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Blood Stalker

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Fawn Lowery

ISBN :978-1-55487-341-8

Page :220

Word Count :55000

Publication Date :2010-08-29

Series : #

Heat Level :

Available Formats : Blood Stalker (pdf) , Blood Stalker (prc) , Blood Stalker (epub) , Blood Stalker (mobi)

Category : Erotic Romance , Romantic Suspense and Mystery

  • Product Code: 978-1-55487-341-8

He is centuries old, enigmatic, invincible, charismatic. He lusts, seduces, and takes from his prey. He is Lincoln Churchill.

When Detective Morgan Glover is assigned to stake out a suspected serial killer, she has no idea she's investigating a vampire--or that he knows she is trailing him. Enigmatic Lincoln claims that the three murdered citizens of Madison were vampires cleverly disguised and knowing the secret of living in the light. When a fourth murder occurs, Morgan realizes she is Lincoln's alibi. Confusion wreathes the investigation. Who's to blame for the vicious killings? Her career is on the line. Should she take the vampire's allegations seriously? An odd event throws suspicion on a new suspect and Morgan turns her attention to gathering evidence--only to innocently reveal her suspicions to the killer's accomplice and set into play a dangerous game of cat and mouse that puts herself in danger as well as the charismatic Lincoln Churchill.

"Damn you! Let me up!" She struggled against his immense strength.

"Your movements only serve to arouse me further." He dipped his head and took her mouth, pressing her head into the mattress as he lowered his chest to press against her breasts.

Lincoln's mouth was hot against her lips. Morgan tried not to respond. When he tried to force his tongue between her lips, she tried to turn her head to break the kiss. A well-placed hand quickly took hold of her head, preventing it from turning. His hot mouth deepened the kiss, forcing her to part her lips.

Reality of the situation gripped her insides. She didn't want Lincoln to have sex with her again. She didn't want to feel his body pressing against hers or have his arms holding her tightly. A lone tear eased from the corner of her eye. The pain of defeat filtered through her heart.

Lincoln began a slow exploration of Morgan's body, sliding his hands from her throat to her breasts, fondling, caressing. With deft movements, he opened her blouse and pushed the fabric from her body. His fingers delved behind the lacy cups of her bra and found her taut nipples. He slid one hand behind her back and released the clasp on her bra.

Morgan groaned in agony. He was doing it to her again. Making her forget her principles and arousing her body and senses so that all rational thoughts, save those of being physically satisfied, fled her mind. She squeezed her eyes shut, searching for a fragment of defense against the tormenting lovemaking that was beginning.

Lincoln paused briefly, holding his body rigid, as though sensing her show of defiance. A long sigh left his lips, fanned the auburn hair at Morgan's temple.

The caressing resumed, his hands inching along her side and lowering to her hip. When he passed his palm across her abdomen in search of the zipper on her jeans, she tightened her muscles, pressing her buttocks into the firmness of the mattress. Hope fled her mind as he proceeded to release the pull and lower the zipper. In a rapid movement, he jerked her jeans off her hips and along her thighs.

Determined to mentally resist, Morgan lay as still as she could, her teeth gritted together, her eyes pinched shut. Her hands balled into fists and her muscles straining against his hold. When she felt his fingers skim along her bare abdomen, the urge to pull in a deep breath came over her. "You son-of-a-bitch!" She bit the words out, listened to their raspy sounds, as they seemed to echo into the quiet dark room. A sensation akin to hate and loathing, congealed inside her body. The thought of being subjected again to Lincoln's sexual attentions was degrading to her feminine senses. I don't want him touching me. The slow lowering of his hand intensified the thought. When he splayed his fingers amid her bushy crotch, she jerked her head around and opened her eyes.

Lincoln's large shadow loomed dangerously close, hovering mere inches from her bare breasts and naked abdomen. His knee braced apart her thighs and held her legs gaping. For a split second, she hated herself for placing her body in such dire straits. How could she have been so stupid to think she could sneak into his house and snoop without getting caught? I never seriously considered the consequences. Morgan bit her bottom lip. The thought that she would end up in bed with Lincoln, his big body holding her down so he could have his fun with her, never once materialized in her mind. She sighed and turned her head. To top everything off, she found her will to resist him quickly fading.

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Tags: Adult, Erotic Romance, Mystery, Paranormal, Vampire