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Dying to Live

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Annie Alvarez

ISBN :978-1-55487-418-7

Page :186

Word Count :46500

Publication Date :2010-08-08

Series : #

Heat Level :

Available Formats : Dying to Live (pdf) , Dying to Live (prc) , Dying to Live (epub) , Dying to Live (mobi)

Category : Erotic Romance , LGBTQIA+ Romance , Horror

  • Product Code: 978-1-55487-418-7

It's not love, if you don't bleed.

My life was simple until I met the Hightower Enforcer, Tamara. Since then, I've been turned, spelled and married. Now, I'm on my way to Texas to find Tamara's sister, Kaley, while their mother, the Vampire Matriarch Katherine, invades my thoughts and resides in my head. If you think you hate your in-laws, try mine on for size! Oh yeah, did I mention that my wife Tamara, the enforcer is dying because of me and I'm the only one who can save her, but I don't know how?

Getting me out of my pants, she stared at me with wide eyes. "I had forgotten how beautiful you are," she mumbled while softly caressing the inside of my thigh.

I needed her hand to travel up my thigh and claim everything about me. I needed to feel our bodies close and feel the passion burn between us. More than anything else, I needed to know that she would be all right. Her fingers brushed my pubic hair and I had to fight back my tears. Would this be the last time we could make love? Would we ever be able to have a normal life again? Regardless, I couldn't let my unrestrained emotions ruin our time together. If anything, I would drown myself in finding a way to fix her ailment.

Her soft caress ripped my attention back to where I had longed to be for so long, naked in her arms. Her touch burned me with a passion that threatened to swallow me and hold me captive. I craved to feel her inside me, filling and claiming me with her essence. Collectively, our hands found each other's wetness while our lips pressed closer together feeling as if our bodies were became one and our souls embraced to unite our inseparable bond.

Slowly, I slid a finger deep inside her, pushing my way through her tightness. She moaned, raising her hips. Feeling her surrounding pleasure tightening and hugging my finger, my wetness swelled.

"Oh God." She moaned and slid her finger inside me. "You're so wet," she exclaimed as her lips found their way to my neck.

A moment of concern stopped my enjoyment. Would she recognize me or would she be as brutal with me as she had been with the others? Her tongue inched its way up my neck and I relaxed, falling back into the sexual offerings she promised. I would give myself completely, even if it meant my existence.

Teasing my warm, blood-engorged lips, her touch felt different. It was softer, more delicate, more human and yet, immensely more addictive.

Softly nibbling my neck, a wave of ecstasy flooded my senses. I would do anything to reach the euphoric release she dangled in my grasp.

"Fuck me," she ordered.

Sliding another finger deep inside her, her juices escaped, enveloping my fingers and I craved her taste. Pulling out of her, I licked her sweetness from my fingers, savoring each drop, allowing her taste to penetrate my taste buds.

Licking my fingers dry, I rammed them back inside her, sliding in and out repetitively. Her body froze.

"Stop," she begged. "Or I'll come."

That's what I wanted to hear, but I wanted to taste her while she came. I quickly rolled her onto her back and ran my tongue down her sleek body, tasting every bit of her exposed flesh, past her cleavage and over her nipple, where I lingered just a little too long, commanding it to stiffen and grow while I suckled it. I continued my path down her stomach, sunk my face into her public hair and then parted her lips, stumbling onto her hard, swollen clit and took it between my teeth, while my tongue gingerly caressed it.

Tamara moaned wildly.

Carefully maneuvering my body over hers, she raised her head, reaching for my own wetness. Lowering myself on to her mouth, anticipated desire soared through me as her tongue greeted my eager nub and my world exploded into a frenzy of unbound pleasures. Pressing my face against her hot pussy, I reamed my tongue around the opening of her cunt. She grasped for air and followed my lead, teasing my opening.

Exploring every part of her secret abyss, I caressed her folds, slowly working my way to her ass. Pressing against her tight hole, she clenched her muscles tighter, the tip of my finger fighting for entry into her dark tunnel. My tongue lapped up her juices, distracting her attempts to keep me out. I slid inside, feeling her warmth waiting for me, caressing me. As she clamped down on my finger, I quickly pressed my mouth against her engorged lips, forming a tight seal over her pussy and sucked until the sweet liquor of her pleasure drowned my senses.

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Tags: Adult, Erotic Romance, Horror, Lesbian, GLBT, Menage, Paranormal, Vampire