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Down on the Farm

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Stone Richards

ISBN :978-1-55487-551-1

Page :78

Word Count :19500

Publication Date :2010-08-13

Series : #

Heat Level :

Available Formats : Down on the Farm (pdf) , Down on the Farm (prc) , Down on the Farm (epub) , Down on the Farm (mobi)

Category : Contemporary Romance , Erotic Romance

  • Product Code: 978-1-55487-551-1

Life on the farm is relaxing and carefree—until hidden desires explode and passions blaze like a rampaging wildfire devouring parched fields.

When workaholic, Tom Ford, inherits the controlling interest in Welleby Farm, he thinks he will take two weeks off and check out his good fortune. When he arrives at the farm, he learns it is four thousand acres of thriving agriculture, a fortune five hundred company and being run by a very sexy overseer. Nate Stokes loves the land and takes pride in making the farm prosperous—and he’s caught the eye of the new owner. Will Tom take the initiative and act on his lust for Nate? Or will Nate be the one to make the first move?

Tom smoothed one palm along Nate's bare leg, his breath hitched in his throat as he realized he was finally getting to have his way with the man. Hard muscles flexed beneath his hand, sending a shiver of delight racing along his flesh. He sucked in a quick breath and lowered his head to Nate's skin. He poked the tip of his tongue against his flesh and tasted him, closing his eyes when Nate drew in an audible breath.

He drew his fragrance into his lungs, identified the tang of soap and the fresh aroma of shampoo. He smiled. Did I think he would smell like earth? He trailed one hand up Nate's thigh, briefly touched the dark bush surrounding his hard cock and moved upward to tweak a taut nipple. His skin was like velvet, soft, supple and tempting his fingers to explore. The tan glow from hours in the sun without a shirt only enhanced the developed muscles in his arms and across his chest.

Nate moved beneath his hands, momentarily interrupting Tom's reverie. He darted his gaze upward, caught the slight smile on his face, then chuckled. "Do you think I'm crazy--taking so much time feeling your body?" He bit his lower lip. "I've been lusting after you since the first time I saw you."

"I know," Nate replied, reaching one big hand to Tom's bare shoulder. "I realized as much when I came to the house and found you in the pool." He stroked his chest, rolling one nipple beneath the ball of his thumb. "I saw you were hard." He smiled. "The water didn't hide the fact--especially since I was looking to steal a peek at your cock."

Tom laughed. "And I was embarrassed that I had a hard on and hadn't brought a towel from the house to cover up with. My only choice was to jump in the water and hope for the best."

"Well, you covered pretty well." He caught Tom's hand and pushed it into his crotch. "But we both know you were still a little erect when you got up enough nerve to get out of the water."

"I had to concentrate like mad to keep from getting hard all over again when I finally got the nerve to join you on the patio."

"You're shy. I like that."

Tom cocked an eyebrow. He hadn't thought that he might be shy, but perhaps Nate was seeing him for who he really was. "Do you believe in fate?"

"Fate?" Nate nodded his head. "As a matter of fact, I think I might." He levered himself up on one elbow and reached Tom's hard cock. He stroked the bulbous head, making Tom shiver. "I think fate may have brought you to the farm." He raised his gaze and looked at Tom. "I've needed someone for a long time and when I saw you, I wondered if my prayers had finally been answered."

His words filled Tom with expectation. "I could fall in love with you," he whispered, leaning toward Nate. He pressed his lips against his mouth and moaned when Nate clasped one large hand to the back of his head and took control of the kiss. His lips were hot and moist and when he poked the end of his tongue into his mouth, Tom pressed against his broad chest, wanting more.

Nate's hair-roughened chest pressed against Tom's nipples, making them peak. He stretched out his body against Nate's and rubbed the head of his engorged cock against his thigh. The friction brought on by the movement sent his senses reeling. He tore his mouth away, gasping. "I want you, damn it! I want you like I've never wanted anyone in my whole fucking life!"

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Tags: Adult, Contemporary, Erotic Romance, Gay, GLBT