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Mountain Due

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Kathy Kalmar

ISBN :978-1-4874-3244-7

Page :88

Word Count :23453

Publication Date :2021-04-30

Series : Mountain Series#15

Heat Level :

Available Formats : Mountain Due (epub) , Mountain Due (mobi) , Mountain Due (prc) , Mountain Due (pdf)

Category : Contemporary Romance , Romance

  • Product Code: 978-1-4874-3244-7

Storme Knight longs for a baby of her own. Is she desperate enough to take Sunny’s—her twin and one-time rival for her husband’s heart—offer to become her surrogate seriously?

Although Storme Knight is a newlywed, she dearly wants to have their first child sooner rather than later. She’s stood on her head—literally—to become pregnant. But despite using no birth control, how well she eats, rests, and makes love, her attempts fail.

Craig Knight wants a child someday. With COVID-19 still raging, the purchase of his own law firm, and virtually no money in their bank account, having a baby isn’t his first priority. He thinks a baby will come with time and is in no particular hurry to take on any additional expenses.

Storme feels differently and will do anything to get pregnant. When Sunny, with her wacky plans, offers to help, how can a desperate Storme refuse? What could possibly go wrong?

Sunny Days barreled through the doors of her twin sister’s mountain view home while she balanced the pizza she’d picked up curbside for their lunch. “Yoo-hoo! Storme, where are you?”

Craig snatched a piece as he walked out the door. Sunny fought to catch her balance when he did as the pizza shifted from opening the box top. She used both hands to steady it, then once it stabilized, she wiped a hand over her sweating brow. “Phew.”

She found her sister in bed on her back, still in her pajamas. Her hands supported her hips while her legs pointed skyward, a pillow—beneath her.

Sunny stood with her hands on her hips, shaking her head. “Girl, we need to talk about this yoga craze of yours.”

Storme just grunted in response. “Go away.”

“That’s a strange way to do yoga. Don’t you need a firm surface and a yoga mat or something? I’ve never seen that position before. What’s it called? Bats in the Belfry?” she teased. “Are you sure you want me to take a hike? I brought lunch.”

Storme grumbled, “What are you doing here?” She slowly lowered herself into a more normal position and licked her lips when she inhaled the intoxicating aroma of the famous tomato sauce and artesian cheeses. Ski Mountain Pizza was thee best pizza ever.

Sunny rolled her eyes. “Duh. What’s it look like? I brought my hermit sister a mouthwatering pizza.”

Storme turned her head, her sky-blue eyes glaring. Her lips formed a thin line. “It looks like you’re tempting fate again, going out like this.”

Sunny shrugged her shoulders. “Fine. Be that way. I’ll eat it by myself.” She turned to leave. “Lockdown’s been lifted since Memorial Day, and all the tourists are out and about, and they’re fine.”

Storme carefully lowered her legs to climb off the round bed, trying to block Sunny’s escape. “My point exactly. No one knows whether or not they’re asymptomatic. Few wear masks. The pandemic is not over just because it’s summer. By the way, thanks for springing for the pizza. We’re penny-pinching lately.”

“I’m your twin sister. We catch things together. Remember chicken pox?”

Storme backed away from her. “Wait. Do you think you have—”

“Of course not! I’m careful. I’m not yanking your chain, or at least I haven’t yet.” She removed her facemask decorated with tiny pink man parts. “So, no risk, right? I wear my mask, as you can see, but you haven’t answered my question. What were you doing with your legs sky high?”

Storme threw her a look and grimaced. “Trying to get preggers. Keep those little swimmers headed to my baby-maker.” Tears welled in her eyes and threatened to overfill and spill down her cheeks.

Sunny could see how much Storme yearned for a baby. The tears running down her identical twin’s face made that perfectly clear as they headed for the kitchen.

Sunny set the pizza down on the marble island in the white farmhouse kitchen and took a big bite of the yummy, fragrant pizza. They moved to the Great Room with its million-dollar view of the mountains, which displayed a verdant green space of every hue imaginable. The floor-to-ceiling windows showed the Smoky Mountains at their majestic best. All the negative ions released from the surrounding evergreens should provide all the necessary energy she needed to embark on this life-changing quest.

Storme joined her and snagged a piece of pizza drenched in wonderful gooey cheese. “Mm good. This pizza is to die for.”

Sunny blew on her fingernails and buffed them against her t-shirt. “I know, right? But do I have to have the talk with you again? Let me be clear here. I repeat… That’s not how you make a baby.”

Storme lips made a pout. “I know, but I don’t have the help from the legendary Ghost Stag and his magic to ensure a pregnancy like you and Jesse do. Craig and I have been trying…and no baby…nothing.”

Sunny lifted a brow. “You haven’t been married all that long, ya know. Maybe you’re expecting too much, too soon.”

Storme swallowed her bite of pizza, took a swig of cider from the Apple Barn Cider Mill Complex in Sevierville, and said slowly, “Easy for you to say. You’re all but destined to get pregnant by year’s end cuz that’s how the legend goes, but the only stag I have in my corner is Craig. What if there’s something wrong with his equipment?” She swallowed hard. “Or mine?”

Sunny shrugged. “Don’t go there. You have no reason to. I’m loose as a goose, and if you relaxed, you would probably get pregnant.”

“Well, Dr. Google said after you have sex, raise your legs to help those swimmers reach your uterus and let gravity help suck it in there. I told you that.”

Sunny laughed. “For reals? I thought you were joshin’.”

“Yup. I’ve been Googling fertility, and that’s what it says, raise your hips for fifteen to twenty minutes after sex.”

“Does Craig know you’re trying to get pg?”

“Well, if he doesn’t, he’s certainly not complaining. We’re not using protection. By now, he should know the birds and the bees and all that jazz.”

Sunny frowned. “Okay. I get it. I’ll help in any way I can. Operation Baby is a go. I call dibs on being the Godmother.”

Storme’s mouth gaped open. “Okeydokey. Really? You get it? You’re in? You’ll help me?”

After an eye roll, Sunny growled, “I just said I would.”

“All right, Operation Baby, it is.” Storme giggled. “For once, I don’t mind your operation fascination.”

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