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Unrequited Love and other Tales of Romance

Published by: eXtasy Books

Author : Richard H. Williams

ISBN :978-1-55487-945-8

Page :108

Word Count :30635

Publication Date :2011-08-14

Series : #

Heat Level :

Available Formats : Unrequited Love and other Tales of Romance (pdf) , Unrequited Love and other Tales of Romance (prc) , Unrequited Love and other Tales of Romance (epub) , Unrequited Love and other Tales of Romance (mobi)

Category : Contemporary Romance

  • Product Code: 978-1-55487-945-8

Unrequited Love and Other Tales of Romance, by Richard H. Williams, sweeps across several literary genres. This anthology contains eleven stories. The first story, from which the book takes its name, Unrequited Love, reveals the relation between a professor and his favorite student. Although he has fallen in love with this woman, she does not reciprocate. Some Fun with the Dental Hygienist makes it clear that a trip to the dentist may not be unpleasant. Love Lost, Love Regained describes a teacher’s love affair with a student, how she breaks off her relation with him, and how he regains a former love. In Love as Therapy a young soldier falls in love with a forty-five-year-old widow. She is still depressed from the loss of her husband, but this new relation serves as therapy for her. Star Crossed Lovers reveals a love relation between a married black woman and a single white man. When her husband is released from jail, he threatens their relation. In the story titled Joy, through flashbacks the relation between a professor and his student is revealed. The relation between these two and three other friends is revealed through a flash forward. Lake Rogue is about a rough, crude, muscle bound man who tries to reclaim a former mistress who is now engaged to be married. In I Do Some Cheating for Colette, a college professor violates several university rules to aid a student. In On Reading Nonfiction, a new Professor of English Literature arrives at a southern university and has simultaneous affairs with two attractive students. He makes a presentation of his research at a campus auditorium which receives rave reviews, and his mistresses reward him accordingly for doing so well. A golf range instructor and a luscious redheaded woman who takes lessons from him retreat to Bare Ass Beach and then, being pursued by hoodlums, flee to a cemetery in the story titled Lefty Saved Us. In My Second Cousin a boy and a girl of age eleven kiss while playing spin-the-bottle. Then they meet again at a party twenty years later.

The first time I ever saw Nikki, she appeared at my office door and said she wanted information about the Ph.D. program in psychology at the University of South Miami. She had black, shiny hair adorned with a red ribbon and her eyes were deep brown. She was wearing a white blouse, red skirt, and black high heels. A small gold emblem was pinned to her blouse. She was so attractive that when I first set eyes on her, I think I stopped breathing momentarily.

I learned that Nikki was born in Madrid. I asked her to have a seat and said I would present her with a folder of program materials when she left. We had a long conversation during which I asked her some questions. Nikki held a bachelor’s degree in psychology with a minor in mathematics and a master’s degree in psychology, both awarded by the University of San Francisco. At the time we met, she was a high school mathematics teacher. Her computer skills were excellent, better than my own. Nikki had already been active in professional organizations and had made presentations at regional psychology conferences.

As our interview concluded, I told her that we would accept her into the program.

“Is it possible for me to be awarded an assistantship?”

“I will look into it,” I replied.

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