantial thing he wore.

Peering at the lake, Samuel saw their canoe tied to the makeshift wharf. No sign of his partner though, and he started across the grass towards the cabin. "Ja…" His breath caught, the word froze half-spoken.

Jack, much as he'd imagined, strode out of the water--naked, a towel in one hand, he stopped only when he'd reached a thick patch of grass next to the chopping block. The blade of an axe lay buried in the block, its handle thrust up, apparently a convenient place to hang the towel once he'd dried his shoulder-length, brown hair. He watched appreciatively, while Jack's thick cock swung from thigh to thigh every time he moved.

Samuel hunched forward, making himself as small and inconspicuous as he could then broke into a run, dashing for the corner of the cabin. What's he up to? It'd been a very long time since he'd spied on Jack, a once upon a time favorite pastime of his. Back pressed against the rough logs, he took a moment to calm his wildly beating heart. His cock ached. The scent of male lust hit him and he realized just how excited he was.

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Tags: Adult, Erotic Romance, Gay, GLBT, Menage, Shapeshifter