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Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Stone Richards

ISBN :978-1-55410-980-7

Page :250

Word Count :62500

Publication Date :2010-08-13

Series : #

Heat Level :

Available Formats : Lovers (pdf) , Lovers (prc) , Lovers (epub) , Lovers (mobi)

Category : Contemporary Romance , Erotic Romance

  • Product Code: 978-1-55410-980-7

When Michael meets Cal, he has to search his inner self to come to terms with the attraction he feels for this man...

Michael Baxter had heard about bondage and S&M but he had never understood the sensuality associated with any of the acts—until he met Cal Morgan. Cal is a free spirit, he frequents gay bars, holds sex parties in his lavish beach house, and enthralls Michael with his uninhibited view of life. Sex with a man is new for Michael but given the opportunity—he gives in—and finds he has sexual tendencies he never knew he had.

Michael gripped the steering wheel of the Jag with white-knuckled urgency as he sped toward the Madison Hotel in downtown Seattle. His insides churned. He had never been faced with such a tough dilemma. All night long he had thought about the solution--or an action that would make it worse.

How could it get any worse?

He stopped the Jag in front of the hotel and shut off the motor. Before he lost his nerve, he flung open the car door and lunged outside. The doorman loomed before him, a smile on his face.

"Would you like a valet to park your car, sir?"

Michael hadn't even thought about the consequences of leaving his car in the circle drive of the hotel. It was permissible only if you were picking someone up and they were right there ready to get in the car.

He tossed his keys to the doorman and hurried through the glass doors into the lobby. Crossing the marble tiled floor to the elevator, he felt his prick getting hard with expectation. He pushed the button summoning the elevator and watched the yellow light on the switch signal its descent from the tenth floor. He had to go through with it--he had to know one way or the other. And besides, the urges he was experiencing couldn't be ignored any longer.

The elevator slid open and he stepped inside, glad that the cavity was empty. He poked the button for the penthouse suite and leaned against the rear of the elevator as it started to ascend. His cock pushed at his fly, needing release.

He sucked in a long reassuring breath as the elevator came to a stop on the top floor. The doors slid open and he gazed at the impressive double doors of the suite--Cal's suite. His balls ached. He stepped out of the elevator and turned to watch the doors slide closed. All was quiet. Maybe Cal was still asleep. He crossed the foyer to the door and knocked, anxious to get the situation rectified.

His knocking failed to summon a response. He knocked again, this time harder and longer.

He felt as though someone was watching him suddenly. The hair on the back of his neck seemed to stand straight up. He peered at the round peephole in the upper portion of the door. Was Cal staring at him thought the opening? His chest heaved with the uncanny knowledge that he had somehow sensed the other man's presence so close by.

"Fuck! Open the door Cal."

He muttered under his breath, not quite loud enough to be heard beyond the door--but voicing his anguish nonetheless.

He knocked again, pounding his fist against the unyielding door.

"Just a minute."

He felt a quiver of uncertainty quake through his insides. He pushed it aside, refusing to tuck tail and run away. The barrage of uncommon emotions bombarding his brain drove him and he had to take action--regardless of the consequences.

A noise sounded beyond the door, signaling Cal's answering it.

Michael stared at the doorknob. Suddenly it moved and he grabbed it, twisting it open and pushing the door into the room.


Michael glimpsed Cal, a towel around his middle, and a surprised look on his attractive face.

He strode inside pushing the door closed with one foot. He raised both hands and grasped Cal's bare shoulders. His hair was wet and the refreshing fragrance of soap wafted from his muscular body. He shoved him toward the bedroom.

Cal stumbled backward, a surprised giggle jumping from his throat.

Michael grabbed the towel Cal clutched around his waist and yanked it free, tossing it on the carpet.

Cal stopped and cocked his head at Michael.

Michael shoved at his chest, urging him to move.

"Mike, what's gotten in to you?" Cal laughed and didn't refuse to move when Michael kept pushing him toward the bedroom of the suite.

"I've never felt this way before," Michael confessed. His heart raced against his ribs. His prick strained against his fly. He pushed Cal to the bed, making him fall back against the mattress. Michael tore at his clothing, in a hurry to be naked.

Cal leaned back on the bed and watched, a pleased smile on his face.

Michael saw the rapidly hardening cock in Cal's crotch. It spurred him on as he rushed to get out of his clothes. His cock was hammer hard and his balls were aching from want of release. He stepped out of his slacks and flung his jockey shorts off one foot as he prepared to hurl himself atop Cal's body.

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Tags: Adult, Contemporary, Erotic Romance, Gay, GLBT, Menage