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Cheating Death

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Annie Alvarez

ISBN :978-1-55487-302-9

Page :206

Word Count :43748

Publication Date :2010-08-08

Series : #

Heat Level :

Available Formats : Cheating Death (pdf) , Cheating Death (prc) , Cheating Death (epub) , Cheating Death (mobi)

Category : Erotic Romance

  • Product Code: 978-1-55487-302-9

For humans, love bites or sucks. For Vampires, it does both.

I had finally gotten comfortable living with my vampire girlfriend. Settled into our new home, we were the happy couple until Kaley, Tamara's sister, came for an unexpected visit. In-laws are always an iffy thing, especially when it's the powerful and respected Hightowers who rule the East Coast. But Kaley crossed the lines with me. Can Tamara stop her sister before irreparable damage is done? Or is our love stronger than the new yearnings Kaley has woken in me?

I positioned her back directly in front of the mattress. "Be a good girl. Stand right here and don't move." I took off my tee shirt, then my jeans. The bra was next and I wiggled my bare breasts at her. I slowly slid out of my bikini-floss undies and ran my hands up her thighs. One of my hands stopped at her crotch, the other hand, lightly brushed against her stomach making her muscles quiver under my touch.

I pressed my naked body against her and gave us a gentle push. Tamara tumbled backward onto the mattress and I fell on top of her, thrusting my loins against her naked body. Passionately kissing her neck, I ran my hand down to her pussy, sliding my fingers through her wet and swollen lips. She thrust her hips up and I moved my hand with her, keeping my touch just slightly out of her reach. As her hips went down, my hand followed. I would not let her escape my teasing touch so easily. Straddling across her waist, my tongue teasing her cleavage, I stopped momentarily to feel her nipple grow and stiffen at my touch. Tamara moaned. She's never liked her breasts played with, but I love the feel of her hard nipple burrowed in my mouth. I knew not to linger on her breast for too long, or she'd start getting agitated. Caressing my tongue down her stomach, her muscles flinched at my delicate touch. I checked her hands to make sure she hadn't broken free of her bonds. "You're so good," I whispered and then bit her belly. Hard.

"Huh ha." She moaned through the knotted invader in her mouth as she squirmed under me.

My tongue found her curly pubic hair and I smelled the irresistible sweet scents that belong to her. I slipped my tongue past her soft clump of fur and flicked her clit. She raised her hips to meet me, and I pulled away, moving my tongue back up the same path I had followed down--up her stomach, past her chest and up to her neck. Frustrated, she dropped her hips on the mattress. I slowly rubbed my wet puss against hers, teasing her with my fingertips and gently kissing her neck. Nuzzling into her neck, I continued the deliberate tease feeling her nub swell underneath my fingers.

She moaned raising her hips higher and another slippery wave drenched my fingers.

"Don't move," I ordered while gently nibbling on her neck.

She raised her hips to me, in a skewed way she considered this begging.

"Shh…" I bit her neck harder and rammed three fingers deep inside her. "I said don't move."

Her eyes turned black. I now dealt with her vampire, but she obeyed. She didn't move, but clenched her jaw so hard I thought she would break a fang. I slid my nakedness over her and finger-fucked her as if I wanted to touch every part, every muscle and every organ inside her. I took her to the edge of orgasm and waited for that one moment I knew she would start to come. That will be when her hip thrusts, change from a steady rhythm to a sporadic, holding her hips up in the air and giving a couple of short quick thrusts.

Finally, I sank my fangs deep into her soft neck. As my teeth broke her skin, two things happened. She screamed and wildly bucked her hips and I drowned in the delightful taste of her orgasm. It takes restraint to keep from bleeding your partner during sex. The chemical reactions that sex causes also change the smells and tastes of the body making them sweeter, almost addicting. One thing I had forgotten was how much I enjoyed taking a dominant role and having her obey my wishes. No matter how mean or ruthless she is to everyone else, give me a few minutes alone with her, and Ms. Nasty is obeying my every command and…loving it. "Did I say you could cum?" I moved my hand away from her.

Tamara shook her head.

"Then why did you?"

She lifted her hips to meet my touch.

I ignored her futile begging.

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Tags: Adult, Erotic Romance, Lesbian, Menage, Paranormal, Vampire