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You Never Could Be

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Amy Romine

ISBN :978-1-4874-0622-6

Page :54

Word Count :14013

Publication Date :2016-05-01

Series : #

Heat Level :

Available Formats : You Never Could Be (prc) , You Never Could Be (mobi) , You Never Could Be (epub) , You Never Could Be (pdf)

Category : Contemporary Romance , Erotic Romance

  • Product Code: 978-1-4874-0622-6

A passion-fueled encounter in the corridor of a hotel convention room reveals two anguished hearts struggling to reconnect despite life’s difficulties. Will Carlisle, the eye candy of the office, is every woman’s dream, tall, handsome, and dashingly charming. Sara Rozek never guessed he has secretly wanted her for months now. When a bad day falls upon them and Will breaks the reins of his own restraint, she sees the burning passion in his eyes, and there is no denying the mutual attraction. Will and Sara’s start quickly runs awry, and Sara becomes convinced she was played for a fool. Will begs her to listen to him, but she turns away in fear. Can Will mend her broken heart, or will the passion they shared vanish forever?

Present Day


She needed somewhere quiet and ducked into Briar Conference Center’s main arena. Her marketing firm was holding a week long company convention. People from around the country were attending, which meant lots of noise and little work being accomplished. She wished she could ignore the scalding email on her phone, but alas, now it had her attention. The door into the connecting tunnel of the arena opened easily as she continued to read the email, her blood boiling in frustration. An odd noise caught her attention. Her gaze slowly rose to the room while she continued mentally writing a response to the email in her head.

Her breath stopped in her chest, and she instinctively stepped back into the shadow of the tunnel. For a moment she thought she was losing her mind, but then she looked again.

What could only be described as a beautiful man was laid out on the arena’s front table. His unbuttoned shirt revealed a muscular form, his thick arms resting along his hips. His eyes were closed, chest heaving, while his hands were clenched in the hair of a second man who sat at his waist. She could see his head moving back and forth. He would stop and then start again. A moan escaped from someone’s chest, and Sara assumed it was from the writhing body on the table.

She reminded herself to breathe, and oxygen slowly filled her lungs.

The man rose to his feet. He was still fully dressed in a navy business suit. His pink lips shining with saliva, his eyes heavy with desire, he leaned forward. The man sprawled on the table lifted himself up and to his feet.

His labored breath matching the desire of his companion, his large hand reached up, wrapping around his lover’s neck, pulling him into a heated kiss.

The passionate embrace ignited her desires. She pushed the memory away, disappointment stinging her pride. She glanced again at the lovers. They’d discarded any hesitation, their bodies swaying. She filled her lungs and turned into the shadow of the tunnel. Her footsteps heavy and painful, she dealt with her own resurfacing disappointment.

A sliver of light split the darkness and she stopped in her tracks. The breathing darkness held still, and she waited for some hint of presence. Familiar eyes appeared out of the darkness, and her knees weakened. The eyes saw her in the same instant and moved into the dark to where she stood.

She forgot to breathe and pressed her shoulder to the wall in support. It was then she remembered the passionate couple occupying the room with them. She quickly turned in warning, and found herself in his embrace. She squeaked a gasp of surprise, her gaze focusing on the curve of his jaw. She glanced up, meeting his intense stare, and his lips parted.

She quickly covered them with her hand, and his eyes squinted down at her. She motioned to the conference room, and his gaze followed her gesture. She watched his eyes focus and then widen before he looked back to her. She placed a finger over her own lips. Her heart pounded against her chest as his gaze bored into her and she turned out of his embrace. Her cheeks flushed as she once again watched the intimate consummation of lovers.

The couple had switched positions. The khaki open-shirted stallion now had the crisp-suited man pinned against the wall. His right hand was encased within the zipper of the man’s navy pants, while his left pushed off the man’s jacket and assisted his mouth in unbuttoning his shirt. The last button parted and his right hand reappeared, shifting the shirt away from the man’s chest before he pulled a nipple between his teeth. This incited a deep groan from the man’s chest.


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Tags: Contemporary, romance, Amy Romine, passion