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The Witch of Westburg

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Fawn Lowery

ISBN :978-1-55487-155-1

Page :106

Word Count :20331

Publication Date :2010-09-10

Series : #

Heat Level :

Available Formats : The Witch of Westburg (pdf) , The Witch of Westburg (prc) , The Witch of Westburg (epub) , The Witch of Westburg (mobi)

Category : Erotic Romance , Fantasy Romance , Paranormal Romance , Halloween

  • Product Code: 978-1-55487-155-1

Although Anastacia Bloomfield is a witch she won’t attain her full powers until the bewitching hour on All Hallows Eve. Unfortunately danger is set to arrive when the clock strikes midnight. Golena the evil witch of the coven intends to destroy Anastacia because her good deeds threaten the coven with extinction. Can Anastacia survive and destroy the evil Golena? Perhaps, with the help of powerful warlock Hans Gracemoore—the lord of the coven and the handsome stranger intent on seducing Anastacia.

Anastacia’s dress slid along her legs to puddle softly around her feet. She felt the warm fingers at her back, releasing the clasp of her bra. It was pulled away, her breasts bared. Hands skimmed along her sides, grasped her panties and pushed them along her hips. A muscular leg pushed between her knees to open them and the silky undergarment lodged at her calves. The knee moved and the garment joined the dress at her ankles.

“Wait.” Her voice was a soft whisper in the quiet room. “Stop.”

“Shhhh. This is long overdue.”

 She forced her eyes open, blinking bleary eyes at the handsome face mere inches from her own. “I can’t have sex with you.”

“Why? You’re aroused. Your nipples are taut.” He smiled down into her upturned face. “I’d venture to say, should I press my fingers to your pussy, that you are wet and wanting my cock.”

Her cheeks pinked at the ribald language. “I don’t even know you.”

“But I know you, Anastacia Joleana Bloomfield. I’ve known you since the day you came into this world.” He winked at her. “And I’ve been dreaming of this moment since that day.”

Anastacia drew back. “How can that be? Who are you?” How can he possibly know me when I only laid eyes on him this very morning? Her senses reeled.

“I’m the heir to the witch coven. You are under my command, my sweet little witch.” He lifted her into his arms, cradled her against his chest.

Anastacia’s first thought was to object to him forcing his will on her, but then she came to realize how comfortable it was against his muscular body. His warmth quickly permeated her bare flesh. She raised her arm and circled his neck, clasping his coat collar with her hand. She tried to dismiss the seductive feel of his body cushioned beneath her own and decipher his answer to her questions. His words made no sense as far as she could tell.

 “I’m under no one’s command.” Her brows drew together and she fought the growing desire to feel his naked flesh against her own.

“My lovely Anastacia.”

His voice was soft and penetrated her mind like a seductive potion. She shook her head. If she weren’t certain about the turn of events, she would swear he had drugged her. Her thoughts spun, desire and lust mingled in an inevitable mesh that overrode all other thoughts.

“You are mine to command. Now kiss me, my desirable little witch.” He dipped his head and took her mouth, groaning deep in his throat. “I have craved your body for a very long time, waiting for the right moment.”

Anastacia was barely aware when he carried her into the bedroom and laid her on the bed. He quickly stripped out of his clothes before joining her. The waning daylight in the tiny room gave but a glimpse of his muscular body without the benefit of clothing, and once she gazed upon him all her needs cumulated in a tight aching knot at the center of her body. She moaned and splayed her legs, urging him to come to her, to take her as his own, to ease the tormenting sensual pain gripping her.

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