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Time Circle

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Stefan Angelina McElvain

ISBN :978-1-4874-0721-6

Page :144

Word Count :41716

Publication Date :2016-09-30

Series : Invasion#3

Heat Level :

Available Formats : Time Circle (prc) , Time Circle (mobi) , Time Circle (pdf) , Time Circle (epub)

Category : Erotica , Mainstream Fiction , Paranormal , Fantasy

  • Product Code: 978-1-4874-0721-6

Alex is a highly intelligent hermaphrodite with fully functioning male and female genitalia and an insatiable sexual appetite. To penetrate or to be penetrated, that is the question.

The alien invasion happened and Earth lost. Lai has infiltrated the XYG in New York City but is out of communication with the other clones. Can Alex pull it all together in time to save humanity?

I stood there waiting, at ease with my hands held behind my back, nude, and fully aroused. What’s happened to Argon? It had taken weeks for me to gain his confidence, to tease and entice him to step out of the safety of his suit. In his moment of ecstasy, I had turned him, possessed him, and made him mine. Now, he was gone and accused of fraternization. I had a new Xygden standing in front of me, safe in its silver body armor, a battle-suit which was totally impervious to my telepathic and other abilities. I was back to square one, or was I?

Why get me to strip? Had they been monitoring Argon’s body readings of hours of sexual highs? Did this Xygden want what Argon had, non-stop sex and multiple orgasms? The monitoring must have shown readings off the charts. My lips curled. Whoever was in the suit was already mine. It was only a matter of time, and the temptation of great sex would be overwhelming. I could penetrate, be penetrated and fulfill their every fantasy. Not only would I live, but I’d come back for more, a sex-addict who couldn’t get enough. Their prize would be hours of non-stop high intensity sex, multiple orgasms and mind blowing ecstasy. I turned around again, very slowly this time. I wanted the occupant, male or female, to see what I had to offer before returning to the at ease position. I ran my tongue around my lips, plumping them up, leaving them glistening, and slightly apart. The hint of a pout was my invitation to participate in sensations that would drive them insane with passions beyond their wildest imaginations. Whoever it was wanted it, wanted it so bad that they had left the security and safety of their ship to come and get it. I continued to emit pheromones, enough to drive any man, or woman, wild with desire. My aura was pulsing red and emitting sparks of lust. It was only a matter of time.

The suit clicked open. A nude, completely hairless woman stepped out, with pale-orange skin, almost six feet tall, but petite. She was delicate, almost elfin-like, and was the antithesis of Argon, ethereal compared to his muscle mass. She glided over to me. Her long fingers ran down my face, stroking and lingering at my mouth, then running around my moist lips. I shivered as she moved her fingers lower between my breasts. She stopped, her hands cupping my breasts, much larger than her own. My elongated nipples fascinated her, as she rolled them between her thumbs and forefingers. She was enjoying this, her total dominance. I was her new sex toy. Her hand strayed lower, fondling my erection, cupping my tight scrotum, discovering my moist vagina. I remained standing at ease, except for my cock jerking to attention at her every touch. Her fingers returned to my cock, lingered, then more involuntary movements. She was playing my instrument and enjoying it.

She spoke, in a soft contralto voice, “You please me. Men have become obsessed. All they think about are bulging muscles and the extra leg hanging between the two useful ones! You, on the other hand, reek of hidden strength, depths just aching to be delved.”

Her hand moved back up my torso, and the tip of her index finger traced delicious circles round my nipples. My entire body shuddered. She smiled, like a great cat playing with its lunch. This Xygden wouldn’t travel alone. There must be an honor guard out of sight, but close enough to ensure she’s in no danger. My aura was firing minute sparks of red desire and lust. I was no longer pretending to be aroused, I was aroused. My sexual needs were infecting her. She didn’t have an aura, but red was coloring the orange skin from beneath, her cheeks becoming a red blood-orange color. She wanted me, now. Her hand gripped my penis.

“Come, my sexy plaything, you have work to do. If you please me, I will send for you. There are too many dirty humans for my liking here.” She led me into the bedroom, not letting go of my cock. I noticed two silver suits standing just inside of the door. They were in for a show. Maybe they’d use the zoom control on their internal display. Would they dare?

My Xygden elf sat down on the bed. “Let’s see how good you are in reality. Readings may lie.”

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Tags: Mainstream, Fantasy, Paranormal, Erotica