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My Sexy Bookminder

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : H.K. Carlton

ISBN :978-1-4874-1902-8

Page :38

Word Count :9739

Publication Date :2018-06-24

Series : #

Heat Level :

Available Formats : My Sexy Bookminder (epub) , My Sexy Bookminder (mobi) , My Sexy Bookminder (pdf) , My Sexy Bookminder (prc)

Category : Contemporary Romance , Erotic Romance , Summer Shorts 2018

  • Product Code: 978-1-4874-1902-8

Alec Todd thinks he’s amassed all the coping tools he needed to combat his learning deficits, but higher education is quickly eradicating that misguided idea.

Having to suffer through another round of summer school, Alec finds trying to study in the house—with his three rowdy roommates in the throes of summer parties and beer pong—is all but impossible.

About at wits’ end, Alec seeks the solitude of the library, and not for the first time. There, he not only enjoys the semi-quiet that his busy mind needs, but also discovers the university’s librarian—the bangin’ Ms. Benton.

Under the rudimentary tutelage of the university’s knowledgeable bibliophile, Alec just might pass his final exam, when the sexy bookminder develops a learning strategy just for him—a sort of adult incentive system.

Here’s to higher education!

“How’d I know we’d find him here at the library?” Cal sat across from me and slammed one of my textbooks shut, then held it out of my reach. “Spend much more time here and you’ll need to change your address. Permanently.”

“Don’t do that,” I admonished, grabbing for the book.

I snatched the text out of Cal’s hand, then frantically leafed through it trying to find the designated page. “I have everything open to where I need it. Fuck off, and leave me alone. I’ve gotta pass this course, or they’ll toss me out of my program, like yesterday’s trash. And you guys can start shopping for a new roomie for next semester.”

Jonsey cupped his hands around his mouth. He inhaled and exhaled harshly, in an evil villainous gasp, and said in a deep voice, “Come to the dark side. The three B’s are waiting.”

Leo bobbed his head as if he were listening to a sweet beat. “Beach, beer, and babes.”

“Let’s go!” Cal slapped me on the shoulder.

As if being forced to stay on campus for the entire vacation and suffer through summer school while holding down a full-time job wasn’t bad enough. But I’d missed out on the parties, the beach, and the sun—pretty much all the fun, in general. I was the eldest guy in our group, and the oldest student enrolled in my business program. I was considered a mature student at the ripe ole age of twenty-five. It took me longer to graduate high school than all my friends because I was a little bit slower to learn than the average guy. Thanks to a late Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder diagnosis in sixth grade, I had gaps in basic skills, especially math and language. While the experts don't classify ADHD as a learning disability, I still needed academic intervention to help catch up. By the way things were shaking out, my college experience was on the same track. I’d even taken a couple of years off, just to decide if post-secondary education was really right for me. At the time, I was determined not to let my learning shortfalls defeat me. Nor was I about to prove my father right. According to him, I wasn’t cut out for business school. Or smart enough to work for him, let alone take over the company when he was ready to retire. Now I doubted that decision.

“I can’t. I only have today left to cram. Go away.”

The always cool and confident Leo propped his feet up and leaned back in one of the chairs, rocking dangerously. “Why aren’t ya cramming in your cone of silence over there.” He tilted his head and gestured with his chin, indicating the isolation room.

“It was occupied when I got here, and by the time the guy left, I was in a decent rhythm. I didn’t want to fuck with a good thing. Then you guys showed up.” And fucked me all up. I’d never be able to get back into it. Irritated, I raked my fingers through the whiskers on my unshaven chin, hyperaware of the sensation of the short hairs jamming under my fingernails.

“Come on, ya big nerd. You’ve studied enough.” Jonsey tried to pull my chair out, but I dug in my heels and held on to the solid wooden table.

“Easy for you to say, Mr. Dean’s List!” I replied, sarcastically.

“Jonsey’s right, Alec, you knew this stuff backward and forward when we quizzed you back at the house. You’re prepared.” To add to my frustration, Cal closed the goddamn book again. “Too much studying can be just as detrimental as not enough. What you need to do is shoot off some steam. Then walk into that classroom tomorrow and blow that exam out of the water.”

“We’ve got cold beer on ice, in a cooler, out in the truck,” Jonsey tormented me.

“Beers, beers, and more beers.” Leo wiggled his brows and clutched my backpack.

“Yeah, because hangovers and finals are always a good mix.” I snagged the rucksack from his grip and tossed it under my chair. “Beers sound great, and when this test if over, I’ll buy you all a round. But for now, will ya please, leave me be.”

Just then the university’s resident librarian, the ever-so-sexy Ms. Benton, walked by and shushed us.

All three of my buds did a double take, but as I so often did, I kept my gaze firmly affixed to the bookminder’s shapely derrière, accentuated today by a deep purple pencil-skirt that hugged her fine form like a second skin. Mechanically, my fingers flexed as I imagined, for the umpteenth time, what it might be like to cup that sweet-toned ass in my big greedy paws. I’d caress her nice curves, then pull the luscious Ms. Benton against my rock-hard cock. I’d thrust my hips and—

“What have we here?” Leo drawled, as he slid his sunglasses onto the top of his head, so he could gawk some more. His pupils dilated.

“Ohhh, now I get it,” Cal said. He rounded his lips and sucked in a breath as he—as they all—continued to admire my tempting booklender. “Your sudden fascination with the library finally makes perfect sense.”

“And here I thought it was the quiet atmosphere.” Leo cocked his head sideways, taking her measurements, I was certain. I’d seen him do it too many times. I kicked the leg of his chair, causing him to take evasive action or end up on his head.

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Tags: Adult, Contemporary, Erotic Romance, Short Story, Summer Short