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Autonomous Love Entity Version X

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Stefan Angelina McElvain

ISBN :978-1-4874-1600-3

Page :129

Word Count :34954

Publication Date :2018-06-22

Series : Origins#0

Heat Level :

Available Formats : Autonomous Love Entity Version X (mobi) , Autonomous Love Entity Version X (epub) , Autonomous Love Entity Version X (pdf) , Autonomous Love Entity Version X (prc)

Category : Erotica , Science Fiction , LGBTQIA+

  • Product Code: 978-1-4874-1600-3

Welcome to the world of unintended consequences. Joe thinks he’s created the perfect sex slave. It believes something quite different.

The project was to develop the perfect sex toy. Dr. Dugg doesn’t see the reality of his creation, his competition did. Industrial espionage leads to competitive action, but the Autonomous Love Entity, version X, Alex, has ideas of its own.

“Hey Joe, what’re you working on?”

Dr. Joseph Dugg stood at six-foot-two, with short dark hair, and two-hundred-twenty pounds of muscle. He probably would look more at home on a football pitch than twenty floors below ground level at the top-secret research and development center for DNA Corp.

Joe turned to face his colleague, Dr. David Reach. “Dave, your timing is perfect, I can use your help. I’ve been developing a pet project of mine in secret for a few years. The autonomous love entity is at version Y. I nicknamed it Aley for short.”

“You and your acronyms. Why bother? You don’t need any help in the love department. You’re the total package—brains and brawn. Every woman in this building is queuing up to get a chance with you.”

“That’s true…”

Dave chuckled. “And modest with it. If you’re at version Y, you’ve got one letter left in the alphabet to complete the project. No pressure.”

“My latest analysis identified a few problems that need tweaking for version X. Before I finalize my conclusions, I want to see how Aley performs.”

“You do realize X comes before Y?”

Joe laughed. “No, I didn’t. Anyway, this is new territory. You think three-D simulation has it all. It’s not true, though. You can’t take a simulation to the bar for a drink with your mates. Ever since that android went berserk twenty years ago and ripped the club apart, robots aren’t kosher—however human they look. The market’s wide open for a new innovation. I started this process with two models—one male and one female. I switched at version M and combined them into a hermaphrodite. I told myself I was thinking ahead to production, but the challenge to create a self-configuring entity was too great. You know how I love solving puzzles, and this problem was a doozy.

“The good news is, I solved it and have one configuration to manage…not two. It’s exciting. The high-speed cloning systems allow a quick turnaround from a fertilized egg, through the fetus stage, to full-grown adult in five days. The last hurdle was imprinting the correct response profile. I solved that issue at version W. It’s ready for a field test, Dave. I’d like you to give my latest prototype a trial run? All I ask is that you give me honest feedback.”

Dave opened and closed his mouth.

He’s intrigued. Dave’s a good colleague and friend. He’ll be honest with me. I’m so excited about this. Stay calm. “You can pick Aley up after work today.”

Dave took a deep breath. “Why me? I’m your opposite. Five-foot-ten inches tall and one-hundred-sixty pounds of skin and bone. My idea of a fun night out is going home to my apartment, plugging myself into a three-D machine, becoming a hunk like you, and visiting the virtual Pleasure Dome. There are thousands of us—recluses addicted to three-D simulations. We spend most of our free time living in an alternate virtual reality.

“I’m shocked that you want my input on your autonomous love entity. Why did you even bother to develop a sex toy? Women are camped outside of your apartment day and night, lusting after your body.” He laughed. “Even when you’re not there.”

“Believe it or not, women frighten me. I’m much more at home with numbers and problems to solve. Emotions aren’t reliable and are scary. Well, you didn’t answer. Are you interested?”

“I’ve never…you know…with real flesh and blood. Are you sure I’m your guy?”

“Yes. I want honest feedback, and you’ll give me that, Dave. I trust you.”

“Is it human?”

“Yes. If you cut it, red blood comes out. All the simulations play out perfectly. I’d try it myself, but I’m bias and not objective. It’ll be ready late afternoon. Pop by my lab, pick it up and give it a spin overnight. I’ll want you to give me a verbal report when you bring it back tomorrow morning. Oh, and a detailed written report—but that can wait a couple of days. Take notes. That’s all I ask.”

“I’m sold. Four’s not too early?”


“It is a her, isn’t it? You used the it pronoun.”

“For you—yes.”

“What’s her name?”

“Aley. Remember, that’s short for autonomous love entity version Y. If you want it to be, it can also be male. If this proves too much for you, Mary’s made it clear she’s interested in testing it. She hopes it will give her an in with me.”

“Aley? The name’s just an acronym, not very original, Joe. Mary will have to wait. I’m interested in the female version but intend to take small steps, to begin with. A one-night stand might not be enough time for me to fully evaluate her. Also, I want Aley to be completely female.”

“No problem.”

“I’m curious, Joe. How can Aley be both male and female?”

“It’s all about hormones. The hermaphrodite physically changes depending on whether testosterone or estrogen is dominant.”

“That’s too much information. See you at four.”

Dave left.

Joe smiled and chuckled to himself. He’s hooked. I can see a hint of excitement in his posture. No, not a hint. He’s ecstatic, finally about to lose his virginity—for real.

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Tags: Adult, Erotica, Science Fiction, GLBT