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Fanging Around For A Broken Wolf

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : S.A. Welsh

ISBN :978-1-77111-960-3

Page :140

Word Count :42219

Publication Date :2014-06-13

Series : Blood Moon Pack Alliance#2

Heat Level :

Available Formats : Fanging Around For A Broken Wolf (pdf) , Fanging Around For A Broken Wolf (prc) , Fanging Around For A Broken Wolf (epub) , Fanging Around For A Broken Wolf (mobi)

Category : Erotic Romance

  • Product Code: 978-1-77111-960-3

Jacko's life has been a series of people taking advantage of him that should have protected him and his sister. Lavi and Van are vampire elders and the sight of them makes Jacko's wolf pant.

Jacko’s life has been a series of people taking advantage of him that should have protected him and his sister. The only chance he saw to end it was to win a fight for rank contest hosted by a new pack alpha, but a rock to the head stopped that plan cold. Despite not winning the fight, the alpha not only gave him a place in the pack, but also rescued his little sister from his evil mother.

Lavi and Van are vampire elders and the sight of them makes Jacko’s wolf pant. They are everything he’s ever wanted and so out of his league, but they are just what he needs to protect his sister. It doesn’t take long for him to realize the vampires might be his mates, but he isn’t the only one wanting a piece of the hot powerful vampires. Is he strong enough to protect them?

Jacko was at a loss as to what freaked him out more—his evil mother, his newly rescued sister, his distrusting new pack or his hurt alpha.

The doctor was currently checking over his sister and he was praying to god that she was okay. His new alpha had broken into his mother’s home to see if his sister was in danger last night and everything had been chaos since.

Apparently, Alpha Remy and his brother Sage had found something on his mother’s estate that led them to believe his mother was somehow involved in whatever was going on with the vampires and this pack’s previous alpha. They had quizzed him and asked so many questions that his head was spinning.

All he wanted to do was hug his sister and tell her it was going to be okay. She hadn’t said anything to him, only cried and held him so tight his neck clicked, but he hadn’t let her go until they’d gotten to the hospital to get her checked over.

The Enforcers had dropped him off and said to call them when they were ready to go. He’d have probably felt neglected at their haste to get away if he wasn’t so worried about his sister.

And Jacko also knew Alpha Remy had gotten hurt somehow and that the pack was in a panic.

To be honest he was still shocked the strong alpha wolf hadn’t run him off. Jacko was nothing but trouble. He wasn’t worth any of the kindness he’d been shown.

Alpha Remy was unlike any strong shifter he’d ever met. Alpha Remy hadn’t made him spill his guts about the trauma in his past. Jacko had had all his shit together before coming to the fight for rank contest Alpha Remy was holding. He’d had a plan to prove his worth before asking for help, but it hadn’t worked out that way.

Instead, he’d been knocked unconscious, almost killed and humiliated himself, all but crying at his alpha’s feet. The only thing Alpha Remy had asked of him was that he find someone to talk to about his past

But that was something easier said than done.

How did you find a stranger, think about all your deepest, darkest and most painful secrets and just spew them out into the light where the vile things could take over your life again. He’d promised, so he would keep his word, but right now, his sister was the priority.

Jacko hadn’t had to ask what Alpha Remy and Sage had found when they went to talk to Rose. It was all over their faces. He hadn’t been quick enough to save his sister. Jacko had been so damn stupid thinking she was safe because his mother had doted on his sister as a baby. He didn’t recognize the signs.

“Are you well, young wolf?”

Jacko jumped in his seat and turned to see two of the three vampires that were currently on pack grounds. The tall dark haired one with his hair slicked back and the light blond with slightly longer hair that seemed to have a few different colors in it. Why did it have to be them…now of all times?

“I…It’s not me. My sister—” Jacko cut off as his throat closed up and refused to say anything more.

The vampires shared a look, then instead of moving on as Jacko had expected the vampires to do, they each took a seat next to him. With one on each side of him, Jacko’s wolf was seriously starting to freak out. These vamps were elders. You didn’t fuck with them if you wanted to keep breathing.

“We will stay with you, young wolf,” the dark haired vampire said in a voice that was vaguely hypnotic. It calmed his wolf though, so Jacko wasn’t complaining. Jacko really didn’t need to be crawling back to Alpha Remy to tell him he’d exposed shifters in a human hospital.

Jacko jumped again when the double doors slammed open a few feet away from them and a group of doctors ran through them talking about filing. He was a nervous wreck. Even his hands were shaking. Why was it taking so long for the doctor to check his sister? The doctor had asked a few questions, then asked Jacko to wait outside while he did an exam.

“Why are you here on you own?” This question came from the blond vampire as the man eyed the people coming and going through the hallway and many doors.

“My alpha is still healing and the inner circle is busy holding the pack together. I think they just forgot about me to be honest,” he said truthfully. He wasn’t taking it personally, but then something else occurred to him. “Why are you two here?” He gasped, remembering he was speaking to two very powerful vampire elders. “I’m sorry.”

“Why are you sorry? We are here securing the transfer of clean bagged blood for while we are in the area. We need it to be tested rigorously before we dare drink it because of the poison,” the dark haired vampire explained with a soft smile.

The blond didn’t look quite so happy. “Which means going hungry until the tests are done.”

“Excuse Van, he is irritable when he’s hungry,” the dark haired one replied, laughing.

“Why don’t you feed from someone?” The question was out before he could stop it.

Both vampires tensed and his wolf whined, stressed.

“Are you offering, young wolf?”

Jacko started to sweat and his wolf shivered at the heat he saw in the dark haired one’s eyes as they flashed red for an instant before returning to their dark brown color. “I…umm…I don’t even know your names. I…” Jacko just stopped talking as the words in his head failed to connect with his mouth.

The dark haired vampire elder took pity on him and smiled. He was instantly relieved, but there was a small bite of disappointment that he refused to think about. Jacko wondered how the man kept his fangs concealed.


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Tags: Adult, Romance, gay, GLBT, Paranormal, Shapeshifter, Vampire, Werewolf