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A Lemon Flavoured Christmas

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Jo Tannah , Ann Mickan

ISBN :978-1-4874-1541-9

Page :38

Word Count :10595

Publication Date :2017-12-05

Series : Boys Next Door#0

Heat Level :

Available Formats : A Lemon Flavoured Christmas (epub) , A Lemon Flavoured Christmas (mobi) , A Lemon Flavoured Christmas (prc) , A Lemon Flavoured Christmas (pdf)

Category : Contemporary Romance , Erotic Romance , LGBTQIA+ Romance , Holiday Countdown 2017 , Christmas

  • Product Code: 978-1-4874-1541-9

Lemonade can be an acquired taste.

After recently meeting again over Ian’s twin sisters’ lemonade stand, Michael Alexander and Ian Hamilton have given in to an attraction that Ian had been fantasising about for years and Michael couldn’t resist.

With big decisions to be made and family responsibilities and expectations to be taken into account, how will these two young men navigate the beginnings of an intense and consuming relationship? Will Michael’s maturity and steadfastness outweigh Ian’s insecurities and tendency to play games?

As the holiday season quickly approaches through the Australian summer heat, the boys must address the heat that is constantly simmering between them, threatening to explode like a Christmas cracker at any moment.

Please note: To maintain the authenticity of the characters and setting of this story, the authors have made a conscious decision to use Australian English and terminology.

The weekend that Ian had just spent with Michael had passed too quickly. They’d wandered along the beach for hours, stopping every now and then to sit on the sand and take in the seascape laid out before them. For the most part, they’d hidden away from the outside world, dedicating the time to mapping each other’s bodies and discovering as many erotic secrets as they could in that short time. But now they were on the drive back to Newcastle, and back to reality.

Ian gazed out the window, watching the lush scenery flash by and fighting off the tiredness that was creeping up on him.

“Where are you?” Michael’s voice cut into his thoughts.

“I think we just passed the turn off to Taree, so I guess we’re nearly halfway.”

“No, that’s not what I asked you. I wanted to know where you’d gone to in that head of yours.”

“What do you mean?” Ian asked, feeling a little defensive.

“I could almost hear the cogs turning in your brain…what were you thinking?” Michael persisted. “What are you worried about?”

Ian thought for a couple moments before he answered. “What happens now…when we get home?” He was looking at Michael’s face when he turned to steal a quick look in his direction. “I mean, I don’t think I’m ready to tell my folks about you…us…just yet. Do you know what I mean?”

“Yeah, for sure,” Michael agreed quickly. “Let’s just keep it between us for now, and see what happens. At least for a little while.”

“I’ve wanted this for so long, I don’t want to share it with anyone yet, whatever this is.” Ian paused and thought again before reaching over and resting his hand on Michael’s thigh.

Michael covered Ian’s hand with his own and gave it a light squeeze. “You know what? Even though this weekend was so much more than I expected, I think we need to spend some more time alone together before we get our families involved.” He lifted Ian’s hand to his lips and placed a tender kiss on his palm. “I want you all to myself for a little longer.” Michael’s voice was low and filled with lust and passion.

“Mmm.” Ian sighed. “I know what you mean.” He gently cupped his hand along Michael’s jaw, then carefully leaned over the centre console and kissed him at the corner of his mouth, his tongue licking his lip. “You still taste like toothpaste,” he teased playfully before settling back into his seat.

“Behave, I’m driving here,” Michael reprimanded him, but not in a stern way. His eyes flicked over in Ian’s direction before looking back to the road. There was an indulgent smile on his lips.

“I know,” Ian said, feeling a cheeky smile tug at his mouth. “But if I was misbehaving, I would’ve done this.” He reached for Michael’s crotch and gave him a quick squeeze.

Michael sucked in a sharp breath and almost growled. “Ian!” Ian bit the inside of his lower lip when he saw Michael’s white-knuckled grip on the steering wheel.

“Or maybe this.” He rubbed his palm firmly up and down along the zipper of Michael’s jeans. He wasn’t disappointed by the instant response.

“Ian! Seriously!” Michael shifted in his seat. “If you want to make it home alive, you’d better stop that.” Although Michael sounded serious, he could see the beginnings of a grin stretching across his face and hear a chuckle just below the surface of his words.

“You really want me to stop?” Ian asked, forming the pout on his lips that he’d already worked out drove Michael to distraction. “But, what if I did this?” He turned in his seat so he could get a better angle with his hands, then deftly unbuttoned and unzipped Michael’s jeans. He slid his hand inside and wrapped his fingers around his prize, holding his hand very still.

“Dammit, Ian! I’m going to run us off the highway if you keep that up!” Michael was breathing deeply, like he’d just run a race, and Ian could see his body was tensing up. He squeezed the steering wheel so tightly the leather creaked.

“Do you really want me to stop?” He looked up at Michael and winked. “Or would you like me to do this?” Ian slowly worked his hand up and down Michael’s stiffening cock. “I could keep this up for ages, you know?” Ian couldn’t help it—he knew he was distracting Michael from driving, but it wasn’t going to be very long before they’d have to watch their every move and word again, and he didn’t want to waste the chance to have him again.

“I swear you’re going to be the death of me, Ian,” Michael answered in a low, gravelly tone.

“But what a way to go, right?” He didn’t wait for a rebuke and dropped his head into Michael’s lap, taking his cock into his mouth on the way. He heard a groan rumble its way through Michael and used his tongue to stroke along the veins then around the head of his rock-hard erection.

“Shit, Ian! Hang on until I find a place to pull over.” Michael sounded breathless and a little desperate. Ian was dimly aware of the car slowing down before stopping. He heard Michael pull on the handbrake and turn off the engine before pulling the lever and pushing his seat as far back as it would go.

Ian lifted his head from Michael’s cock, straightened, and took off his seatbelt. With precise movements, he manoeuvred himself onto one knee, then unfastened Michael’s seatbelt and let it retract. The next few minutes were hot and fast. Ian lost himself in the pleasure he was bringing to himself and Michael.

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Tags: Contemporary, Erotic Romance, LGBTQIA+, Holiday Countdown 2017, Christmas