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Portal 9: Part 1

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Thadd Evans

ISBN :978-1-4874-0143-6

Page :127

Word Count :18683

Publication Date :2015-07-10

Series : Portal#1

Heat Level :

Available Formats : Portal 9 (pdf) , Portal 9 (prc) , Portal 9 (epub) , Portal 9 (mobi)

Category : Mainstream Fiction , Science Fiction , Fantasy

  • Product Code: 978-1-4874-0143-6

A safer spot might be a nearby valley. However, these inexperienced climbers must cross high mountains , unfamiliar terrain, to reach their goal or else they will die, killed by deadly pollen.

Refugees from a dying planet discover they must leave a jungle, their current home, before a plant comes out of hibernation and ejects deadly seeds, ones that will kill them.

I touched my ear-mounted phone while thinking about Laiplen, a planet in another universe, the place where all of us were created. Twenty-five years ago, that celestial body entered an ice age after more asteroid dust and air pollution went into orbit around it. Had anyone there survived? I wasn’t sure.

After retrieving files, two of our robot guardians, Onen and Dost, told me that three gigantic spacecraft had left Laiplen, bound for a planet named Bya. The captain, his crew, and passengers knew little about their new home. Was it warm enough to live on? Would all the passengers find enough food to survive? If they did, could everyone fight off any viruses or bacteria?

There was another plan. Dr. Upton and his team of physicists built thirty-one tiny spaceships called an MI-Nine and injected each into a small hole, a portal to another universe. Although they created two thousand five hundred holes, only thirty-one were stable enough to use.

Dinen, the Director of Global Finance, told Upton that his project was a waste of time and money.

Although Dr. Hopely, a physicist, pointed out that Upton, and his team knew a lot more about quantum foam and portals to another universe than anyone else on Laiplen, Dinen kept complaining.

Twenty years ago, after our MI-Nine expanded, it crash-landed in the ocean, a spot in this planet’s north hemisphere, a celestial body we named Ordip. Then it washed ashore, in a place we called Calim Beach, and all of us, cloned men and women, along with our four-foot tall robot guardians, Onen and Dost, climbed out and set up camp. Because the starboard side had been destroyed when it struck water, our MI-Nine wouldn’t fly anymore.

In our mid-teens, everyone started dating. Within a year, after much bickering, each couple moved into their own tent, a home that gave them more privacy.

Because of endless rain, flies, worms, bitter tasting vegetables, sour coconuts, boiled snails, and bland legumes, everyone kept arguing, saying that they hated everyday life.

Last summer, after building a boat, Adam, Atta, and Martin paddled out into rough surf, and started fishing, hoping to find more nutritious meals.

After I talked to Onen about their meager catch, asking him if it was safe to eat, he scanned a fish, a species resembling an eel, and said this sea creature was filled with hemotoxins, substances that would kill us.

In the evening, Onen mentioned our conversation to everyone else. Within the hour, Atta, Martin, and Adam told others that somebody would have to find a different kind of seafood.

At the end of that week, Adam said he didn’t believe Onen, and gulped down the fish. His temperature rose. He had to stay in his tent for a month, sick with fever.

In autumn, the boat hit rocks and sank. Martin and Adam barely made it to shore. Within days, both started building another watercraft.

They finished it three winters later. On two occasions, while paddling through a riptide, the boat tipped over. Martin and Adam climbed back in, and talked more about the area’s hazardous conditions.

After many discussions, both men and Atta went on a short journey north, up the coast, searching for a drier place to live. When the boat was close to shore, the hull scraped against submerged rocks, tearing a hole in the bottom.

Atta called Onen and told him about the problem. He said all of us would wait at Calim, the only thing we could do. Within hours, the craft sank several hundred feet away. Although everybody aboard made it to shore, all of us agreed that going on any more voyages was dangerous.

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Tags: Mainstream, Fantasy, Futuristic, Science Fiction