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Devarian Revolution

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Sierra Dafoe

ISBN :978-1-4874-3928-6

Page :93

Word Count :26439

Publication Date :2023-05-05

Series : Devarian Chronicles#3

Heat Level :

Available Formats : Devarian Revolution (prc) , Devarian Revolution (pdf) , Devarian Revolution (mobi) , Devarian Revolution (epub)

Category : Science Fiction Romance

  • Product Code: 978-1-4874-3928-6

After allying with the rebel Rolen in Devarian Uprising, Soleyla Devarian leads her forces to victory against the Nine-Star League. But will her victory cost her the love of the one man she has done all this for? 

This book was previously published many years ago and has been reedited for publication.

WARNING: Contains explicit sexuality.

Planet after planet falls to Soleyla’s revolution, aided by the slaves who rally to her cause. Now the only hurdle remaining is the conquest of Argulus, the capitol planet of the Nine-Star League, ruled by Soleyla’s mother.

In a deadly face-off between mother and daughter, Soleyla finally learns the shocking fate of Danel, her first pleasure slave—and discovers that Rachel Devarian holds Kantou’s fate in her cold grasp as well. Can Soleyla find a way to save her beloved Kantou, or must she sacrifice the man she loves to save the galaxy from her mother’s tyranny?

Thunder still boomed, rolling away like the fading drumbeat of a massive army. Behind it, like tears, the rain came sheeting down, a heavy hissing fall that splashed into the watery mud and sizzled in the flames licking at the destroyed barracks. Soleyla barely heard it. Mindlessly, she lifted her sword again, driving it down into the corpse at her feet over and over in a frenzy of wrath.

“Captain, that’s enough!”

Someone seized her arm. Quick as a snake, Soleyla spun, swinging her blade in a deadly arc at the intruder. Leaping back, Liatra raised her sword. The two weapons clanged together, ringing like a gong through the downpour. As if the sound had snapped the iron core of her rage, Soleyla sagged forward, dropping her sword into the mud.

“Why?” Her voice was no more than a whisper. She stared down at Valda’s mangled body, feeling nothing but a vast, aching emptiness where her heart should be. The League commander’s gaze was turned to one side, her dead features forever fixed in a triumphant sneer. “Oh, Liatra, why?”

The League base was in ruins, the hard-packed earth within its plasteel walls churned to muck, littered with bodies and shards of twisted metal from the shattered comm tower. Valda’s surviving Guardians were huddled in a defeated cluster outside the command center, surrounded by the Antorean men.

But Valda had still won. Kantou was gone. 

“We’ll find him, Soleyla.”

“Find him?” Soleyla lifted her head. Rolen was watching her, his blue eyes dark with compassion. Hideously, she began to laugh. It was a choking, bitter sound, cutting and cynical, spiraling dangerously close to hysteria. “Find him?”

Liatra slapped her, hard. Her hand cracked across Soleyla’s high, broad cheekbone. “Captain, this isn’t the time!”

For a moment, all Soleyla could see was red. But Liatra was right—it wasn’t the time. Relief flickered in Liatra’s eyes as she watched her captain slowly regain control. 

“What are your orders?”

Breathing deeply, Soleyla straightened. “Send Marda to power up the advance ship. I want the Guardians in the command center under guard. If any of them will join us, so much the better. We need seasoned fighters. You’ll know who we can trust.”

Bewildered, Liatra asked, “Trust to do what?”

“To help us overthrow the Nine-Star League.” Soleyla felt a cold satisfaction at the shock in her lieutenant’s eyes. Then, before the jagged emotions inside her could tear themselves loose again, she turned away, walking carefully as if carrying something cracked but precious, something that might shatter entirely at one more blow.

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