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Fang Tango

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Astrid Cooper

ISBN :978-1-77111-270-3

Page :124

Word Count :38332

Publication Date :2012-07-04

Series : Monsters Ink#6

Heat Level :

Available Formats : Fang Tango (pdf) , Fang Tango (prc) , Fang Tango (epub) , Fang Tango (mobi)

Category : Erotic Romance

  • Product Code: 978-1-77111-270-3

Saved by a bite.

Love hurts, love cures, love thrills and blood spills…

At Monsters inK there’s magic, mayhem and miracles – and fang-boys tango and tangle in the sultry dance of seduction and love.

Radan is a tarot-reading, vampire-kangaroo hybrid, who despairs of finding his true love. On the eve of his one hundredth birthday he discovers his dying soul-mate in a garbage dumpster, stinking of fish, but when the man’s blue eyes open, it’s instant Mate Recognition for Rad. The only chance to save his man is immediately change him to vampire—but a blood-transfer made without the man’s love can turn him into a vampire rogue. Has Radan found his true mate only to lose him to the blood-lust?

Andrew Smith is a street-wise cop whose life is comprised of deadly secrets—even his name is a lie. He’s been hurt in the past and he never wants to face betrayal again. So, when he awakens from his ordeal to discover he’s now a vampire, and the guy who’s responsible is a crazy dude who insists that Drew is his mate, and that it’s love at first bite, what is a cop to do, but run? Except, he can’t escape and all he can do is resist Rad’s sexy seduction—or die trying.

So, at Monsters inK there’s magic, mayhem and miracles – and fang-boys tango and tangle in the sultry dance of seduction and love…

He stroked Andrew’s head, teasing his fingers through the dark hair. He hoped one day Andrew would grow his hair longer, so that he could suck the ends, as he would suck and tease every inch of his mate. In response, Andrew’s cock engorged. Radan smiled. It was a good sign. His mate was reacting to him and all he was doing was stroking. What would Andrew’s reaction be, when he held and kissed him?

He inhaled and captured Andrew’s scent, taking it deep inside. He exhaled and let Andrew capture his breath. The guy snuggled deeper into the bed, pressing his arse against Radan’s groin. Radan’s erection throbbed.

Andrew turned, his arms reaching out and under Radan to bring him closer. The strength of that embrace made Radan gasp. Andrew’s mouth sought his and for a moment, Radan eluded the questing lips. He wanted to kiss Andrew when his mate was awake, not locked into some dream. But Andrew’s mouth was persistent. He touched Radan with moist lips, a tongue tip tracing over his mouth. He chased Radan down. With a sigh, he allowed Andrew his kiss and when the tongue tip probed, he opened his mouth, his tongue touching, merging with his mate’s. The kiss deepened, lengthened, Andrew’s hands locked into his hair, holding his head so he could plunder. For plunder it was, a kiss that went beyond tenderness, fuelled by raw need—need that had been long denied.

For a moment Andrew’s eyelids opened. Their gazes locked. Andrew rolled into Radan, lying over him, his hands beneath, holding Radan in a harsh, intractable embrace. Radan threw a leg across the back of Andrew’s thighs, his hands at his mate’s waist. For the first time in his life, Radan wished he had fangs so that he could taste his mate’s blood, to gift him with the pleasure of the vampire’s kiss. He closed his mouth over Andrew’s neck and sucked. His mate groaned and cried. Then kissed him back, his mouth at Radan’s jugular, sucking skin into his mouth, blunt human teeth nipping.

Radan exploded, his orgasm sparking red behind his clenched lids. And against him, his mate came, his hot seed over them both.

Andrew moaned before rolling from him, returning face first to the bed, whispering, crying. Radan stroked his back, fingers trailing along the length of his spine, urging his mate into a deep, untroubled sleep. But Radan knew there’d be no peace for him until Andrew accepted him. He’d be climbing the walls with frustration—so, what else was new? Radan laughed and cuddled into his man.


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Tags: Adult, Erotic Romance, Gay, GLBT, Paranormal, Shapeshifter